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11 Pro Tips for Remodeling Your Home Before Selling

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11 Pro Tips for Remodeling Your Home Before Selling


While Americans love remodeling and renovating their homes, there are several myths that discourage them from improving their homes before selling. However, if you want to get the best price possible when selling your home, some renovations can be very helpful. 

Getting your home ready for the market can be a very intimidating process. You want your home to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. The main goal of remodeling is to make your home look livable and move-in ready. 

In as much as you may not know what the buyer is looking for, the right remodeling tips, whether DIY or not, will go a long way in ensuring that your home is attractive, and therefore, ready to sell faster. However, you should also note that not only expensive remodels will help you sell faster; the right tips, no matter how small, will go a long way.

Here are some remodeling tips that you should consider before selling your home.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

One of the first places that homebuyers look at when viewing a home is the kitchen. Prospective buyers want to see or picture themselves in the kitchen. Therefore, you should ensure that it is as appealing and homely as possible before you stage it. 

Depending on the state that it is in, or how crazy you want to get with the remodel, try to make sure that you have decluttered the kitchen. Change the faucet if necessary, change the knobs, fix the cabinets, color block, and do not forget to ensure that it is well lit.

Kitchen countertops are very visible and are a personal choice. If you have to update the countertops, you do not have to choose a very expensive material like granite. You might love it, but other people might prefer laminate or quartz. Keep it simple to allow the new owners to install a countertop that they prefer. 

You may want to refresh the cabinets with a new coat of paint instead of replacing them unless they are in a very bad condition. Remember, the cost of the kitchen should be in line with the cost of the rest of the house. 

These tips and more will help you have a chic looking kitchen and stage it like a pro.

2. Remodel the Bathroom

No matter how small your bathroom or bathrooms are, you should not ignore them when selling your home. 

An average full bathroom should be at least 30 square feet and a half bath at least 18 squares feet. If your bathroom is smaller, you may want to add some space. However, do not try to create a luxury bathroom. 

The right bathroom will increase your home's resale value. 

Small updates like replacing the vanity, re-caulking the tub, replacing the faucet, and changing the shower head will excite the buyers. If you have to make a big change, you can refinish the tub or get a new one. You can also consider installing new tiles and floors if they fit your remodeling budget.

3. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you are not sure which shade of paint to use, select a nice color of paint in a neutral shade. This tip will update your home so quickly and easily, not to mention that it is also very affordable. 

Repainting your home with neutral colors makes it look timeless and also allows the buyer to easily paint over it. This makes it a win-win situation.

Some colors that you can consider are charcoal, white, light blue, grey, or beige. Choose a color that still goes well with the décor of your home and avoid the latest trends like wallpapers because they do not appeal to everyone.

4. Make Your Home Energy Sufficient

Homeowners today, are looking for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient. This means, improving energy efficiency will not only help you sell your home faster but will also increase its value.

There are several ways to do this. You can replace older electrical appliances with newer ones, add insulating films to the windows, add insulation to the door or roof, and more. Such updates will not only reduce the electricity bill but also bring your home to the latest energy standard which will attract buyers.

Even though solar panels also improve energy efficiency, they require maintenance, and some buyers will not be interested in such an expense. Therefore, you should avoid such investments if you are planning to sell your home. 

5. Remodel the Floors

Improve the value and look of your home by updating your floors. Though expensive, hardwood floors increase the resale value of a home and are also very appealing. If you have hardwood floors, you should refinish them so that they look good.

Other floor remodeling tips include installing vinyl floors or replacing worn-out carpets. These are all very appealing to potential buyers.

6. Install a Deck

As you work on the outdoor areas, you should consider adding a deck if you do not have one. Families love great outdoor living spaces. Such spaces are great for staycations and get-togethers. 

When adding a deck, do not insist on getting one that suits your lifestyle. Try to keep the style more open to allow the new owners to style it according to their needs. 

7. Work on the Basement

A good home remodeling tip that will add to the value of your home is working on your basement, especially if it is unfinished. While the cost of remodeling or finishing your basement may seem high, it is an investment worth considering because it will increase your return during the sale. 

8. Declutter Your Home

One of the tips that you should not ignore when preparing your home for a sale is decluttering it. While this will not increase the value of your home, clearing out your storage areas, closets, reducing the wall hangings, family pictures, and those collectibles that you love, will create a sense of space and allow buyers to envision themselves in that space.

Do not hide your items in the garage; instead, hold a garage sale or rent a storage space and move them there.

9. Work on Your Front Door

The first thing that your visitors and potential buyers see when they come to your home is the front door. You should either consider painting or replacing it with a new one. 

Choose a brightly colored door because it will make your house memorable. You could also install a new steel door, which has a 91.3 percent payback value. 

Just like any other new home improvement project, ensure that the door matches the exterior of your home. A new doormat will also add a nice touch to the front door.  

10. Update the Landscaping

Everyone love loves a well-manicured lawn with attractive landscaping. To add to your curb appeal and landscaping, you should consider trimming trees and bushes in your yard, fertilizing your yard, getting rid of the high maintenance trees or plants, edging your driveway and sidewalks, and clearing the weeds. 

Hire a professional landscape designer to help you update the look of your home and try not to add any high maintenance assets like topiaries or large flower beds. 

While working on the landscape, remember to clean the gutters. 

11. Fix and Clean It Up

If your home has some holes in the wall, a leaking roof, leaking faucets, or more, you may want to fix them and handle all other repairs before putting it up for sale. Some home buyers are not attracted to homes that require some fixing and want a home they can move into as soon as the paperwork is done.

Therefore, fix up all those small repairs that you have ignored. Do some spring cleaning so that when a buyer comes to view the house, they find a well-maintained home that will make it easy for them to trust that your home has been well cared for.

Consider These Remodeling Tips before Putting Your Home on the Market

Now that you are ready to sell your home, your next step is to make sure that it will attract the right potential buyers and that you will get the best price for it. With these remodeling tips and upgrades, you should be able to sell your home in no time. Always remember to put your personal taste and preferences aside and focus on the taste of the market. 

If you are planning to put your home on the market, you can count on us here at Hommati.com to help you find the right real estate agent.

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