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2022 Best Cities to Buy a House

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2022 Best Cities to Buy a House

As of 2022, the real estate industry remains competitive and ripe for buyers and sellers alike.

The housing market has seen its fair shares of ups and downs in recent years. However, there's never been a better time to get into it than now. Across the nation, there are plenty of gorgeous homes in fantastic local cities to pick from.

Indeed, many of the best cities to buy a house don't even have 200,000 people in them. These cities all offer employment income higher than the national average. Great schools for families and an educated population are also common.

Are you looking for a great community for housing? Keep reading for a guide on some of the best cities to buy a house in 2022.

The Woodlands, Texas

To kick off our list, we have The Woodlands. This gorgeous city of 113,000 people sits in Montgomery Country, Texas. It's only a 30-mile drive away from downtown Houston.

Several things make The Woodlands one of the best places to buy a house. For starters, the median household income there is $122,634. For reference, that's almost twice the national average which sits at $62,840.

It's worth pointing out that the median home value here is $374,000. That is a noticeable bit higher than the $217,000 national average. However, with almost double the national median income, it's more than affordable.

The city is also full of restaurants, banks, offices, and more. These offer great services and things to do.

The cost of living also isn't that high, with basic necessities lining up with the average. The city offers plenty of employment diversity too, making sure everyone can find a good job. Of course, there's gorgeous nature and plenty of trees as well - hence it's the namesake, The Woodlands.

It's also well connected with the rest of Texas so that you can enjoy peace and quiet without much sacrifice. There are tons to do in the city and surrounding area, and most residents rate it pretty highly.

Education and Demographics

In terms of education, there's much to praise. The city has great public schools and private schools alike. Across all age ranges, from kindergarten to high school, you're well covered.

The Woodlands also has a significant number of residents who hold higher education. 26% of residents in the Woodlands have a Master's degree or higher. This is more than double the national average.

38% have a bachelor's degree, with 23% having some college or an associate's degree. A combined total of 13% of residents have the equivalent of a high school diploma or less.

The Woodlands attracts and tends to keep residents who value as high an education as possible. The high median income certainly bears that out. The same is true for the vibrant local economy.

Demographic-wise, 47% of residents are between 18-54 years old. That's a pretty good distribution, with 27% behind younger and 26% older. Those are pretty sustainable numbers.

If you buy a house in The Woodlands, you can rest assured the city won't feel full of senior citizens anytime soon. In terms of crime rate, it's also pretty safe. The vast majority of residents feel comfortable living and raising families here.

Choosing to get the help of a realtor could make landing a home in this dream community much easier.

Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park is a community that will find itself near the top of many lists for the best city to buy a house. The population sits at 191,000 and finds itself in Kansas' Johnson County. It offers great employment opportunities, affordable housing, and a bright social life.

To give you some raw numbers, the median home value in Overland Park is $276,100, while the median rent is $1,164. If we compare it to the national averages, $217,00 and $1,062, then it's pretty close. What makes Overland Park stand out is the median income is $86,487, compared to the national average of $62,000.

The difference in income isn't as significant as The Woodlands mentioned earlier. That said, housing is also cheaper, as is the cost of living. 63% of residents own their property, and the city is only 11 miles from Kansas City.

This makes sure that you're never far from the hustle and bustle of big city life, should you desire it. The feel of Overland Park itself is pretty suburban and thus tranquil. There are quaint coffee shops and plenty of local restaurants.

Ample parks also make it a great place to relax or go out with your family and friends. If you think Kansas seems a little far to go in person to check things out, then never fear. These days you can request a virtual home tour from most reputable realtors and sellers.

Education and Demographics

In terms of the demographics of Overland Park, here's what you need to know. The schools available are top-notch, and this goes for public and private. From preschool to high school, education is in safe hands.

Only 3% of residents don't have a high school degree, which is pretty low compared to a 12% national average. 84% of residents have at least a college degree or equivalent, with 24% having a Master's or higher. Clearly, the city is doing something right when it comes to educating its citizens.

What's extra impressive is that it manages to keep and attract so many talented, skilled, and educated professionals. The age distribution is pretty spread out too. 23% of the population is under 18, with 28% being 55 or older.

Young professionals make up about 23%, with 35-55 accounting for 26%. These numbers are all pretty sustainable. They show a good mix of young families and professionals, as well as older generations.

In terms of violent crime and safety, Overland Park is way better than the national average. Petty theft makes up the majority of cases, with more serious ones like robbery almost non-existent. The cost of living is also pretty good here, leaving little to worry about.

Overland Park is a pretty good pick when you consider education, housing cost, and good wages. Give Overland Park in Kansas a look, and you might feel like there's no place like home.

Naperville, Illinois

One of the best cities to buy a house in is Naperville, Illinois. Located in DuPage County, this city of 147,500 people boasts a high median household income. It's worth noting that the median home value is $416,000 - a result of a hot real estate market.

76% of residents own their own homes despite that price, and it isn't hard to see why. That high median income we mentioned sits a few dollars short of $126,000. The city boasts several health facilities, research labs, and other high-paying jobs.

Of course, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and similar establishments as well. The city is vibrant and has great nightlife. On top of that, it's rated highly by families and is always growing.

Great outdoor parks and activities account for this and good commuting. A good chunk of the population consists of young professionals and families. We'll dive more into the demographics below.

Education and Demographics

Naperville has great schools at all levels. In keeping with the rest of this list, less than 3% of residents exit school without a high school degree. 30% of residents hold a master's degree or higher, which is impressive.

38% have a bachelor's degree, with 19% having a college degree. Population-wise, 26% are minors, and 26% are 55 or older. The 18-34 range accounts for 18%, with 35-54 being 30%.

The crime rate is also crazy low. Petty theft is half of the national average. All other categories, from grand theft auto to burglary, robbery, and violent crimes, are way lower than that. The murder rate is more than six times lower than the national average.

Burglary is five times lower, and assault is more than eight times lower than the national average. Naperville is one of the safest and most diverse cities in the US. If you're thinking about where to buy a house, Naperville is worth considering.

Setting up a good house buying checklist to ensure the area has what you need would be a good idea.

The Best Cities to Buy a House in 2022

When it comes to the best cities to buy a house in 2022, a few things stand out. All of them have suburban feels with low crime rates and excellent schools. The population almost never surpasses 200k, and the age distribution is well balanced.


The median household income is a lot higher, which makes even dream homes viable. Having professionals you can trust to help you find and land that home is the next step. At hommati.com, we have the experience to give you a hand, so contact us today.