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10 Definite Signs and Reasons to Move to a New Home

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10 Definite Signs and Reasons to Move to a New Home


About a fifth of all US adults moved due to COVID-19 or knew someone who made the move themselves. COVID is not the only reason people are thinking of making a move, though.

Are you on the fence about packing up to find a new home? Maybe you are trying to decide if you want to buy a home for the first time. Either way, there are a few surefire signs to look out for to determine if you are ready.

Here are the 10 definite signs and reasons you should move to a new home.

By reading this guide, you can feel confident about your decision to move to a new place. Ready to make a move? Read on to learn more!

1. There's Not Enough Space

The average size of a house in America increased from 1,525 square feet in 1973 to 2,435 square feet in 2018. In the span of 45 years, the change in the average size of a home has increased by 60%. It is not always because of a growing family, though.

Instead, many Americans want more space per person and space for luxury items.

Do you want walk-in closets, an office, entertainment rooms, and a home gym? You might need more space. Take a look around your current home. Is everything starting to feel a little cluttered? If things are starting to feel tight, pack it up!

There are plenty of reasons you might begin to run out of space. For example, maybe an aging relative has moved in with you and needs care, or perhaps your family is growing and you need a nursery.

If you have expanded your family recently, you might need to find a new home with enough bathrooms while you are at it.

If it feels like you are constantly tripping over your belongings, start hunting for a new home. You can find a house that suits your needs and fits all of your possessions.

That, or you can always find a place with a garage and storage space!

2. You're Ready to Upgrade

What features are you missing from your current home? Are you tired of living in tiny apartments? If you feel ready for an upgrade in your life, it is likely time to move to a new place.

About 4,339 moves between 2019 and 2020 were for the purpose of finding better or newer housing. 

Maybe you want to move into a nicer area or property. Perhaps there are appliances and features missing that would improve your quality of life. If that is the case, look for a home that has:

  • Updated appliances
  • An updated, modern kitchen
  • Central air conditioning and heating
  • A swimming pool
  • Built-in shelving
  • Storage space

Make a list of your "needs" versus "wants." Prioritizing will help you find a home that suits your current and future requirements.

If you do not buy a home that has everything you need, that is okay. Instead, make room in your budget for renovations. 

3. You Have Too Much Space

After your children have moved out to buy homes of their own, you might find you have too much space. You may not need five guest rooms. Instead, you might want to find a new home that is a little smaller.

A smaller home will save you time and money. You will not have to worry about cleaning empty rooms or making repairs to a huge, empty house.

Once your kids leave the nest, you have the freedom and opportunity to find something new!

4. You Found a New Job Opportunity

Discovering a new job opportunity is an exciting reason to relocate. You can buy a home in a new area and begin accelerating your career.

Make sure you choose a city that has many opportunities within your industry. You will then be able to have opportunities depending on where you located while also having a new home.

5. You Don't Feel Safe

Sometimes, making the move to a new home is a necessity. You might not feel safe in your neighborhood anymore. Maybe things have gone downhill in recent years.

It is best to remove yourself from a dangerous situation before an incident happens.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Are there any environmental hazards that concern you? Are you dealing with loud, barking dogs or neighbors arguing constantly next door?

Do you no longer feel like it is safe for your kids to play outside?

If you no longer feel comfortable driving through your own neighborhood, consider hiring a real estate agent. They can help you find an area that suits your needs, commute, and budget.

6. You're Ready for Suburbia

The bustling city life is not for everyone. If you do not feel comfortable in a congested, busy city, you might want to find a home in the suburbs instead.

You will likely find safer neighborhoods and a lower cost of living. There are also plenty of good schools you can enroll your kids in.

Meanwhile, you will likely find you have more square footage available, allowing you to stretch out more.

If you have always lived in an apartment but imagined having a backyard, consider buying a home in suburbia this year.

7. You're Changing Your Relationship Status

Are you on the outs with a best friend or ex? If you just ended a relationship with someone you previously lived with, you might want to move.

You can buy a new house in a new neighborhood or corner of the city. Think of it as a fresh start.

The reverse works, too. Maybe you are ready to move in with a significant other instead. If that is the case, congratulations!

You can find a new home that suits you both. Make sure your significant other is involved in your house hunt. Together, you can buy a new house and start this exciting new chapter in your lives!

8. The Commute is Too Long

Sometimes, the drive from home to work and back again is too much. You are likely refilling your gas tank more than once a week. Over time, the commute and traffic can become an exhausting endeavor.

Do not torture yourself with a long commute. Instead, buy a new house that is closer to work. Moving closer to work will give you a chance to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

It can also put valuable time back into your day.

9. You're Family Needs Have Changed

Family situations change all the time. In some cases, you might have to find a new home and make other necessary changes.

For example, your partner might have found a new job on the other side of town. Maybe an elderly parent needs to move in with you. Either way, you can buy a house with your family's needs in mind.

What about your kids? Are you thinking of their future?

For example, you may need to find a neighborhood zoned for great schools in the area. It is important to think ahead. Where will your child go for elementary, middle, and high school?

You can find a neighborhood based on where you want your child to go to school.

10. Your Financial Situation Has Changed

With more people experiencing financial strains as a result of COVID-19, many people want to buy a home that better suits their budget. Others are finally in a financial position to buy a home for the first time.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a homeowner? That is a great reason to upgrade as well. Though saving up for a down payment takes time, you might feel like you are in the right spot financially to take that step.

After all, buying your first home is a smart investment. 

Do you have the perfect dream home in mind? Maybe you want to buy a house that you build yourself. Make sure to look for a reputable home builder and residential development if that is the route you want to take. Building a new home can take time, so develop a plan and stay on track.

You can learn how to qualify for first-time homebuyer programs here.

Did you recently get a raise, inherit money, or start a better-paying job? You could have the financial resources necessary to upgrade, too.

Perhaps your financial situation has changed in a negative way. That is alright, too. A large mortgage can often cause your finances to take a hit. 

If that is the case, you might want to consider making the move to a new home that is more affordable. Then, you can use the next year to improve your financial situation.

Do not forget to keep track of your bills. You might find that poorly insulated walls or non-energy-efficient windows are causing fluctuations in your energy bills. An old HVAC system could cause your cooling and heating to skyrocket, too.

If you cannot make the renovations yourself, consider moving into a new home with energy-efficiency in mind.

Let's Make a Move: 10 Reasons to Move to a New Home

Life changes a little every day. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to move to a new home. If any of these situations sound familiar, consider exploring new listings and meeting with a real estate agent! When you are ready to begin the home buying process, be sure to avoid these home-buying mistakes during your search.

Need help starting your search? We're here to help!

Find a real estate agent today to get started!