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10 Benefits of a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Realtors

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10 Benefits of a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Realtors


Did you know that more than 70 percent of home buyers look at property via a mobile app or website? If Realtors are not using mobile as part of their marketing yet, it is high time to consider it.

You might wonder what benefits a mobile marketing strategy has for you as a Realtor. There are plenty of advantages that you should be aware of. These are the top 10 benefits you could be missing out on.

1. Reach More People Using Mobile

The statistics on the number of home buyers using mobile are pretty impressive. Depending on who you ask, almost three-quarters of home buyers or even more start with mobile. Trends in mobile use suggest that this percentage is likely to increase too. More people are swapping their laptops and desktops for smartphones and tablets. In fact, a large number of Americans only access the Internet from a mobile device. They hardly ever use a laptop or desktop anymore. That number is expected to grow as well, meaning more people will become mobile users only.

Generational differences play a role here. More Millennials are buying their first houses, and they are more likely to opt for mobile searching. Older people, like Boomers, are less likely to use mobile. They will account for a smaller percentage of home buyers in coming years.

A mobile marketing strategy for Realtors makes good sense. You need to go where your audience is, and they are clearly on mobile.

2. Going Mobile Helps Your SEO

Going mobile can help you find more home buyers, and it also benefits other parts of your marketing strategy. Take, for example, your SEO.

If you do not already have a mobile friendly website, you could be losing out in the search engine rankings. Google recently rolled out mobile first indexing for the entire web. That means mobile friendly sites score higher than those that are not geared towards mobile.

Using mobile SEO also helps in this regard. By optimizing your website for mobile, you can deliver a better experience to users and push higher in the rankings.

3. Generate More Leads

Another benefit of a mobile marketing strategy for Realtors is the ability to generate more leads. Part of this is reaching more home buyers. As more people switch to mobile, the audience increases. In turn, you can find more people who will be interested in your services.

Mobile marketing also gives you more opportunities to target your audience. You can find first-time buyers who are looking in your area. You can also home in on people who are hoping to buy a second property. If you specialize in selling luxury condos, then you can also find this audience. If, by contrast, your area of expertise is helping people find investment properties, you can also target these buyers.

In this way, you can get your message across to people who are more interested in your specific expertise. They are more likely to click ads or get in touch with you.

4. Retargeting Makes Conversion Easier

Not every lead will convert, but mobile marketing makes it easy to follow up with leads. Social media marketing, in particular, offers Realtors like you great options for retargeting.

Retargeting allows you to show different ads to people who have already interacted with you. In this way, you can move them further down the funnel. That, in turn, helps you turn more of your leads into clients.

5. Get Intelligent Insights on Location

What other benefits can a mobile marketing strategy give to Realtors like you? As you know, digital marketing can deliver powerful insights backed by data. Mobile marketing is no exception to the rule. What kind of insights can you get with mobile marketing? Demographic information can often be gathered from mobile marketing campaigns.

The location data you gather from mobile is the most valuable information. This is even more pinpointed than what you can get with other digital marketing avenues. You may be able to gather geographic data that says most of your clients live in a particular neighborhood. You may be able to correlate that information with the kinds of buyers you are serving or which types of property certain people look at.

This allows you to make even smarter decisions about all your marketing efforts. Does it make sense for you to send direct mail to neighborhoods where people are searching for the kinds of property you specialize in? You may decide to buy billboards or other outdoor advertising in certain locations.

It also helps you target your mobile marketing as well. You can show users in different neighborhoods different listings and types of properties.

6. Personalization and Convenience for Clients

Mobile apps are popular for a reason. They are incredibly easy to use, and they allow for more personalization. A potential buyer can download an app, and then they can set their personal settings to see only the properties they would be most interested in.

The app can also make it easier to communicate. A potential buyer can send you a message to ask questions or set up an appointment. Apps may also have chatbots or other features that provide better customer service. Even when you can answer their questions right away, a chatbot could help them schedule an appointment or get the answers they need.

Personalization and convenience go a long way to helping you build better relationships with clients.

When using an app, such as the Hommati app, you can also create an augmented reality version of yourself standind in front of the house you're selling. This allows you to introduce yourself to potential buyers and show them a brief glimpse of the property. 

7. Improve Brand Awareness

Mobile marketing can also be used to increase brand awareness for your realty or you as a Realtor. You may reach people who are starting to look for a property. They may not be familiar with many of the real estate agents in their area. When they see your ad or listings from your realty, they become more aware. As they continue their search, they will come to see you are offering a lot of properties they are interested in. They may recognize your face and your name.

This helps to build trust between you and the potential client. When it comes time for them to talk to someone, they are more likely to reach out to you than another agent.

8. Control Costs More Effectively

One of the biggest benefits of mobile marketing for Realtors is that it lets you get better control over your marketing budget.

Real estate is a competitive industry. There are plenty of other Realtors and agents vying for buyers and sellers in any given area. That creates more competition for digital ad spaces, which can increase costs.

What if, instead of competing for keywords for your entire city, you were able to target specific zip codes or neighborhoods? What if you could be sure you were reaching people who were looking for specific types of property or people with particular budgets? Mobile marketing can help you do that. In turn, you can lower your costs for advertising and marketing. Not only will you get better control of the budget, you will also see higher returns.

In short, mobile marketing helps you spend your budget more effectively.

9. Help People Find Information

You cannot be everywhere at once, and you are not always available to answer questions. Mobile marketing can be the solution you are looking for. It lets you stay in touch with potential buyers with ease, besides delivering more information to them.

You can use videos to showcase different properties, as well as pictures. Apps could help you build more robust listings, which include almost every detail a buyer could want to know. 

In short, mobile marketing makes it easy for potential buyers to find the information they want and need. Therefore, they are more likely to get in touch with you. They will also have more trust in you before they even reach out. That, in turn, means you are providing a better buyer experience right from the get go. The house buying process can be daunting, so making it seamless and smooth at every turn will give buyers more confidence in you.

10. Text Messaging Makes It Easy to Reach People

Talking to buyers is a lot easier with mobile marketing. Text messaging is a great way to open a conversation or stay in touch with potential clients. Apps and other chat opportunities also should not be overlooked. With these features, you can stay in touch and have more meaningful conversations with potential buyers.

You can try a mix of SMS marketing, as well as chatbots and other mobile marketing tools. More productive conversations could be right around the corner.

Take Your Marketing to Your Audience

If you do not already have a mobile marketing strategy, you should consider adopting one. As more buyers move to mobile, Realtors cannot afford to miss mobile opportunities.

Mobile marketing benefits both you and your clients. Ready to kick start a better mobile marketing strategy as a Realtor? Discover what the right app can do to push your marketing forward.