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8 Things to Consider When Selling a Home Online

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8 Things to Consider When Selling a Home Online


Did you know that around 43 percent of home buyers search for properties online before contacting an agent? 

People rely on the internet for pretty much everything—from ordering groceries to making life-changing purchases such as a home.

That is why, if you have been thinking about selling a home online, it might be easier than you think. With so many resources, deciding to sell online means that you get to avoid many of the typical hassles of the traditional selling process (like open houses, lengthy showings, etc.) The only thing you need is the right tools and strategies to make it happen. 

So, if you have been wondering what the best way to sell a home online is, you have come to the right place. Read on for all the home selling tips you will need to make it happen. 

1. Stage the Home 

Home staging refers to preparing a home for sale to sell faster and for a higher price. Simply put, it is a way to make a property look more appealing and help potential buyers picture themselves living there.

If you are trying to sell a home online, you might be thinking, "can I skip this step considering that there will not be any traditional showings or open houses?" You could, but in such a competitive market, it is more important than ever to find ways to make your property stand out from the rest. 

The good news is that you have more options for staging if you are looking to sell fully online. If you were selling traditionally, you would want the actual property to be staged to impress the many buyers that would inevitably go in and out during showings and open houses.

However, because you are selling online, you could hire a virtual staging company to remove the hassle of renting furniture and decorations or investing in them yourself. Virtual staging consists of digitally staging the property using graphics, making them look great in all your online marketing materials. 

Companies such as Hommati offer services like virtual staging that allow photos of different rooms in the house to either replace the furniture seen or add furniture and decor to an empty space. The best part is that it looks real! To the untrained eye, it looks as if that furniture and decor were in the room when the picture was taken. It also helps potential buyers to envision how a room can be used. 

2. Take Professional Pictures

With online home selling, prospective buyers might not see the property in person at all before signing the contract. Therefore, you must ensure that the listing pictures showcase the property in its best light. 

The internet is full of real estate listings. So, investing in professional photography is an excellent way to make your property stand out from the rest.

professional photographer or real estate photo service like Hommati will use up-to-date techniques and strategies to make your listing photos look fantastic. They might even include other technologies (like drone photography) to help potential buyers better understand what the home looks like without having to step a foot inside of it. 

3. Consider Investing in a 3D Tour

3D tours are a marketing tool that facilitates the process of selling a home online by allowing buyers to tour it from anywhere, at any time. Because prospective buyers can explore these tours virtually, they can take their time exploring the home.

In addition, this technology lets buyers experience the home from every angle. Virtual tours showcase every room in the property and use interactive technology to make the buying experience fun and hassle-free. 

If your property is well-marketed, you will receive plenty of leads and requests to either see the home in person or get a video tour. With a 3D tour, you can save a lot of time by always having a high-quality tour available for buyers to experience at any point during the day and even from their couch. 

In addition, a 3D tour has the potential to drive more traffic to your listing. This is because potential buyers love to access this technology when shopping for homes online. In the end, investing in a 3D tour for your property will make the selling experience more convenient for you and the interested buyers.

4. List the Home in Real Estate Websites

If you want to increase the chances of potential buyers finding your listing, you must ensure that the property is listed on as many websites as possible. Sites like Hommati make the home selling and buying process easy and convenient. So, taking advantage of these technologies will always make the selling experience easier—especially if your goal is to start and end the process entirely online. 

Remember that there is plenty of competition, so make sure that the listing is as complete as possible by having great photos, a 3D tour, and a well-written listing description.

5. Use Social Media 

When selling a home online, it is imperative to put some time into developing a savvy social media strategy. You can use social media to promote the listing pictures and educate potential buyers on all the home's features. For a bonus, you can let potential buyers know the advantages of living in the town where your property is located. 

Whatever content you choose to share, you can do it for free and use keywords and hashtags to reach people organically, or you set a budget and pay for ads so that more people can be exposed to your listing. Both strategies can work, and choosing the right one for you will depend on your budget and needs.

The bottom line is that about 48 percent of the world's population uses social media and spends a lot of time scrolling through their feeds every day. This means there will always be an audience for the posts you make advertising the property. Not using these platforms to your advantage when selling a property is a missed opportunity. 

6. Write A Solid Description

When listing a home online, you must put some time into crafting a great description that is both informational and compelling. Ensure that the description is free of grammar mistakes and has an eye-catching title. Use this opportunity to describe all of the home's features, amenities, etc., and do not forget to highlight some information about the area where it is located. 

7. Work With a Local Agent

Because of the many incredible online resources, many sellers believe that they do not have to work with an agent to sell their homes online; however, working with a trusted real estate agent comes with many benefits when relying on technology and online tools to make the sale.

You should always consider working with an agent who knows the market where your property is located. Hiring a local agent will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that they fully understand the market and will help you make educated decisions throughout the selling process. 

trusted agent will help you market your home online so that it stands out from the rest. In addition, they will advise you on all the best practices necessary to make the selling process smooth and successful. Finally, they can also refer you to other professionals who might help you navigate the selling process online, such as trusted home inspectors, photographers, etc. 

8. Use Technology to Your Advantage

When selling online, there will be some instances where buyers will want a walkthrough through a video conference platform or will need you to send them important documents virtually. Whatever it is, you must take advantage of all of the incredible technological resources available for real estate. Resources, such as video conference platforms, virtual staging, tours, virtual signings, etc., are readily available and will make the process of selling a home online much smoother.

Also, consider looking into creative ways to use technology as a marketing strategy to make your home stand out even more. See how you can use drone technology, augmented reality technology, etc., to make the experience better for potential buyers and increase the odds of them liking the property you have listed. 

Technology will be your best friend during the process of online home selling. So, make sure to do your research and find out how different resources can work to your advantage. 

A lot of the home selling process can feel overwhelming, but if you have a trusted agent to help and guide you in the process, it makes the experience much smoother. 

Interested in Selling a Home Online?

As you can see, selling a home online is easier than you think.

Remember to use technology, as it will improve your selling experience. Also, invest in marketing materials like professional pictures, 3D tours, and virtual staging. Finally, work with trusted professionals to ensure success during this journey.

Are you interested in selling a property online? At Hommati, we make this process even more accessible. Contact us today to learn more.