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10 Popular Real Estate Closing Gifts for Sellers

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10 Popular Real Estate Closing Gifts for Sellers

Seal the deal! Tens of millions of Americans move to a new home every year. Being able to appeal to just a few dozen Americans can help you become a profitable realtor. 

But being a great realtor isn't just about getting your sellers to sign contracts. You need to build long-term relationships so they will do business with you in the future. A great way to make connections is to buy great closing gifts for sellers. 

What are the best gifts you can give someone? What are some cheap gifts you can buy? What should you get a client who likes the outdoors or wants to make their home beautiful? 

Answer these questions and you can win your clients for the long term. Here are ten gifts you should consider getting your sellers. 

1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are the best realtor closing gifts you can offer. They show that you care about your client and that you know what their personality is like. 

Maybe this is the home your client raised their family in or they themselves grew up in. Many memories are made when celebrating life events in the home and your client could be emotional about selling.

Create a lasting impression on your clients with the Hommati Making Memories Gift Box and give your sellers a gift of memories at the closing. This program consists of a stainless steel engraved USB drive that contains all the photos taken of the interior and exterior of the home, multiple 360-degree views from the major rooms, drone and aerial videos (if produced for the home), and the 360-degree viewing software. The USB comes in a gift box with the image of the home on the top. Ask your Hommati partner for more information about this program.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another choice if you're not sure what exactly to give your client. If you know they like a certain store or brand, you can give them a gift card for that brand. 

You can select any amount of money you want for the card. The more money you put on the card, the more of an impact you will make. But a $50 gift card usually leaves a big impact on your client. 

You can also give them continuous gift cards. You can give them a $10 gift card every month instead of a $50 or $100 gift card at the closing. This lets you keep in touch with the client and show your generosity. 

3. Professional Services

Professional services are good house closing gifts for someone who wants to make renovations to the home they are moving into. You can ask an interior designer or landscaper you know to give your client a free consultation. They don't have to work with the landscaper, but they give your client advice on how to revamp outdoor living spaces.

You can also contribute toward your client's renovations, giving them money or storage space to keep their belongings safe. Even $100 can help your client cover the bills. 

4. A Dinner Out

A fancy meal is an easy way to win a client over and form a connection with them. When they visit the restaurant again, they will be reminded of you. 

You can go to a steakhouse or a high-end restaurant, but you don't have to if you don't think your client will like it. Going to their favorite restaurant may work better. 

If you don't have the time to go out to dinner, you can get your client a gift card for a meal out. You can also buy your clients groceries so they can make their own meals. Feel free to throw in a bottle of wine or champagne so your client can celebrate the house closing. 

5. A Memorable Experience

Gifting an experience can be more worthwhile than gifting an object. It can let you form a deeper connection with your client, as you create memories with them. 

You can invite a client who seems stressed to a spa or beach retreat. A massage can help them get relaxed after they move out or start a new job. 

You can also give your client a class. Many community centers offer art, business, and yoga classes for free or at low expenses. You can go with your client or encourage them to bring a friend to the class.

6. Kitchen Tools 

Kitchen tools are practical because your client will use them on a regular basis. Every time they do, they will remember your generosity and feel encouraged to talk to you again. 

You can give a set of kitchen tools, which is great for young clients who don't have tools already. If they have tools already, you can get them a new item like a set of paring knives or salt and pepper shakers. 

You can give them a cookbook, but make sure you find one at the appropriate skill level for your client. Beginning chefs may struggle to make a souffle or panna cotta. 

You can help your client follow home organization tips by giving them containers to store their kitchen tools. A knife rack can help them keep their knives together while a plastic box can contain their measuring tools. 

7. A Work of Art

A work of art can help you beautify a new house and leave a lasting impression on your client. Think about what art your client already has and what art they like. You can buy them a painting, drawing, or sculpture to place somewhere in their house. 

Feel free to get ambitious. If your client wants to use their backyard a lot, you can put an outdoor sculpture in their yard. You can install a fountain, water feature, or vase. 

Try to put a work of art from a local artist. These artworks tend to be less expensive and they let you make connections within your community. Make sure to give your client the name of the artist so they can get more pieces in the future.

8. Backyard Games

Backyard games are another way you can encourage your client to use the backyard. They also let your client learn about their neighbors and develop connections with them. 

You can get your client something simple like a cornhole set. You can even make a cornhole set yourself and add personal touches like your client's name or a painting of their house. 

Bocce ball is another simple game. You can give your client a few balls and a wooden court that they can throw the balls into. 

If you want to be more elaborate, you can buy a volleyball or badminton set. The set should include instructions so your client knows how to set things up and play games. 

If your client doesn't like the outdoors, you can give them a board game to play indoors. A classic game like Monopoly can work, but you can also gift a casino set or a poker table so they can play cards.

9. Flowers

Flowers are simple and cheap closing gifts that many people enjoy. They can make a home more beautiful and they can offer a pleasant odor. Try to buy flowers that are still budding, as they will last longer than flowers that have buds already. 

Roses and tulips are popular gifts. If you want to stand out, you can give exotic flowers like plumerias and lotuses. 

You can also give flowers and plants with symbolic significance. Ivy plants symbolize affection and friendship while marjoram flowers represent happiness and joy. 

If these symbolic meanings would be too obscure for your client, you can select flowers with colors that create positive psychological effects. Green flowers can refresh and invigorate your clients, so you can buy them a vase with chrysanthemums and carnations. 

Leave instructions for your client to take care of the flowers. Indicate how much water and sunlight they should receive and whether the flowers should be stored in a cool area.

10. Tea and Coffee

If your client likes to have a few cups of tea or coffee every day, you can give them tea bags or coffee grounds. Get them their favorite brands or a sample pack from a local tea or coffee store. If you know they like sugar and milk, you can buy them ingredients from a local farm.

You can go the extra mile and get your client tools they can use to make tea and coffee. Most electric kettles are cheap, but you can also get your client a teapot or a French press. 

The Best Closing Gifts for Sellers

You can get a lot of closing gifts for sellers, but a few gifts stand out. A personalized gift shows that you understand your client's interests. You can also buy them professional services so they can improve their new house.

Consider giving them an experience as well. You can take them out to dinner or go to a fun location together. If you want to save money, you can give them a game they can play outside or coffee beans. 


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