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A Virtual Showing That Closes the Deal: Must-Know Tips for a 3D Home Tour That Sells Itself

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A Virtual Showing That Closes the Deal: Must-Know Tips for a 3D Home Tour That Sells Itself


50% of buyers find their new home online. Now more than ever, it is critical to list homes with state of the art technology. These pieces come together to produce a 3D home tour that gives homebuyers a complete perspective of the listing. It can be the difference in creating a more comprehensive experience for the customer—and a faster sale.

While it is true that real estate has become more digital over the years, this has only increased with COVID-19. More homebuyers are shifting to online searching for their next home. They expect updated listings with as much information available online as would typically be found in person.

Make sure your listing stands out amongst the rest. Keep reading to find out how to upgrade your listing with the help of a 3D home tour!

Let's Talk Turkey

Real estate is a tricky industry. Professional realtors can put countless hours into their work, with no guarantee of compensation. Not until the sale is completed do realtors earn commissions, with varying percentages based on the transaction. Especially as a new realtor, the wait for that first commission check can be brutal. In the meantime, it is critical for realtors to work hard at their craft.

In transactions representing the seller, it is up to the listing agent to highlight the property's best features. In turn, a higher sale price can be achieved (and a higher commission!). Making good use of the tools modern technology offers is an easy way to find motivated buyers and foster a genuine interest in the property.

Furthermore, providing potential buyers with 24/7 access to listing information can make all the difference. Buyers can experience the property on their own schedule and choose to follow-up in person, if appropriate.

What better way to stand out in the market? A simple, user friendly virtual home tour option. Using technology to improve the experience for all parties. Greater control, more demonstrated interest, and a simpler, quicker process.

What more could a realtor ask for?

Online Home Shopping Is Here to Stay

Millennials make up a growing percentage of the housing market. Coupled with COVID-19 concerns, it is critical for realtors to maintain a strong online presence, now more than ever. Part of this process includes hard marketing. Social media, advertising, outreach, etc. help spread a name and a photo, but you may ask yourself—how can I compete with the other realtors in my area? Especially in such a hot seller's market, now is the time to stand out.

And the key? Technology.

In person interactions as a first point of contact are quickly dropping down the totem pole, thanks to the "millennial cell phone obsession" and very real COVID-19 regulations. Under these circumstances, realtors must ensure their online presence puts them a step above the rest. While an inviting website and good marketing may be pleasing to the eye, it will not sell properties.

When a potential buyer finds a listing, it is your time to shine. By putting to use various 3D home tour tools, realtors can ensure their property stands out.

Set Your Listing Apart With a 3D Home Tour

Quicker, easier, safer, real estate videos and virtual home tours are more attractive and interactive than flipping through photos. These tours make listings stand out, and that is why they continue to grow in popularity. They are desirable for everyone involved; the buyer can move through the home at their own pace, on their own schedule.

After perusing the online tour, interested buyers can schedule an in person walkthrough. This means in person meetings reflect genuine interest and ensure less time wasting. Plus, that means less contact and potential exposure. For the foreseeable future, this can be reassuring to both buyer and seller.

Virtual Tours Have Officially Infiltrated the Market

3D models are rising in popularity in the real estate world. This technology has spread to other industries as well. Many businesses are finding it difficult to resume normal operations due to COVID-19. Those surviving have turned to creative solutions to safely reach their customers.

Virtual home tours provide a solution catering to one niche in particular—the classic Halloween haunted house. These tours provide customers an immersive experience from the comfort of their home.

As these models become more popular throughout the season, users might consider a similar approach in their house hunting. Virtual tours can boost your listing and keep buyers' interest.

Are Your Digital Listings Up to Snuff?

While virtual home tours are continuing to gain popularity, not all tours are created equal. Choosing the right technology depends a lot on the property type. Realtors are utilizing elements, including interactive floor plans, to provide a three-dimensional layout. Homebuyers can see everything to scale, all at once.

360-degree property tours allow sellers to highlight key elements that still photography cannot. Buyers are met with a complete view of the listing from all angles. Video walkthroughs have also grown in popularity—though it can be tricky to remain concise. Too long of videos can lose viewers' attention.

In any form, 3D tours enhance the customer's view of the property and allow the home to sell itself.

Making the Most of Your 3D Tour

As the real estate industry moves more and more virtual, it is critical for agents to keep up with the demand for digital listing options. There are various options for virtual open houses that make prospective buyers feel right at home.

With a little help, this is possible even through their computer screen. For newer and seasoned agents alike, diving into new technologies will help buyers and sellers feel more comfortable.

Virtual open houses also hold a unique advantage. Sellers have a greater opportunity to highlight a property's strong points. In turn, weak points can more easily be overshadowed. 

Provide a Complete Image

Dramatic angles and sweeping overhead views are easy ways to win over buyers. Keeping in theme with an immersive customer experience, consider using aerial drone footage

Aerial shots provide more detail than the average still photos. This is especially true for properties with a large yard or sweeping views that command attention. Ensuring a listing has a solid 3D approach to the exterior means viewers are wowed from the start. Again, allowing the house to sell itself.

Make The Buyer Feel at Home, Even Through a Screen

87% of staged homes sell faster than those not staged. To the average eye, a staged home feels more attractive and inviting compared to an empty one. Using virtual staging techniques takes the online home tour experience to the next level. This is critical when taking away the "in person" aspect of the open house or home showing process.

When viewing a digitally staged property, potential buyers instantly feel more at home. Not only does virtual staging save the seller the time and money behind physical staging, but it also allows for greater customization. 3D home tours that have been virtually staged, thus become more successful.

Stepping Up to the Next Level

Virtual showings and open houses can further stand out with the use of a simple smartphone application. Thanks to the rise of virtual reality, there is more opportunity to awe potential buyers.

The process is simple:

Buyers download a free app and strap their smartphone onto a virtual reality header. From there, the outside world is blocked out. The buyer is completely immersed in the virtual reality, seeing the house as if it was right in front of them. All aspects of the property are accurate and to scale. Compare it to playing a virtual reality video game—but inside the for-sale property.

Realtors can harness this technology to provide a completely immersive view of a property. As COVID-19 has made in-person tours unrealistic, virtual reality showings are the next best thing. Virtual reality tours provide an intimate, life-like walkthrough of the home. It marries the real-life factor of in-person showings with the convenience of virtual models.

Putting Virtual Tours to Work For Your Listings

Think about it: the competition is likely already using 3D home tours. Implementing this technology means allowing prospective buyers a greater opportunity to visualize the property layout and really see themselves living in the home. Plus, especially considering security and COVID concerns, it means fewer strangers in the seller’s property while maintaining visibility.

Hommati provides virtual home tours, aerial footage, VR programs, and countless other options. Together, these services form a truly three-dimensional perspective of every listing.

Be sure to implement 3D tours with Hommati to keep your business ahead of the competition, and let your property sell itself!