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Common Reasons Your House is Not Selling

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Common Reasons Your House is Not Selling

Are you trying to sell your house, but not having much success? If so, learn some of the reasons hou

Selling your home is extremely exciting, but it can also be super-stressful, especially if it feels like your home has been sitting on the market for too long.

Many homeowners simply aren't aware of why their home isn't selling, so they continue to leave it as-is with no changes, which can be detrimental to your bottom line.

Before you consider selling, read on to learn about a few common reasons why your house may not be selling and what you can do to correct these for a successful outcome.

Your Asking Price is Too High

In the real estate world, location is king, but so is price. Many sellers may list their home at a high price, then wonder why it's not getting any offers.

Consult with a professional real estate agent who can give you a CMA, or comparative market analysis. This report will help you determine what a fair market asking price is, increasing your odds of a quick sale.

You can also hire an appraiser before you list the home. The appraiser can give you some great insight as to what the current market is doing, and what the actual value of your home is as it stands right now.

It can be difficult for sellers to list their homes at a lower price than they wanted due to their emotional investment. Just remember that even if you feel like your home is work a million bucks, the market dictates what the asking price should be.

Take a closer look at homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. If they're comparable to your home in terms of age, square footage, and other factors, those prices are likely in line with what you should be asking.

Your Home is Unique

There's nothing wrong with owning the most unusual home on the block, but when it comes time to sell, you may run into some difficulty. If you live in a development where most of the houses look the same but yours is an odd size or shape, selling will take more time.

Unique homes can be anything from a "barndominium" to a round-shaped house, or simply one with a lot more detail than others nearby. These unique homes are sought out by very specific buyers looking for very specific things.

So what do you do when your unique house is not selling? As long as the asking price seems reasonable, you may just need to be patient and wait until the right buyer comes along.

You can speed up the process by marketing your home on websites that cater to unusual houses, or that reach a wider swath of buyers. Use word of mouth and have friends and family members spread the word. You never know when that buyer looking for a unique home is out there waiting just for yours!

Unattractive Curb Appeal Could be Why Your House is Not Selling

You've spent thousands of dollars on a gourmet kitchen and updated the entire interior of your home. But if the curb appeal isn't cutting it, most buyers will keep driving by.

The curb appeal is what creates the first impression of your home, so it's crucial that it looks well-kept and beautiful. Small things like pulling weeds, adding new sod, and pressure washing the front porch or patio can give your home a fresh look.

If the paint on your home is fading or damaged, consider changing the color or apply a fresh coat. Take a closer look for things like damaged siding, crumbling brick, or cracked sidewalks and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Add some window boxes and fill them with fresh, colorful flowers for a pop of color. Have a professional landscaper come out and spruce up the lawn and garden.

With a few small tweaks, the exterior of your home will be more inviting, which is the number one reason buyers take an interest in the rest of the house. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure that your curb appeal is beautiful before you list.

The Home's Photos are Not up to Par

Today's home buyers rely on the Internet more than ever before, and they'll often make a judgment call simply by looking at photos. If your pictures are dark, blurry, or unattractive, it's probably turning potential buyers away.

Don't rely on pictures shot from your iPhone to sell your home. Use a professional camera, or better yet, have your real estate agent send a professional photographer to come out and take the photos for you.

All pictures should be clear, bright, and focused showing every room of the home. A gorgeous shot of the outside of your house should be the first picture in your listing so buyers can see the entire exterior of the home first.

Clear all of your rooms of any excess clutter and tidy everything up before any photos are taken. A picture of a living room full of kid's toys and shoes usually turns buyers off.

Just like your curb appeal, the photos of your home are what help make a lasting first impression. Make sure they're professional and beautiful so you can lure buyers in instead of turning them away.

You're Not Open to Feedback

Let's say your home is staged, the outside looks great, and your photos are perfect and you've had some showings. So why aren't you getting any offers after an open house or two?

Many realtors will ask potential buyers for feedback about the home so they can pass this information on to you. If you get a few comments you don't agree with or don't like, ignoring these could actually sabotage your sale.

If a potential buyer thinks the wallpaper in your dining room is hideous, maybe it's time to consider removing it. Listen to feedback with an open mind to help you make the improvements you need to get a sale.

It's hard not to be emotionally attached to your home, but if you're really ready to sell it, you may need to make the changes even if you disagree. Use your showings and open house events as a chance to tweak a few things to improve your odds of a sale in the future.

The Home is Too Personal

Pictures of family members and friends are great when you live in the home, but when you list, it's time to take those down. Remember that buyers want to see a house where they can envision their own family living there.

Provide buyers with a fresh, clean slate that allows them to use their imagination and see themselves living in the home. If your house is filled with mementos and personal items, it's hard for many buyers to get past it.

Removing your special items can be difficult, but remember that it's for the good of the sale. You can always keep your personal stuff stored in a closet or a storage shed until you sell and move into your new place.

Taking pictures off the wall and removing your children's school drawings from the fridge is only temporary. Remember that you can always put everything back into your new place when you sell so you can enjoy it again.

A few other things you can do to entice buyers? Clean up! Make your bed, keep all floors and surfaces clean, and clear out clutter before showings so the home looks fresh and inviting.

Remember: Location is Key

The mantra in real estate has always been "location, location, location." You can't change where you live, but you can realize that it can and will affect how quickly you sell your home.

If you bought your house and everything around you was empty at the time, you may not have been able to predict the changes that happened later. For example, a quiet area can develop quickly and turn your serene home into a bustling neighborhood.

For some buyers, living close to a school is a plus while for others, it could be a deterrent. Consider the location of your home when you market it, pointing out the benefits of being close to things like parks and shopping.

And, if you happen to live in an "undesirable location," be prepared to either wait longer for your house to sell or drop the price. The reality is that your particular location might appeal to some buyers but not to everyone.

Try to highlight the positives in regard to your location when you market the home. Mention things like great school systems and your closeness to the local hospital to entice possible buyers.

You Can Sell Your Home Fast 

If your house is not selling, there's no need to panic. Take a look at these tips and find out where you can make the changes so you can close the sale.

Whether it's an old, dingy home or one lacking curb appeal, a few changes can help you get the deal done. Make sure you take great pictures, remove the clutter, and market your house in an appealing way for a fast sale.

Whether you're buying or selling, check out our website for listings, VR tours, and more information on how you can sell your home fast.