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Drone Aerial Video: A Great Home Selling Tool

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Drone Aerial Video: A Great Home Selling Tool


Homebuyers spend about eight weeks looking for a home. If you are interested in quick sales this year, you need to use the right home selling tool. Otherwise, your listings might not stand out from the rest.

You could struggle to attract buyers to your properties as a result.

Instead of missing opportunities, show off your listing with a drone aerial video. What are drone videos, exactly, and how can they help your real estate business?

Keep reading to find out!

What Are Drone Videos?

First, let us go over the basics. What is a drone aerial video, exactly?

As competition in the real estate industry increases, it is important to find ways to stand out. In light of the pandemic, consumers are also interested in virtual experiences. You can use aerial drone videos to show off your latest listings.

Consumers can view properties from a bird's eye view. The dramatic, eye-catching footage can help show off your listing, even outside of in-person tours. Meanwhile, buyers can explore views of the whole property from the comfort of their current homes.

You can use dramatic aerial footage to ensure your listings stand out and engage buyers.

For example, you can get a sweeping shot of the entire neighborhood. You can highlight nearby lakes, oceans, parks, and schools. Perhaps you want to highlight a gorgeous sunset, golf courses, or mountain views.

Focusing on the surrounding area and home's landscape can help you create effective video content. 

Otherwise, forward-facing still images might fail to show off the property at different angles. Low-quality photography can scare away buyers, too.

With this home selling tool, consumers can benefit from views of the whole property from different angles. From 200 feet over the property, buyers can see everything to get a better idea of the home, too. 

Drones are also better for in-motion shots, which can help buyers feel like they are standing at the property. Still images, on the other hand, might not give them the best idea of how the home truly looks. 

The Benefits of Drone Aerial Video Footage

Over 90% of people visit websites when searching for homes. Adding drone aerial video footage to your website can help your listings stand out. You can use these videos as an effective home selling tool to grow your business.

Still on the fence? Here are a few ways aerial videos can help you generate quick sales!

1. Capture Every Angle

Five or six still images will not help potential buyers get a full understanding of what a property truly looks like. With drone aerial videos, you can capture footage at different angles.

At Hommati, we have drone professionals who are qualified and equipped with the skills needed to capture your home from the best angles and in the best light. Buyers will feel like they are standing at the property as a result.

Meanwhile, using high-quality, professional equipment will ensure you end up with crisp, eye-catching shots. At Hommati, all of our drone professionals have the latest drone technology and will always be able to offer a clear shot of everything that you want to highlight. 

Once potential buyers have the information they need, they might feel more inclined to contact you for an in-person tour. Some buyers might even decide to purchase the property on the spot.

As you show off your listing with high-quality drone videos, you can generate quick sales and grow your business. 

2. Highlight the Best Features

Remember, buyers do not always catch the best features of each property on their own. Highlighting a property's best features could help you generate quick sales. Meanwhile, consumers will have an easier time recognizing the value each property has to offer.

For example, you might want to show off the property's shimmering pool and spacious backyard. Perhaps you want to appeal to gardeners by showing off garden space and a walking path.

You can highlight specific features based on the target audience you are trying to reach, too.

For example, if you want to appeal to families, you can show off nearby amenities like parks or the neighborhood school.

Appealing to specific target audiences could help them recognize the features they truly care about. Then, they realize the property is exactly what they are searching for.

You might even help them recognize features they were not interested in before. 

When working with a company like Hommati, you can always count on their professionals to capture all of the best elements of your house and the surrounding area. 

3. Stand Out

There are now over 168,000 real estate sales agents across the US. If your listings do not stand out, you could struggle to compete. You can use drone aerial video footage to remain competitive.

Many real estate agents are still using traditional marketing techniques. These techniques are often costly and ineffective. A lackluster marketing strategy could impact your ROI.

Instead, you can show off your listing and use a more effective home selling tool with aerial video footage.

Your aerial videos will help each property stand out online. Creating high-quality video content can help you appeal to more buyers.

Meanwhile, consumers will recognize you offer what no one else can: ease and convenience.

They can explore the property at different angles from home, feel certain they are interested in a listing, then reach out. Improving the customer experience could help you generate more leads.

You will also save time as you are no longer scheduling in-person tours with half-interested buyers. 

4. Attract Visitors

Creating a drone aerial video for one listing could help you generate website traffic for all your listings.

Creating high-quality video content can benefit your search engine rankings. In fact, Google now displays video content at the top of search pages. Buyers can click on the video link to reach your website.

Your video content will help you create a strong first impression with potential buyers. Once you pique their interest, they might explore your other listings. Then, they could fill out a form on your website or call you directly.

Generating more website traffic will help you generate more leads. As a result, you could sell more properties, too. 

If you are not generating website traffic, however, your competitors will take the lead instead. 

5. Engage Buyers

Consumers often glance at still images as they scroll through different listings. Drone aerial video footage stands out. They will linger on the listing to fully absorb the video content.

The longer they linger, the more likely they will explore the listing further.

Engaging buyers with your high-quality content could help you generate more leads and quick sales. 

6. Stronger SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your web content and listings rank higher on Google.

Higher SEO rankings can help you generate brand awareness, website traffic, and leads. Remember, Google loves video content. You can optimize your videos based on the search terms your customers use online.

Stronger SEO will help your website rank ahead of the competition, too!

7. Increase Your ROI

Remember, using this home selling tool will help you generate quick sales. As you increase your sales rate, your ROI will improve.

You can make money, save money by avoiding ineffective marketing strategies, and help your business grow. 

How to Get Started

Do you want to know what makes Hommati reliable for drone services? Here are a few tips that can make you feel comfortable about using Hommati for your future listings.

1. Using the Right Equipment

First, you will always want to make sure that the equipment being used is correct and up to date. Hommati uses all of the latest technology to ensure a clear and crisp video no matter if it is a cloudy or sunny day. 

2. Get Certified

Earning your Part 107 remote pilot certificate from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is extremely daunting and will cost you money. That is why all of our drone pilots at Hommati have gone through the extensive training and are certified to fly their drone. They know to follow the FAA's standards, rules, and restrictions, too. 

You will always feel secure knowing your pilot is safe and smart when flying their drone.

3. Improve the Property

Before one of our Hommati drone pilots captures the footage of the house, take the time to make aesthetic improvements throughout the property. After all, you will want to show off your listing! 

You can improve the curb appeal, add a fresh coat of paint, and clean up the driveway. 

4. Outline Your Shots

Remember, you can highlight different features or show off different amenities based on your target audience. Take the time to outline the shots you want to take. Talk with your Hommati drone specialist about the certain areas you want to make sure is seen on the aerial video.

Our pilots also use natural light to show off your listing in the best light.

5. Gather Footage

Once the videos are captured, our Hommati professionals have the equipment and programs to turn those shots into a beautifully seamless video that will attract many potential buyers.

They will be sure to edit out anything that is unflattering and only use the best footage. 

Take to the Skies: Start Selling With Drone Aerial Video Footage Today

Show off your listing and attract more buyers than ever before! Hommati can help you to start using drone aerial video footage as part of your marketing strategy, so that you can watch your real estate business soar.

Experience these amazing benefits for yourself today.

Searching for more tips and resources? Download our app today to use our online real estate platform yourself!