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11 Effective Tips for Staging Your Home in 2020

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11 Effective Tips for Staging Your Home in 2020


There's no doubt your home needs to look its best when you're trying to sell it. 

Whether you're doing a live stream of your property or inviting people in for a private viewing, your home needs to be prepared. Drying laundry and dirty dishes are a definite no!

But there's more to staging your house than clearing away your junk and tidying up. There are actually plenty of things you can do to make sure your home looks appealing and a buyer snaps it up.

For more, check out our tips for staging your home.

1. A Welcoming Entrance

You want potential buyers to fall in love with your home the moment they walk through the door, so make sure you have a welcoming entrance. The first impression of a house can have a huge impact on their attitude as they walk around. Make sure you get the viewing off to the right start.

Make sure your door is clean, both inside and out. If you need to do any repainting or small repair works, now is the time to do them.

When inside, your entrance should be spotlessly clean. Vacuum your floor, place a clean mat down and get rid of any muddy shoes. Try and make the space look welcoming and bright by opening curtains and removing dirty items.

If you're showing the house in the evening, make sure to keep lights on in your entryway so it's bright and welcoming. If you have porch lights, pop those on too. 

2. Deep Clean Your Property

When staging your home, you need to give it a deep clean. This isn't just your usual once over with a vacuum. You need to make sure every room is spotless and every surface shines. 

In the bathroom, use a strong cleaner to get rid of mold and grime that might have built up in your tiles. In your kitchen, make sure you thoroughly clean your sink and oven with a degreaser and wash down the fronts any cupboards. If your carpets are looking grubby, rent a carpet cleaning machine to remove dirt and stains.

If there are some very tough jobs, like washing your windows, hire professionals to help. It'll save you a lot of time and the end result will definitely be with it!

3. Get Rid of Your Clutter

Most homes are filled with clutter. From tons of coats in the entrance to stacks of books piled high against the walls. This might be necessary if you live there, it doesn't look great for potential buyers.

Decluttering your home will make it look bigger and neater. Try and get the items out of your home. Box them up and put them in storage or send them to a friends house until your viewings are over. 

This will also give potential buyers a clean slate to work with. Without tons of clutter, they can imagine where their furnishing will go and the style they might like to have in the house. When staging your house, helping buyers imagine themselves living there is essential for a quick sale. 

4. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

It's likely you've got a lot of furniture that's practical but doesn't look great. For example, your coffee table is wonderful for storing books and placing mugs, but maybe it takes up a huge space in your living room. By removing it, you could make the area look much bigger and more appealing.

Take a look around your home and spot pieces of furniture like this. While some are great for showing what you can do with your space, others are just taking up room. If your space looks bigger and better without it, it's time to move it into storage!

5. Repaint in Neutral Colors

When it comes to how to stage your home, it's clear that creating a blank canvas is essential. One of the best ways of doing this is by painting your walls in neutral colors.

If you've got bright pink in your kid's bedroom or a huge green wall in your kitchen, it can be off-putting to buyers. Even if it's your idea of something stylish, it might not be theirs.

It's much safer to stick to neutral colors, such as beige, grey and white. Your home will look fresh, bright, and ready for buyers to come in and stamp their own mark on the property. 

6. Consider Your Curb Appeal

Something that's often forgotten on lists of tips for staging your home in 2020 is curb appeal. This is how your home looks from the outside, and it's incredibly important!

The first impression buyers have your home is when they drive up to it, so make sure the outside looks just as welcoming as the inside. Mow your lawn, tend to any plants, and clear items like kids toys or leftover BBQ tools. 

It's also a good idea to use a power washer to clean your walkways, making it appear looked after as your buyers approach. If you can, plant some flowers that are already in bloom to add some color and life to your front lawn. 

7. Show It's Lived In

While a key tip for how to stage your house is to create a blank canvas, it's also important to show it is lived in. 

In the kitchen, have a plate of cookies out or a bowl of fresh fruit. Have fresh flowers in a vase in your living room and a book on your bedside table. A few touches like this can create a homely feel that will make your house feel warm and welcoming. 

Of course, don't overdo it. One small detail in a few of your rooms will be more than enough!

8. Don't Forget Your Spare Rooms

If you have spare rooms in your house, don't forget them during the staging process! 

While these might be spaces for you to store old junk or pile up boxes ready for moving, to buyers they could be a big selling point. Don't waste the opportunity to show them off!

Before viewings start, turn your spare rooms into useable spaces. Clear out the junk, clean up the rooms, and show them off. Borrow furniture from friends to fill the rooms, creating an office space or guest bedroom that can give your buyers ideas of how to use the space.

You can also do this with small areas, like a little cupboard under the stairs. Instead of filling it with junk, add some shelving for neat storage space. Or, if it's big enough, add a little desk and chair for extra workspace. 

9. Remove Personal Items

Your home is likely full of personal touches. Before scheduling viewers over, it's a good idea to try and get rid of as many of these as possible. 

Remove family photos, hide the creams and ointments in your bathroom, and clear the front of the fridge of your little one's drawings. Try and create a clean space that isn't full of your family.

It's also good to remove any decor or furnishings that are specific to your taste. For example, switch up bright, floral bedsheets for plain white linens, and remove any hanging signs or art. 

10. Carry Out Any Repairs

Before you put your house on the market, try and carry out as many repairs and home improvements as possible. There are usually plenty of little touches you can do yourself, such as repainting walls or fixing an area of carpet that's been pulled up. The DIY approach is great for making your home look better while saving money.

If there are any bigger jobs that need doing, call in professionals. While you may not want to pay the money, fixing obvious damages will help your house sell quickly and could even up the price!

11. Let There Be Light

When it comes to the top tips for staging your house in 2020, one of the easiest is simply adding light to your home. Open your curtains, remove anything that's covering windows, and add extra light fixtures if you need to.

Make sure all of your light bulbs are working before a viewing, too. Choose warm-toned bulbs to create a more cozy feel in your home.

Discover More Tips for Staging Your Home

If you're thinking of selling your house, make sure you get in touch with our team at Hommati for more tips for staging your home! When it comes to getting your property snapped up, we know what to do. 

You should also be sure to check out our 3D tours, helping every potential buyer view your property no matter where they are.