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A Step By Step Guide to Sell Your Home Fast

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A Step By Step Guide to Sell Your Home Fast


Are you ready to sell your home? If so, there is probably a good reason behind it.

You could be upgrading to a larger house for your growing family, or maybe you need to sell your home because you have an amazing job opportunity waiting for you in another location. Perhaps it is time to downsize to save some money or live more within your means. 

Regardless of why you want to sell your home, we are guessing you would like to sell your home fast.  After all, what good does it do to have your house sitting on the market for several months? In most cases, this will only serve to prevent you from moving forward. 

Like you, we do not want to see that happen. As such, we are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to sell a home fast. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

1. Get an Official Home Inspection 

If you want to sell your home fast, you need to know what condition it is in prior to placing it on the market. The reason for this is multi-faceted. 

First, when selling a home (or any asset), you need to go about it honestly. Therefore, it is important to know the absolute condition of your home and all of its major structural and functional components. 

Second, it is better to be aware of any damages or issues that have the potential to disrupt a sale. For example, if you have a buyer on the line and they discover major roof or foundational problems, it can set you back weeks in the house selling process. 

Lastly, the condition of your home is one of the key factors in determining its value. A professional home inspector will come to your home and evaluate its condition. They will be able to identify any minor and major problems or concerns.

2. Make Repairs and Renovations

Once you get the results of the home inspection, you can decide what to do moving forward. You can make all the necessary repairs, some of the repairs, or none of the repairs. 

If you choose to sell the house as-is, it is important to disclose any major damages or issues in your listing. You need to attract quality leads to your home (buyers who will be interested in placing an offer). By excluding important details about the home's existing issues, you will attract buyers who are likely to be scared away once they find out about them. 

Alternatively, you can make your home as appealing as possible by taking care of every item on the list; however, this option requires putting in a little more time and money. The average home seller spends nearly $21,000 getting their home ready for the market. 

Finally, consider finding a happy middle ground. You can make important repairs that could signal a "red flag" for buyers or their lending agencies. For example, some lenders will not approve an offer on a house if it has a roof in disrepair, major foundational damages, negative drainage, chipping exterior paint, etc.  

You should always invest in cosmetic details that will help you sell your home faster. Simple touches like new paint, updated fixtures, and new doorknobs will make your house more attractive and appealing.  

3. Determine the Fair Market Value of Your Home

Once you have completed all of the repairs and renovations, you can get an accurate idea of how much your home is worth. Listing your home at the right price is essential if your primary goal is to "sell my house fast."

Listing your house for too much money will turn many serious buyers away. Yet, listing your home too low will take money out of your own pocket. 

You need to find your home's value based on the current real estate market. Use our online home valuation tool to get a good idea of what your home is worth. You might also need to hire a home appraiser, as many lenders will require this before they will back an offer on a home. 

4. Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

If you want to learn how to sell your home fast, you need to work with professionals in the field. An experienced real estate agent is invaluable when it comes to selling your home. 

Yes, they will charge you a percent of the sale as their commission; however, homes sold through real estate agents typically sell for far more (usually, about $25,000).

Just as importantly, real estate agents bring a lot to the table. For example:

  • Local real estate market knowledge
  • Advertising expertise
  • Valuable connections (other agents, contractors, banks, etc.)
  • Negotiation experience
  • Home touring services, open house services, etc.
  • And more

Essentially, when you hire an agent, you can double down on your effort to learn how to sell your home fast. They will also take care of all the tedious showings, open houses, and incoming offers.  

5. Deep Clean and Declutter

If you are wondering "how to sell my home fast," it is all about making good impressions. When buyers tour your home, they expect it to be clean. If they walk into a messy house that is full of dirt, stains, and mysterious odors, they will not stick around long enough to even consider making an offer. 

While it is true that a home's potential is hardly determined by its cleanliness, buyers will not be able to think beyond the "here and now." If your home is not clean, sanitary, and "safe," a buyer will have little motivation to place an offer. 

Spend a week or weekend deep cleaning the home from top to bottom. If you still live in the house, declutter as much as possible, even if it means renting a temporary storage unit. The cleaner and less cluttered your home is, the more inviting it will feel to buyers. 

6. Boost Your Curb Appeal

If you want to sell your home fast, it's also important to pay attention to your curb appeal. Your curb appeal includes the property and the exterior of your home. What message does your curb appeal send to buyers pulling up to your house?

You do not need to spend a bunch of money on professional landscaping; however, there are some simple things you can do to make your home more welcoming. This includes:

  • A fresh coat of exterior paint (if necessary)
  • Neatly manicured lawn and vegetation
  • A property that is clear of clutter, debris, garbage, etc.
  • Clean and clear driveways, sidewalks, and other pathways

These simple measures will give buyers a reason to want to look inside the home. Do not lose out on prospective offers because your curb appeal sends the wrong message. 

7. Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Finally, one of the most important aspects of selling your house is your marketing strategy. This is especially vital if your top concern is learning " how to sell my home fast."

Simply put, the more visibility your listing has, the more leads you will generate. The more leads you generate, the faster you will sell your house. 

As such, you want to maximize your home's exposure and appeal by implementing effective marketing techniques.  

Realtor Listings 

Most likely, your home is going to sell based on the listing sites your realtor uses. There are a wide variety of local listing sites, and some are only available to real estate agents.

Work with your agent to create an accurate, effective, and alluring listing for your home. This includes high-quality photos and videos. 

One of the best real estate marketing strategies of this age is using virtual home tours. These allow buyers to virtually walk through the home as if they were there. They can go room to room, with the ability to see every square inch from top to bottom. It is especially helpful in reaching more potential buyers, which can result in a faster sale and for more money.

When working with an agent, that agent can have the tools and resources to not only have a 3D tour of your house done but also drone aerial footage as well. At Hommati, our agents have these resources readily available to them, and they can use them to make your listing enticing and draw in as many people as possible. 

Social Media

Next, do not forget about your own influence on your listing. Once the listing has been created, share it on your social media page. Then, encourage your friends and followers to share the listing to boost its visibility in the community. 

You can also use sources like Facebook Marketplace to show off your listing to the community at large. Just make sure the group you are using allows home listings. 

Property Signage

Lastly, if you want to sell your home fast, put up "for sale" signs on your property. This can help you attract drive-by buyers who may not have known about your listing. They could be in the area looking at other homes for sale. 

Additionally, "for sale" signs will make it easier for buyers who saw your listing online to find your home. We also recommend including listing pamphlets attached to your "for sale" signs.

For people walking or driving by, they can grab a pamphlet. This way, they will be able to learn more about your house, get contact information, and remember to schedule a walkthrough.

Ready to Sell Your Home Fast?

If you are looking to sell your home fast, start by following our guide. There are no guarantees in real estate, but by following the advice written above, you can greatly improve your odds. 

Use our site to find experienced real estate agents near you. And if you are looking for more insider tips on real estate, stick around for a while and read through some of the other articles on our blog. Our website was created to be an all-in-one source for buyers, sellers, and more.