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10 Tips on Using Aerial Videos to Sell Your Home

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10 Tips on Using Aerial Videos to Sell Your Home



A seller's worst nightmare is a home that sits on the market for ages, getting buried under newer listings as it gradually loses its appeal. 

In the fast-paced real estate business, you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression and entice potential buyers to take a closer look at your property. With more than half of shoppers beginning their search online, often from all over the state or even country, beautiful images are the key to attracting serious interest and preventing your listing from going stale. 

Unfortunately, photos snapped with your cell phone will not do the trick. Millennial home buyers have grown up looking at highly curated online content, and they will scroll past anything that does not delight them visually. Using aerial videos is one very effective way to stand out from the crowd and get more clicks on your listing. Companies like Hommati offer these services to their customers to help them make their listings stand out from the crowd.

Yes, keeping up with the current real estate technology can be challenging, but the best real estate agents make time for it will be rewarded for their efforts. Here are a few simple tips to make sure you end up with drone videos that lead to multiple offers. 

1. Crush the Clutter

Nothing will send a potential buyer running faster than a yard full of junk. Cleaning up is the easiest way to enhance your property's appeal, and it is free! Take a walk around your lot and put away anything that could be seen from above. 

Lawnmowers, trash cans, and toys all have their uses, but they do not belong in your real estate video. Store them in the garage or under the cover of a roof before your professional aerial drone videographer comes to take the video and record the area around the house.

While you are at it, tidy up the landscaping by removing yard waste, coiling hoses properly, and pulling any obvious weeds. You will also want to move any cars temporarily if they are parked outside. 

2. Gather Inspiration

Take a few minutes to browse professional aerial videos and notice what you like about them. After scoping out the competition, you might feel inspired to add a few colorful pillows to your outdoor areas or give the deck a fresh coat of paint. 

The internet is full of great ideas, and it is amazing how much small, thoughtful touches can do to boost your home's visual appeal from the sky. After adding little touches to the outside of your property, you professional aerial videographer will make sure to highlight those new additions that will make your listing stand out from the crowd.

3. Highlight Your Best Features Using Aerial Videos

Do you have a fabulous patio area complete with a fire pit, grill, and comfy lounge chairs? Or maybe there is a sparkling blue lake in your backyard with a boat parked at the end of the dock? 

An aerial video of your home should show off its most desirable assets, and help real estate shoppers picture themselves enjoying the highly coveted outdoor lifestyle. Millennial house hunters in particular want to live where they can host barbecues and parties all summer long.

On a more practical level, your drone pilot will be sure to feature the flawless condition of your roof or the new chimney cap you just installed. Buyers appreciate properties that have been well maintained, and the condition of the outside of your home provides clues to what is inside.

4. Know Your Angles

Let's be honest, we all have a "best side"—that side that always looks a little better in photos. So does every house, so get familiar with the angles of your home.

Drone pilots will be able to determine which angles will highlight your home's prettiest windows, healthiest trees, and freshest paint. This can be challenging when you are used to seeing your home every day, but when you use a company like Hommati for this service, they are able to see your home for the first time, and they can decide which angles show off the house in the best way. 

5. Set the Stage

Aerial videos provide a unique opportunity to give real estate shoppers an idea of what it is like to live in your neighborhood and showcase the nearby amenities your property offers.

With a drone, your professional pilot can show potential buyers how spacious your lot is, or fly them over a park where they will enjoy walking their dog or playing with their kids. They can also illustrate how close the house is to shopping and dining areas or local schools.

6. Why Hire a Professional?

Unless you are already in the business of aerial real estate photography, do not attempt to do it yourself. You must be licensed with the FAA in order to fly a drone and pass a rigerous test. Filming and producing high-quality drone videos requires experience and expertise, and it is surprisingly affordable to outsource the job. Plus, each state has its own complicated set of laws related to drone operation. Having a company like Hommati around, you can use their experience and expertise to capture your home in the best ways possible. Their pilots have also completed all of the required testing and training involved with drone flying, so you can rest assured that your video will be done properly.

The right professional aerial videographer will be able to create a video that will charm buyers into making an appointment to see the property in person. Real estate listings that include professional photography sell 32% faster, and the agents earn twice as much commission on average. 

Also, keep in mind that savvy viewers will recognize a DIY drone video right away and might worry that you skipped hiring a professional on other home improvement projects as well. Showing them a professional video can provide reassurance that the home has been cared for properly. 

7. Edit Like the Sale Depends on It

When using companies like Hommati, editing of the drone videos is always included and done by the pilots themselves. When using a professional, you know that they have plenty of real estate video editing experience to cut out unnecessary footage and create a professional final product for you.

A skilled editor will make your home look its very best. They can remove unsightly shadows, soften harsh lighting, and add small touch-ups that will make a big difference. 

8. Keep It Short and Sweet

Internet users are most likely to watch a marketing video if it is under two minutes. If they are genuinely interested in your property, we may be able to hold their attention for a bit longer, but we have to keep in mind to now allow the length of videos to pass the five minute mark. A company like Hommati knows the perfect length for each video, depending on the size of the house and special features, and they will be able to make it so the viewer will want to continue watching until the end. 

9. Don't Forget the Music

Tap into house hunters' emotions by adding the perfect song to your aerial video. Music has the power to make your property feel more modern, creative, or cozy. What type of setting does your target buyer want to inhabit? 

To avoid issues with copyright infringement, purchase your background tunes from a reputable stock music provider, or choose from the many available free options. This is one more good reason to hire a professional, who will be familiar with music sources and have plenty of experience selecting songs to evoke the desired mood. Hommati always adds music to each of their videos that is royalty free, so you never have to worry about the video being taken down for any copyright issues. 

10. Be Social

Why even produce a video if nobody is going to see it? When your masterpiece is ready to share with the world, our videos are able to be posted on our real estate agent's websites as well as real estate websites like Hommati.

Marketing emails are also an excellent way to make sure your video is seen. With Hommati, we can embed the video directly or send out a link that will take potential buyers directly to the online listing. 

Social media users are far more likely to engage with video content than with still photos, and we can share the video through every possible channel is sure to attract lots of views, likes, and comments that could translate to more in-person viewings.

The Sky's the Limit

Selling a home can feel overwhelming in today's technology-driven world, but you can rest assured knowing you have hired the right professionals to take care of showcasing your home in the best way possible. 

The fact is that investing in outstanding visual content is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to get noticed and sell your home faster. With the help of a knowledgeable professional, it is stress-free and should be a no brainer. 

For more information about real estate drone video production, contact us today.