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Authenticity in Marketing: Tips for Remaining Authentic in Digital Marketing

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Authenticity in Marketing: Tips for Remaining Authentic in Digital Marketing


It is no surprise that almost every business needs a digital marketing campaign these days. It makes sense, considering that a lot of business is done online, and most consumers make a search or two before they make their way to a physical establishment. 

There is a direct connection between your digital marketing and your sales. There is no getting around it. 

It is a challenge to keep your personality alive online, though. Many businesses lose their authenticity when they start marketing themselves on the internet. 

We are going to talk about keeping authenticity in marketing today, giving you some insights into specific ways to attract customers and keep your soul. 

Let us get started! 

How to Maintain Authenticity in Marketing

In order to understand how to keep your personality infused in your digital marketing campaign, you have to know precisely which platforms you will be engaging with. 

In most cases, a good campaign consists of an SEO effort alongside a social media presence. There are a lot of factors that go into each of those respective areas, but those two mediums are the primary places that marketing takes place. 

SEO is the process of curating your website and creating content that fits within the preferences of the search engine algorithm. Engines like Google have upwards of 200 factors that they use to determine which sites are the most relevant to a particular search. 

So, you find your target keyword and create content in response to it. While you are at it, you infuse that keyword into a number of places within the content. 

In social media, you are using PPC ads, content creation, and user engagement to try and spur interest in your account. There are tried and true ways to achieve success in those areas. Following the script, however, might leave your brand without the soul that it currently has. 

As you go through your campaign, keep some of the following ideas in mind. Hopefully, they will keep you true to course without sacrificing authenticity. 

1. Remember Google's Objective

In the process of optimization, it is easy to get caught up with fine-tuning and keyword research. There is a rigid way to take care of those things, and that rigidity would not be there if you were just writing a journal entry or personal blog post. 

In other words, focus on boring details has a way of stripping things of their heart. The end result is something that looks good on paper but it does not have the thing that entertains and interests users. 

Google's objective is to provide its users with content that is interesting, relevant, and engaging. Their entire company is based on the idea of providing valuable results in response to particular searches. 

Their goal is not to select the "best-optimized" websites for their search results. Quality of content is the top priority. 

Content that is interesting, useful, and well-written will always do better than boring optimized content. Google assesses this based on how users interact with your page as well as context clues that it can pick up on. 

Its artificial intelligence is really good at sifting through the garbage to find pages that are useful. 

So, when you are all done with a piece of content, give it a read-through and see if it achieves what you wanted it to. Make sure it is interesting to read, answers the question implied in the keyword, and has the foundational optimization that you need. 

When all else fails, lean toward quality of content rather than over-optimization. 

2. Choose Content Wisely

The idea is that you create content in response to the keywords that people in your target audience are searching. 

This way, you know that there is an interest in the content you are putting out. You also need to look for keywords that have competition within your weight class. 

For example, a used car dealership might not want to try to compete with Ford for keyword rankings. Instead, that company would look for keywords with search results they can compete with. 

A combination of high traffic and low competition is optimal but difficult to find. This makes it hard to choose keywords that fit your brand. For example, you could find that searches about mufflers are the only things you are able to compete with, but your company does not sell mufflers or offer expert knowledge. 

Over time, you find that the stream of content on your site is disingenuous and doesn't cover the topics you care about. 

The Solution

There is a way to get around this problem. Most keywords in your niche will of long-tail keywords that relate closely. 

For example, the most popular keyword in your niche might be "potted plant ideas." There are hundreds of big companies in the rankings for that keyword, so you are sure that you do not have a chance. 

Google Analytics and other tools offer you alternative keywords, though. You might see that "quirky potted plant ideas" or "summer ideas for potted plants" are high-traffic keywords with less competition. 

Generally speaking, when a keyword is popular, there are thousands of people searching slightly different keywords to get the same information. The further those search phrases get from the most popular term, the less competition there will be. 

The thing is, those variations are still about the same thing. This gives you the opportunity to produce content that aligns with your company's specialty and interests.

You do not have to make unrelated content that strips you of your authenticity. 

3. Work Closely With Agencies

Sometimes, you have to work with a digital marketing agency to get the results you are looking for. 

It is just the way it is. There are so many factors involved with optimization and social media outreach that it would take years of study to understand them all. There is some progress to be made on your own with little research, but outstanding results come from the professionals. 

That said, you do not have to let the professionals take hold of the reigns. They are experts at what they do, but they do not understand the heart and soul of your company. 

It is important that you monitor the work that they produce for your site. You should also let them know when something they do does not line up with your company's values or expertise. 

Keeping it authentic requires that you are a part of the production. An agency should allow you to give suggestions and make edits. If they are opposed to that, it's a sign that you should keep looking for an agency that is not. 

What Authenticity Looks Like

When you are not sure if the work being done for you is authentic, ask yourself a few key questions. 

Whether it is on your social media or blog content, ask if it sounds like your brand's voice. Every company has a particular voice online. The voice is composed of the language they use, the style of writing, and the content that they are putting forward. 

It is also in the way they interact with followers and clients. A "brand voice" is essentially the style and image put forth in that brand's communication with the public. 

So, if you feel that something you are doing has slipped away from your intended voice, work with the agency to adjust whatever it is that has changed. 

If you are pressed for authentic ideas, it never hurts to spotlight some of the real people that make your business tick. Whether you are shooting a video of your company in action or doing some interviews with key employees, those highlights will stand out to people online. 

Why You Need Authenticity

Authenticity matters because people still want to know that they are engaging with real people. Who would choose a lifeless, bot-driven company over one that is run by real people who care?

Expressing some personality is an indication that there is a heart behind the work that you do. Clients want authenticity because they feel better when they give their business to brands with voices that speak to them. 

There is nothing attractive about the posts and language of companies that are just out to make a buck. When there is some soul and personality involved in a digital marketing campaign, it draws people in. 

Additionally, it helps you stand out from your competition. There are few companies out there that have quality marketing campaigns that retain authenticity. Whether you are on social media or the search results, you can tell when a company is being authentic. 

That quality will help you draw customers to your site, and the engagement you get from that traffic will increase your search engine rankings. The cycle continues, and you are on track to have a successful site that thrives on its own authenticity. 

Does that not sound a little better than trying to fit yourself into the latest trends and themes of the digital age? 

Need Help Remaining Authentic?

It can be tough to navigate digital marketing if you are new to it. It is especially tough in an industry like real estate where you' are trying to target a broad demographic. There is a lot to manage, and most people are not versed in the practice of marketing.

Hommati is here to help. Explore our site or contact us for more insight into digital marketing for real estate, remaining true to yourself, and gaining web traffic.