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Digital Agent: 12 Best Real Estate Agent Websites That Are Killing the Digital Age

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Digital Agent: 12 Best Real Estate Agent Websites That Are Killing the Digital Age



The world is turning to digital and virtual means to learn find, learn, and tour the real estate market. In response, many real estate agents are pouring much more energy into creating and maintaining cutting-edge websites. Those investing in the best real estate agent websites are killing it!

What does that mean for you as an agent? It means you need to boost your real estate agency’s digital presence.

Your website should not only be a place for potential clients to glance at available homes and contact you. Today, it must be an easy-to-use platform where potential clients can search, tour, and request more information quickly and efficiently. Buying a home is a big deal and your real estate website should help make it as streamlined as possible.

Do you feel your current website could use some improvement? Check out these 12 best real estate agent websites to get you inspired, and your agency will be killing it in the digital age in no time!

1. Quiana Watson Sophisticated Website

When you open Quiana Watson’s real estate agent website the words and feelings that come to mine are chic, sophisticated, and stylish. As an Atlanta real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes, she ensures her website reflects the same level of detail. Every design element in her site is well-planned and works as the perfect introduction to her brand.

Beyond the overall look and feel, Watson’s website seamlessly integrates helpful tools and resources that are easy to find and use. A few tools included on her website include buyers’ and sellers’ guides, quick search features, valuation tools, and much more. Both she and her web designer wanted site visitors to feel a high level of trust when using this real estate website.

2. Aaron Kirman’s Optimized Website

Not every potential home buyer or seller will be sitting at their desktop or laptop computer as they search for a new home. Real estate agents should note that in 2019, over 76% of home buyers used their mobile devices to find their next home.

Real estate agent Aaron Kirman takes full advantage of this fact by optimizing his website with responsive design. This website has unparalleled desktop webpage loading times. Both are a must if you want potential clients to stick around.

The layout of Kirman’s website is clean, modern, and sophisticated. Potential clients will find the website both impressive and easy to navigate. All of the images are large, crisp, and fit in well with Kirman’s branding.

3. An Inviting Site by Avi Dan-Goor

Real estate agent Avi Dan-Goor is killing it selling homes in the real estate market. He also has one of the best real estate websites for ease-of-use and dynamic site interaction.

When you land on the site, there is a search field readily available for users to start searching for their exact needs and wants. The homepage features a clear navigation bar at the top and interactive buttons that allow users to explore what is available.

The website consists of distinct sections making it easy for site viewers to learn about what real estate is available, how potential clients can sell, and what services Avi has to offer. If you are looking for a clean easy way to organize your real estate content, you must check out Avi’s website.

4. Sally Forster Jones Group’s Luxurious Site

Are you an agent specializing in luxurious and high-end real estate? If your answer is yes, or you simply want an eye-catching site potential clients cannot resist, then you must check out Sally Forster Jones’s website.

Jones Group is a California based agent with a zest for building relationships and selling luxury homes. You can see this on the website which features a clean sophisticated look with high-definition photos and videos of stunning homes.

The website features IDX solutions to market homes packed with the most up-to-date MLS (multiple listing service). Other notable features include versatile search options and property alerts.

5. Jon Flanagan Team’s Site

A little personality goes a long way as viewers can see on the agent website for Jon Flanagan Team. The design is simple, elegant, and professional with a splash of Philly personality to entice viewers.

The site’s layout is modern and clean making it easy to navigate. The homepage offers viewers two distinct options to shop for homes or list with them.

This site focuses on the importance of building strong relationships with clients, an attribute reflected in the brand. The website perpetuates these feelings by exuding warmth, trust, and loyalty.

6. A Warm Website by the Sheerin Feizi Group 

As soon as the Sheerin Feizi Group’s website opens on your computer or mobile device, you are welcomed with warm colors and stunning community and neighborhood photos. The imagery is clean, modern, and bright, capturing the pleasant golden feel of the Florida area. You will recognize neighborhoods such as Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach.

A large translucent navigation bar spans the top of the page. At the bottom of the home screen, a search bar is readily available to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your next home. The group offers a wide range of properties including private homes, condos, and commercial properties.

What sets this site apart from the rest is the attention to detail. As you scroll, you will find smooth animation effects adding a touch of creativity to the site.

7. Brandi Pratt’s Agent Website

Brandi Pitt takes her website visuals to the next level with the use of video. The home page features a clean modern look with a user-friendly navigation bar at the top. A creative video plays in the background highlighting the areas, homes, and neighborhoods the Pratt Group caters too.

A search bar rests in the center prompting the user to start searching for their next home. Potential clients can use the “search by” feature to look for homes based on the city, area code, neighborhood, keyword, and more.

The group offers a variety of properties ranging from luxury homes to lots with plenty of building potential.

8. 901 Real Estate’s Efficient Design

901 Real Estate based in Memphis, Tennessee, takes pride in its website designed for efficient use with an air of sophistication. In addition to helping potential clients buy or sell homes, the group also offers rentals. The website doubles as a management portal for all 3 without being too busy or cluttered.

A long navigation bar highlights the top of the homepage offering 10 distinct options. Below is a stunning photo of a luxurious home followed by a search section. Below that, site visitors will find beautiful photos of featured listings and communities.

The site has a clean and well-organized layout making it efficient for new visitors and current clients to use.

9. Judy Citron’s Unique Design

The minimalist aesthetics of this site are the main attraction. The main page features a hidden menu to the left and an animated Citron logo in the center. Below is a slider featuring popular communities along with options to explore available listings, learn more about Citron, and exploring popular communities.

The clean minimalist design does not skip any important information. The overall design makes exploring the website enjoyable and easy to navigate.

10. Clean Layouts of Rochelle Maize’s Website

The best real estate agent websites must reflect individuality and brand. Rochelle Maize’s website does just that with its feelings of luxury and sophistication blended with optimized user experience.

This website packs a lot of information without overwhelming site viewers. Sections are well-organized and a hidden side menu prevents cluttering the main navigation. As you scroll down the homepage, you will find featured properties, blog articles, and the latest news.

11. Immerse Yourself in Carla Steuck’s Website

Carla Steuck is a Chicago-based luxury real estate agent with a chic modern website to match. As you scroll through the homepage, you will find yourself becoming immersed in the Chicago scene with stunning photos. A search bar and interactive map of Chicago allow you to explore specific neighborhoods for available properties.

The sticky navigation bar follows you down as you scroll allowing you to jump around the site with ease. As you near the bottom of the homepage, you will find highlight videos, information about Carla Steuck’s experience, and resourceful blogs to learn more about the home buying process.

12. The Nartey Group’s High-Profile Site

The Nartey Group, based in California, is a luxury real estate agency catering to the celebrity and professional-athlete market. Their website reflects sophistication and success with the use of high-definition photography, dynamic animation, and an immersive user-experience.

The sticky navigation and menu are easy to find and use. The photos of the team also exude sleek professionalism matching with the overall brand and feel of the website. Viewers can tell this team is successful in creating the best real estate experience for their clients.

Create the Best Real Estate Agent Websites Now!

The real estate industry is relying on digital means of showing and selling properties more than ever. Today, having one of the best real estate agent websites on the market is a must if you want your agency to succeed! Check out these sites to find the right inspiration to create your website today.

Are you looking to buy or list a property? Let’s get in touch and we’ll help you find the perfect real estate agent!