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10 Need-to-Know Tips For Realtors: How to Sell a Home Fast in 2020

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10 Need-to-Know Tips For Realtors: How to Sell a Home Fast in 2020

Want to know how to sell a home fast in 2020?




You've been tasked with selling a home and the sellers want their cash quickly. When you learn how to sell a home fast, you'll be sought out by sellers who want to get the money they need from their homes as soon as possible.

Learning how to sell a property quickly will put you in demand. Now with the new year coming up, you want to make sure that you're honing your skills so you can move homes quick in 2020.

Continue reading this article for tips on selling a home fast.

1. Make Sure the Home Is in Good Repair

When you're selling a home, it needs to be in good repair. Some people will try to get away with selling their homes without making repairs, but if you want to sell the house fast, you need to convince them to fix things that need fixing.

People want to move into a home that is move-in ready. Many people would stay in their current homes if they didn't mind going through a remodel and repairs.

You may consider having a home inspection done so you know what needs to be done with the home. While this isn't required on your part, it will help you get a full understanding of what the potential buyers are going to find when they have their own home inspection done on the property.

It's better if you don't have any surprises.

Many times, potential buyers will agree to buy the home if these problems are fixed and it would be better to get the sellers to fix the problems beforehand to avoid this delay.

2. Make Sure the Home Is Presentable

Once the home is in good repair, you need to take it to the next step. How does the home look and how does it make you feel when you walk into it?

Do you get a homey feeling or does it make you feel like you are a stranger in someone else's house? When people want you to be able to sell their home quickly, they need to understand when you ask them to take personal photos and decorations down.

Replace these personalized decor selections with decor that other people are likely to find appealing. You may even need to change some paint colors on the walls if there is a wall that is particularly obnoxious. You want people to come into the space and think -- I could see myself living here. 

3. Take Exceptional Photos

If you want your listing to stand out amongst all the other listings in your area, you have to take photos at are a cut above the rest. 

Before taking any photos, go through each room and make sure all clutter and dirt is removed. If your client is still living in the home, ask them to box up as much of their things as possible and let you stage the home or at least get everything out of the rooms for a clear view of the space for the photos.

Take photos from angles that flatter the home, make sure to use enough light to make the photo look good but not too much where it's too bright. Make sure there are no glares off the windows or the shower door.

If you aren't sure if you can handle the photography on your own, take the leap and splurge for an amazing photographer.

4. Publish Aerial Videos & Stills

There's something about seeing a home from above that gives you a whole new appreciation for its design and size. Aerial videos and stills give the home's potential new buyer a new way to look at the home.

When the home you're selling has an aerial video, you'll be able to set it apart from all of the listings that only have photos or video tours of the home. The more you give potential buyers to look at before they make a decision to take a closer look at the home, the more you allow the potential buyer to see themselves driving up the driveway and putting their key in the front door.

5. 3D Interactive/VR Tours

If you want to go all out and allow potential buyers to enjoy a 3D interactive tour -- it's going to become the norm in 2020. Start using this technology before everyone is doing it to get out in front of the competition and sell your home fast.

With these 3D interactive tours, potential buyers can interact with the home on-line or they can use a VR headset to feel completely immersed. Companies like Hommati specialize in producing these types of tours and at very affordable prices.

6. Use Well-Designed Yard Signs

Don't forget what's been working for years. Yard signs are often what get people to call about a home. You need to have a well-designed yard sign in place so you're able to capture people that drive by and like the look of the home.

Some companies like Hommati offer Curb Leads programs that have a rider for your sign to capture leads. These riders have a text code to find out the price and to see images of the home. You receive a text with their information so you can contact them while they are sitting in front of the house.  

If you've done a good job of helping the clients get their home ready and presentable, you should be able to get a good number of calls from a well positioned yard sign.

7. Create a Website that Sells

While there are sites like Zillow that have thousands of listings on them, you need to have your own website that showcases who you are and why people should work with you. While you're selling the home for your clients, you're also selling yourself to potential buyers.

You need to present yourself to the potential buyer in a way that they trust you and want to work with you on the deal.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so people can access your site even if they are on the go. Have a way for people to contact you through your site without having to call you.

A website is much like a modern business card. If you don't have a business card -- that's strange and in 2020, if you don't have a website, it's even more strange.

8. Strategically Leave Brochures 

Brochures are still a strategy that works. Once you have your beautiful photography, use the photos not only for your online showcasing but for your brochures.

Showcasing your home in a brochure gives potential buyers something to hold onto. They might put it down on their counter for a couple of days and pick it up and give you a call. While digital is a great way to go, brochures can help people revisit your listing just by the brochure being in the home.

9. Virtually Stage

If you stage your home professionally, you're looking at thousands of dollars in costs each month. On the other hand, you can use virtual staging to help people see what a home could look like with updated, stylish furniture and accessories.

Using virtual staging is much less expensive and still allows people to get a feel for what is possible. When people look at blank rooms, they often aren't able to get a good vision of how the room can look.

Blank rooms are boring and bland but virtual staging brings them to life and gets people ready to buy.

10. Remove Pets During Showings

It's understandable that your client loves their pet and wants to allow them to be comfortable through the selling process. The only problem is that the presence of the pet and even the sight of pet toys and food bowls could put off people that aren't in love with the idea of pets in the home.

No matter how well your clients have done keeping their homes clean and smelling beautiful, if people have a negative feeling about pets in the home, it could be a deal-breaker.

Get clients and their pets to leave the home during showings even if they are living there. Having the house to yourself with the potential buyers will make it easier for you to get things done without fido coming in to interrupt.

Now You Know How to Sell a Home Fast

Now you know how to sell a home fast and you can move homes like nobody's business.

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