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8 3D Tour Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

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8 3D Tour Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home



Are you looking to make a 3D tour for your client's home but do not know how to make it high-quality? If so, we are here to tell you the top 3D tour mistakes that are made so that you can avoid them and land yourself a high-quality tour that will secure a buyer in no time.

To learn what the top mistakes are, keep reading below.

1. Make Sure the House Is Lit Properly During Your 3D Tour

One of the most common 3D tour mistakes is that realtors use dim lighting to showcase houses. Usually, realtors will commit to this mistake, thinking that the 3D tour equipment will do the job of finding the perfect lighting; this is not the case.

Some software can indeed help to fix lighting and resolution, but this could result in overexposure, underexposure, or inconsistencies. To avoid these issues, companies like Hommati make sure the house is well-lit before starting the virtual tour. Dim lighting will make the property appear smaller and darker. When there are inconsistencies on the tour, it may cause a bad experience for the potential buyers. 

To produce the best light for your tours, we use a combination of sunlight and artificial light. The well-lit house will make the property more inviting and spacious.

2. Remember to Highlight the Home's Features in Your Tour

Doing a virtual tour without the knowledge of how to work the equipment, it may quickly become overwhelming, which is why companies like Hommati can come in and do the heavy lifting for you. We will be the ones walking the equipment around the house, photographing all of the rooms from multiple angles, so potential buyers can view the house from their own couch on their own time. 

This is why we remember to accent the unique features of the house so that they do not go to the wayside. An example would be to showcase the best view from a room. If you are showing a beachfront property and the master bedroom has a balcony with an amazing view of the ocean, we will showcase to the buyers. 

This will help the buyers see themselves enjoying these unique characteristics of the home; displaying every feature of the house that may be what sells the buyer.

3. Having a Home Staged With Little or Too Much Medium Can Be a Problem

When you have an empty property space, you can look at this as a blank canvas. The potential buyers of this property will want to imagine their life in this house and immerse themselves in the setting.

This is why it is important to showcase these feelings to the buyer all through your 3D tour equipment. One thing to note is that realtors are usually fast to declutter space and add minimal furniture. They will even add some features that look good on the virtual tour but not so great in person.

Adding minimal furniture and trying to add weird quirks that you think looks good in the 3D tour can possibly turn the potential buyer off. This is because they may see the property as too plain, and they may not be able to imagine themselves living in this home.

To avoid this mistake, we will prepare a tour that will be addressing the buyer's needs. Talk to your buyer and see what they want in their forever home. If they are interested in a nice kitchen, make sure to give them a grand tour. This is also true for any other area in the home that will meet their criteria.

Now, this does not mean that you should be leaving the home full of clutter. Cluttering a home will turn potential clients off because they will see the space as smaller and more narrow. You will need to find a happy medium to keep your clients interested in the tour.

4. Make Sure to Have the Option for a Self-Guided 3D Tour

Another big mistake that is made when it comes to 3D home tours is that realtors will not give potential buyers the option to do a self-guided home tour. The logic behind this is that buyers will have full control of the property when they buy it, but they also want to have a sense of this control when looking at the property virtually.

You can avoid this by not making the mistake of having pre-programmed 3D tours. With a company like Hommati, we make the tours easy to navigate, so that the buyer can go in and out of each room in the property whichever way they want to. They are not stuck to watch a tour that is preprogrammed. 

The buyers should be able to see every nook and cranny of the house through the 3D tour. This does not only help to improve their interactive experience, but it will also have them staying and dwelling longer in the virtual tour. Usually, the longer someone stays in a house, the higher the chance of them buying it.

5. Don't Let Clients Do the Tour if You Haven't

One thing you should never do is let the potential buyers go through a 3D tour without it being edited and checked for errors or hiccups. After creating the tour,  we make sure to walk through every room and feature ourselves before anything is published. 

This will help us to catch any glitches and see if the accents we want to be highlighted can easily be seen. If the tour is not the best, then we can revise it before sending it out to potential buyers.

This will help to ensure the buyers have a great experience. It will also show the buyers that we can create quality content, and they will be more inclined to work with you again in the future.

6. Don't Use Your Phone Camera

It is well known and true that the camera on your smartphone is better than any camera they had on phones ten years ago, but this does not mean you should be taking your 3D tour photos with it. When creating your 3D tour, we will always use high-quality images that appeal to the eye that just do not compare to a smartphone camera.

Since most smartphone cameras lack a zoom feature or have a very poor one, it is impossible to take a professional-quality photo at different depths. It is also hard to hold the phone camera still in some situations and can lead to blurry and shaky pictures.

To avoid using your smartphone, we have a digital camera on hand with a tripod. This will help us to take high-quality photos that will look professional and appealing to clients.

7. Remember to Clean and Tidy the House

When we walk through the house and begin to take pictures, it may appear to be clean to the naked eye. But, pictures can pick up on the dirt and dust that we may not be able to notice during a quick walkthrough.

Whenever we take a photo for your virtual tour, we are sure to review them as we are taking them, looking closely to see if any filthy aspects can be picked up in the picture.

If we notice anything, we are sure to clean it up right away. You do not want to lose potential sales because buyers saw dirty areas in any of the photos.

Conditions we look for in our photos are things such as dust on shelves or stains on a mirror. Also, remember that adding items like flowers can help to make the house seem fresh and more appealing to the eye. 

8. Don't Use Cheap Software for Your Tours

Having a low-quality virtual tour can cause more harm than it will good. One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to creating 3D tours is that cheap equipment is used to create them. Yes, we said to not to use a smartphone camera, but other equipment goes into creating an amazing 3D tour. Here we are talking about relying on cheap and poor quality virtual tour software.

Today you can find good quality software that you should be investing in. If investing in more expensive software is not feasible for you or your team, then you do have the option of teaming up with a professional that can create virtual tours for you. That is where a company like Hommati comes in. We have professional photographers with access to high-quality cameras that take great photos and showcase your house in the best way possible. 

Having low-quality tours will quickly turn off the buyers, but having high-quality 3D tours will help to make the house look great and land a buyer in no time.

Now You Know the Top 3D Tour Mistakes

We have given you a complete list of the 3D tour mistakes that are made by realtors. From not using high-quality equipment to showcase the home to not using the correct lighting for your tours, you will now know what to avoid to have the best virtual tours of any real estate agent.

For more real estate tips and information, be sure to check out the rest of our website here.