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5 Reasons To Use 3D Virtual Home Tours To Sell Homes Faster

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5 Reasons To Use 3D Virtual Home Tours To Sell Homes Faster

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that's really taken off in the past few years. Many online vendors give 360 models of their products that let consumers see the items from all angles. And more and more colleges and universities across the country are also allowing prospective students to tour their campuses virtually.

This kind of technology is also extremely useful for home sellers and buyers. 3D virtual home tours give buyers a realistic experience as they walk through a house via their phone or computer. And thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the need for visiting homes virtually has risen immensely.

But even after the pandemic goes away, the need for 3D tours certainly won't. Interested in learning why? Continue reading and we'll walk you through the top reasons why you should use 3D virtual home tours to sell your homes faster. 

1. Get More Serious Buyers 

When you put your house up for sale, you'll probably get a lot of people who view your property, but you might not get a lot of actual inquiries. And out of the people who do inquire, many of them will likely never make a decision, even after they view all of the photos of your home online. 

Eventually, it'll come down to a handful of people who choose to visit the property. Now, here's the thing. The only visual that those people had to go off of before visiting the home was the photos that were shown online. 

After the buyer visits the home, if it doesn't meet their expectations, they probably won't go forward with making an offer.

And this is how utilizing the power of virtual tours can help you sell your home faster. If you offer a virtual tour, then the person who engages with the tour will be able to experience a realistic tour of the home while sitting at their computer. They'll get a total visual understanding of the house before they even visit it in person.


This offers several big benefits. First, the person will likely stay on the virtual tour longer than if they were there in person. When a potential buyer goes in person, they often feel some pressure by other people viewing the house or by the realtor to quickly move through and make a decision. 

With a virtual tour, however, they can go at a leisurely pace and take their time inspecting every last detail. 

Also, whenever somebody calls you with a question about the house, they've likely already gone on the virtual tour. This means that they are probably already very interested in the home. 

Lastly, anyone who comes in to check out the house in person after going on a virtual tour is also likely very interested in buying the house. All of this will allow you to truly put your attention and resources on these people instead of non-serious visitors who are coming to look at the house for the first time. 

And, assuming that the house matches the expectations of the people who went on the virtual tour, they're chances of wanting to buy should likely increase.  

2. Focus On Closing Deals

When you employ virtual tours in your sales strategy, you're ultimately going to be saving yourself both time and effort. This will allow you to focus on actually making closings and getting better deals.

That's because the virtual 3D tour acts as a filter. Potential buyers can take these tours and see if they like the house without having to take up your time or theirs. 

When you're trying to sell a home with only in-person tours, you have to be constantly stepping away from the office in order to let people in. And there are few things more frustrating than taking precious time out of your day to show a house to people who were never really that interested in the first place. 

You also don't have to spend time on the phone going over minute details about the house. The homes essentially sell themselves when they offer virtual tours. 

All you really have to do is set up in-person visits with people who are actually serious. And you also get to spend more time on making more ideal closing conditions. 

3. Take Advantage of Staging

When you use traditional staging, you arrange the artwork and furniture in a house to make the property seem as presentable as possible. While this is a powerful selling tool, it's not always practical. And a seller may be reluctant to rearrange the furniture in a home that they're still living in. 

There are two ways in which 3D virtual home tours solve this. First, you really only have to stage a home once when it's for a virtual tour. After all of the images have been captured and the home has been made as presentable as possible for the 3D tour, the homeowner can then return the space back to how they like it. 

The seller won't have to feel like they're living in someone else's home when you use virtual tours. 

Virtual Staging

With that said, there are also virtual staging technologies that can take staging to the next level. That's because there is virtual home staging software that has the power to reimagine new decor in a home. And this can greatly enhance the appeal of the property.

Unlike in-person staging, where you're essentially stuck with what's available, virtual staging can offer endless options. For example, you could pare down houses that are filled with ornaments and furniture and instead display them with a cleaner and simpler appearance. 

Does your home have a wall that's been painted with bright colors and might turn off possible buyers? Well, virtual staging can clear that right up!

It's usually best for sellers to have neutral colors in the home so that new buyers can imagine themselves living in it. And this is what makes virtual staging so appealing.

However, virtual staging can also add some nice accents to dress up the house too, such as updated furniture and accessories. Virtual staging is usually only a fraction of the cost traditional staging. 

4. Increase Web Traffic

3D virtual home tours are still fairly new and not used that often. This can give your homes an edge and better entice people who are looking to buy. 

It's also incredibly easy to view a virtual tour. Oftentimes, people just browse through a couple of pictures and move on. But virtual tours demand attention. 

A person is more likely to spend more time touring a home virtually, even just to marvel at the technology, than scroll through some pictures. This ability to capture a person's attention is crucial when trying to sell a home quickly.

You can reduce your bounce rate as well with virtual tours. Your bounce rate is the number of people who visit just one page of your website and then leave. Search engines pay attention to a site's bounce rate and it's an important part of any business SEO strategy.

Virtual tours will keep visitors on your site for longer and encourage them to keep clicking, which will help to lower your bounce rate. All of this can improve your customer retention and lead to more traffic to your homes.

5. It's Safer and Healthier

Virtual tours have seen a huge boom during the coronavirus pandemic. These days, everyone is worried about coming in contact with strangers, and an in-person home tour is definitely a source of concern for some people. When you tour a home from the comfort of your own home using a virtual tour, you don't have to worry about any of that. 

The Importance of Using 3D Virtual Home Tours To Sell Homes Faster

Whenever a new technology starts to make waves in a certain industry, there is always some pushback. Realtors shouldn't worry when it comes to 3D virtual home tours. Sure, there might not be as many cookies to bake on open house day, but there shouldn't be any worry of the realtor's role being minimized. 

In fact, virtual home tours only emphasize the importance of an agent's ability to connect with people and to use their time wisely. Even though the use of virtual tours has soared during the coronavirus pandemic, there's no doubt that these tours are here to stay. And we can only expect this kind of technology to become more commonplace. 

Are you trying to sell homes faster while making the most of 3D virtual home tours? If so, then contact us today and see what we can do for you!