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7 Ways Hommati Delivers on Home Photography

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7 Ways Hommati Delivers on Home Photography


While homeowners are living in their home, they get used to the environment, their furniture arrangement, and belongings being where they are and where they have been for a long time.

While they may have impeccable taste, this can be somewhat of a roadblock, creating a potential problem for some homeowners who want to sell. They do not fully realize how their home will be photographed in its best light, from its best angles, and in a way that shows off the home's potential.

Excellent photos are the first step to selling a home. Here are seven ways Hommati delivers on home photography to show off your property.

Quality Home Photography Will Sell Your Home

Great listings are imperative to the sale of your home, and photographs are a huge part of that listing. Your marketing strategy depends on it. The photographs tell the home's story, and if they are of poor quality, buyers will turn away immediately, which means poor quality photographs are sometimes worse than none at all.

Why Is It Best to Hire a Professional Home Photographer?

Do not let your ego get the best of you when it comes to selling your home. Unless you are a professional photographer yourself, try to let go of the idea of DIY home photographs for your listings. Reach out to the professionals if you want a timely, successful result. Companies like Hommati specialize in real estate photography and offer both 3D photos and tours as well as DSLR photos.

1. Prepare Each Room To Be Photographed

Before we start shooting your listing photos, we make sure your home is camera ready. We want to make sure that every room is cleaned and organized with as little personal items as possible. We want surfaces clear of unnecessary items and shelves nicely organized. You want the people viewing the pictures to be able to imagine themselves living their with their own belongings.

Home Staging Photography Tips:

  • Stand in spots where photographs could be taken. Look around and see what distracts you. Does anything seem out of place?

  • Is anything blocking the natural light from casting itself nicely on the structural elements of the room? Does the light cast nicely on the furniture and design elements?

  • Does everything look impeccably clean? Even one spot can distract from the beauty of the room.

2. Stage Your Home

Great staging sparks the potential buyers' imaginations. It must have the "wow" factor for most viewers to be successful. We will help you find the perfect agent to sell your home because they will have had experience in staging the type of home you are selling, giving you an advantage over those who are taking the FSBO route.

The benefit of using a company like Hommati means that you are working with professionals who specialize in real estate photography and who will create an ambiance that relaxes viewers, helping them feel at home before they even arrive. Textures, color pallet, and placement are very important. They strive to keep the home feeling as simple as possible, so as to attract as many people as they can.

Leaving rooms empty forces the viewer to think too hard about the potential of the space. They become confused about the size, type, and potential furniture layouts, often moving on to the next listing; however, if this is the only option, then you can use Hommati to virtually stage rooms for pictures, so potential buyers can get a feel for what each room would be used for with virtually added furniture and decor. 

3. Use State-of-the-Art Photography Equipment

When it comes to taking pictures, Hommati does not use a smartphone to capture any rooms at any point. However good you may think cameras on cell phones look, they do not come close to comparing to the quality produced by DSLR cameras. 

DSLR cameras produce truly high-definition, clear, crisp photos. They give viewers the experience of actually being there, which makes them the best choice for compiling an effective 3D tour of your home. 

We also bring the best tripods on the market because even the slightest movement of a hand-held camera will ruin the entire experience. A slight shake will end up breaking the illusion of standing there in person. They might not even notice it consciously, but it will cause them to have a negative feeling about your home, and they will go on to the next listing.

4. Use Wide-Angle Lenses

Real estate photographers generally like to use wide-angle lenses when shooting for listings. They provide a wider field of view without distortion. We have all seen those poor quality listings with a stretched room effect. You do not want viewers to see your home through a funhouse mirror or falsely advertise with grossly distorted sizes and angles.

With Hommati's HD technology, buyers will be flocking to your listing. Using photography with Hommati's unique technology will set your listing apart from the others in a way you cannot imagine until you see it for yourself. If you are an agent, you will have the advantage of a unique selling proposition, which means more success overall.

5. Use a Variety of Angles

Our professional photographers make sure to capture each room from every angle, making sure to highlight everything that makes your house stand out. 

Do not leave the potential buyer wondering how far the room goes on certain sides. They do not want to have to imagine what it would look like in person, so give them that experience with a 3D tour. Not only that, but consider using an app to make a virtual reality tour that will amaze and impress.

6. Pay Close Attention To Lighting

Lighting is definitely one of the most important aspects to consider when listing a home. If they are too dark, they will make your home seem older than it really is. Practically speaking, it will simply make it difficult for buyers to see the attractive features of each room.

Let the sunlight in. Open all curtains. Then turn on all lights in the home. All of this rich light will create a warm, inviting ambiance. Our photographers always make sure to have as much light exposure as possible for each room being photographed.

When does each room get the best sunlight? This depends on which direction your home faces. Here are some general recommendations:

North: Late morning to early afternoon

East: Morning

South: Early morning or late in the day

West: Afternoon

When taking photos of the outdoor, exterior shots, you will want to have the best curb appeal possible, not only for great photographs but to be eye catching for passers by.

If the house is being listed in the spring or summer, consider visiting a plant nursery to spruce up your garden prior to the photoshoot. Get tips from the employees and professional landscapers on what plants and ground covering options are most attractive in photographs.

Consider when your garden will be at its finest if you already have a garden. Which flowers bloom at what time, and which ones compliment the style and color of your home? 

If you are unable to take your exterior shots in the spring or summer, at least choose a sunny day, so your photos come out best. Overcast, snowy, or rainy days can result in poor home photos. 

7. Post Enough Real Estate Listing Photos

Buyers get suspicious when there are only a few photos offered of the home. They wonder why you might have avoided certain areas. Are they ugly, damaged, or perhaps out of date in style? Did you avoid staging this area?

We always plan on including as many photos as possible in your listing. This is the best thing you can offer the buyer right off the bat. You want the buyer to see you as generous and thorough in the information you offer about the home. It is the first step in creating a great seller/buyer relationship.

So, what is the ideal number of photos? A small apartment could require as few as 5 photos, while a large home could warrant 30. It all depends on the square footage. There is not a set amount of photos required for a listing, but we always make sure to capture a few angles of each room, so that the viewers can see and appreciate everything within the house.

Think about major selling points before you get lost in the details. What are your favorite places in the home, and why? What features would excite or intrigue the buyer from an architectural point of view? Which areas show off the unique characteristics of homes built in that time period? What you find appealing from the house and what our photographers find appealing from the house will most likely be the same thing. Our photographers are experienced in photographing houses, so they know what to look for that makes your home unique. 

Remember to embrace any beautiful landscaping features outside. Make the buyer feel like they are exploring a bit rather than simply viewing an advertisement.

Why Choose Hommatti?

Most buyers look at listing photos before reading the description. This is why you need to place the most emphasis on providing the best quality home photography when listing your home. 

Hommati.com allows people to search for real estate and homes for sale. You can find top real estate agents there as well. There are many reasons to choose Hommati.com for your search. Our approach is more visual than other companies. We offer 3D Tours, Virtual Reality Tours, Agent Biographies, Augmented Reality, Virtual Staging, and more.

Our mission is to help you experience homes from all perspectives. We are popular with the best real estate agents in major national markets. Contact us today to get started.