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Become a Better Real Estate Agent With These 9 Essential Tools for Realtors

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Become a Better Real Estate Agent With These 9 Essential Tools for Realtors


Did you know that there are over 1.4 million licensed realtors in the country? And if you are one of them, that means you have a lot of competition.

With so many other agents vying for clients, it can be difficult to attract new clients and grow your business. But thankfully, there are so many ways to set yourself apart from the majority, earn more business, and earn more commissions.

So how exactly can you find that competitive advantage? By using the right tools for realtors, you can make it much more efficient to attract new clients, sell homes faster, and earn more per sale than many of your competitors.

What are the best tools for real estate agents and how can you use them to become a better real estate agent? Keep reading to discover the top 9 ways today.

1. Your Own Website

When it comes to attracting new clients, having your own website is vital. Yes, you can have a page on your company's website, but it is not as effective as having a page solely for yourself.

When you have your own website, it conveys professionalism and establishes trust with potential clients. You are seen as an authority and as an agent who can help them either find their dream home or sell their current house for top dollar.

It is one of the best places to display reviews from previous clients. It also works well to capture leads, using a contact page or various widgets that will help you get contact information and set up appointments with new clients.

You can also set up a blog on your website to showcase your knowledge of the real estate industry and of the local area. Plus, if you are intentional with how your blog, you may be able to rank for important keywords so that new clients find you when searching Google

While there are many free website options, it is best to spend a little bit of money to have an independent website that looks and functions well on both desktop and mobile devices. Make sure to include high-quality photography and link your social media accounts to the site.

2. CRM

What happens when you start getting clients faster? If you are unorganized, you will drop the ball and provide a negative experience for clients.

But if you want to stay organized, ensuring all your clients are taken care of, you need to track each client properly. One of the best realtor tools is CRM software or customer relationship management.

A CRM is your most important real estate software. It allows you to collect and track all information related to new leads, interested prospects, current clients, and past customers.

You can manage your relationships, track your communication, schedule meetings, send emails, and much more. If you are balancing multiple clients, while also trying to attract new ones, using a reputable CRM is your key to success.

3. 3D Walkthrough Tours of Your Listings

What if there was a way to allow hundreds of prospective buyers to tour your home 24/7? If you are selling a home, you can increase your chances of selling quickly, for top dollar, by providing a 3D walkthrough tour online.

This allows prospective buyers to "walk through" the home without leaving their couch. It functions as a full-time open house.

The visual aspects of your home listing, the photos, videos, and layouts, are the most important part. It is what buyers spend most of their time looking at.  

At Hommati, we can help you create a 3D interactive walkthrough of your listing today.The 3D tours allows potential clients to have the ability to walk through the listing in any way they want to. They are not limited to a walkthrough video that only has one path throughout the house. 

4. Aerial Photos and Videos of Your Listing

Did you know that homes with aerial photos and videos sell much faster than listings without them? If you would like to blow your client away with a fast sale, make sure you have professional drone photography done.

Such a small amount of realtors use drones or video, but most sellers are desperate for agents to do this. If you would really like to set yourself apart in order to sell more homes, this is a fantastic strategy.

Hommati offers professional aerial photos and videos and even includes music to draw buyers in.

5. DocuSign

In today's day and age, nobody has time to deal with printers and handwritten signatures. Especially when you are rarely at your office and spend most of your time showing homes to clients.

The DocuSign app makes it easy for you and your clients to sign documents right from your phone or computer. Now you do not have to waste time driving back to the office just to get an important signature.

It is simple to draw signatures using your device's touchscreen. With the app, you can also fill out forms and export them as a signed PDF, which is a struggle for many unsavvy tech users.

6. Document Scanner

Even when you use DocuSign to sign documents and fill out forms, you will still have to deal with plenty of paperwork. Make it easier for yourself and your clients by using a document scanner app to quickly capture important forms and turn them into digital documents.

That way, you can send them to clients or team members via email, rather than having to drive around. You cannot simply take photos of documents using your phone, because they will be unusable .jpg files. A document scanner will create useable PDF documents.

7. Social Media Scheduler

Using social media can be a major time waster if you are easily distracted. However, if done properly, social media can attract new clients and ensure recurring clients.

It is not likely that you will build up thousands of followers. Instead, what is likely to happen is that you share a home you are selling on Facebook. One of your previous clients sees it, sends it to their friend who is looking for a home, and now you have got a buyer.

Other times, prospective clients will simply view your social media profiles to see if you are still active. If your last post was from three years ago, they might not contact you because they might assume you are not an active agent.

To make social media easy, use a scheduling app that can post on various social platforms at a set time. That way, you can "do social media" once a week, but still have new posts going out every day.

It is important for realtors to have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

8. Dropbox

Opportunity favors the prepared. When you are unorganized, it is impossible to be prepared. Using a virtual storage app like DropBox allows you to stay organized and be prepared for anything.

You can store all of your forms, files, images, videos, graphics, and anything else that you acquire over your career and store them virtually. You can access them anywhere on your phone or computer, at any time.

This simple tool will become one of your lifetimes as you grow your business.

9. Grasshopper

Want a better way to handle phone calls with clients and teammates? Grasshopper is one of the best tools for managing your personal and business life through one smartphone.

Rather than mixing your contacts and text messages from friends and family with that of clients, you can use Grasshopper to keep them separate.

Grasshopper is an app you can use to manage all business communication. Use a separate phone number, so all business calls and texts come through this app. It is also great not to give your personal phone number to the entire world as well. 

Using the Best Tools for Realtors

There are dozens of other tools for realtors available today. Many of them live on your smartphone so that you can continue to run and grow your business on the go.

It can be overwhelming to try implementing too many new tools at one time. Rather than trying to do everything at once, choose just one or two new things you would like to try.

If you sell homes, one of the easiest ways to sell faster and earn more is with higher quality photography, 3D virtual home tours, and aerial photos and videos. 

Hommati makes all of these easy for you. You can create a free account today to get access to many of our realtor tools. We have many incredible features that will set you apart from the competition.

Earn new clients, make more commissions, and build your business using Hommati. Have questions? You can contact us anytime.