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Generate More Home Sales With Cutting Edge Technology

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Generate More Home Sales With Cutting Edge Technology


There are now over two million real estate agents in the US. Over 50% of homebuyers work with agents to find their dream homes. Meanwhile, 93% of people visit websites to search for homes first. 

If your listings do not stand out, you could struggle to generate fresh clients. Your competitors might win those buyers over instead. Before that can happen, consider upgrading your marketing strategy with cutting-edge technology.

Embracing innovation can help you find new ways to appeal to, attract, and engage clients. You can expand your winning listings to help your business grow.

Read on to learn more about the latest innovations in the industry today!

3D House Tours

As you start improving your marketing strategy and embracing innovation, make sure to consider 3D home tours. Using this technology, buyers can tour a home from anywhere, at their own pace. They will not have to worry about scheduling a tour based on your schedule.

This technology can improve the buyer's shopping experience. They can explore the property and look in different directions from their own couch. They can even look at the flooring and walk up to a window before taking a look outside.

Buyers can view these immersive tours from their desktop and mobile devices. 3D tours are more interesting, engaging, and informative than still images, too. 

On the fence about learning to expand your winning listings with 3D tours?

Here are a few ways embracing innovation with cutting-edge technology like 3D house tours can help your real estate business.

Reach More Buyers

About 82% of consumer web traffic is generated through video content. About 87% of consumers want to see more videos from brands, too. 

Meanwhile, 81% of marketers claim video content is the most difficult type of content to create.

You can create eye-catching 3D home tours to reach more buyers online. You can pair video marketing with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, too. SEO will help your video content rank higher on Google.

Higher rankings will ensure consumers see your brand online before they find competing real estate agents. Then, they can view your home tours to determine if they are interested in the listing.

Higher rankings can help you generate brand awareness, website traffic, and leads. As you generate more website traffic, Google will start to take notice. It might boost your rankings even higher.

Reaching the top of the page will ensure potential clients, even potential foreign buyers, find your site first. 

As an added bonus, Google is displaying more video content at the top of its search pages as featured snippets. Featured snippets appear before organic listings. Even if your blog posts are not ranking higher, your video posts can.

Remember, over 80% of marketers find video content difficult to create, though. If you want to use this cutting-edge technology effectively, do not go it alone. Instead, consider using professional real estate visual services, such as Hommati.

Working with professionals to attract potential buyers will help your listings stand out. You can gain qualified leads as well. 

After viewing a 3D tour, the buyer might realize they are in love with the listing. Then, they can contact you to schedule a tour in person. From there, you have a higher chance of closing the sale!

Save Time

Think about how many in-person tours you schedule, only for the buyer to decide they are not interested in the listing. That is time and energy you can spend on other tasks! With 3D home tours, you can save yourself valuable time in your day.

Think of your 3D tours as 24/7 open houses. Buyers can view the listing at any time, based on their own convenience. You will not have to worry about finding time in your schedule to help them.

If they are interested in the property, they can reach out to schedule an in-person tour.

As a result, you are able to spend more time and money on serious buyers. You can improve the buyer's journey, too. They can gather the information they need from the tour before making a buying decision.

You will not have to worry about staging properties, staying on-site, and marketing open houses anymore. Instead, you can dedicate time and attention to serious buyers to close more sales. 

Increase Engagement

If people visit one of your real estate listings, only to leave, your website's bounce rate can increase. A high bounce rate is a bad sign to Google. It indicates your site does not offer the information people are searching for.

Embracing innovation with cutting-edge technology like 3D tours can help you generate more website engagement. People will linger on your site to explore the tour. Your dwell times will increase, lowering your bounce rate.

As they click through the tour and explore your content, your clickthrough rate will rise, too. 

Generating more engagement on your website could help you reach future buyers. 

A Higher ROI

Time is money! You do not have to use outdated marketing tactics to reach buyers anymore, though. With cutting-edge technology, you can invest time and money in tactics that work.

As your ROI improves, you can find new, more effective ways to reach customers and drum up more business. 

Aerial Videos

When creating content, businesses prioritize boosting sales, building relationships with customers, and generating brand awareness. Cutting-edge technology like aerial videos can help you accomplish all three.  

You can capture a home's unique selling points with a bird's eye view. Buyers can view the exterior and surrounding area of any listing. They can also explore the interior of the property.

These videos can offer prospective buyers a unique, interactive online experience. They can move through the property however they would like.

It can feel challenging, expensive, and time-consuming to create aerial videos on your own, though. Consider working with a professional drone photographer. They will ensure you capture the best shots to show off each listing.

Companies like Hommati have professionals who are equipped with the proper knowledge, equipment, and licenses in order to fly a drone safely and create high quality video footage. 

Not sure if you want to use drone footage to expand your winning listings? Here are a few ways it can help your business grow. 

Create Stunning Tours

Still images do not always give buyers a true sense of what the property looks and feels like. You can get them excited about your listings by embracing technology. Aerial videos can help create exciting, compelling tours.

When working with a company like Hommati, you can rest assured that they will be able to capture your house from all the right angles and in the best light. They get video of the exterior of the house and allow potential buyers to see parts of the house that still photography just cannot get, such as the roof and local parks or community clubs. 

Creating a stunning tour with cutting-edge technology will provide potential buyers with more information about each listing. Gathering the information they need can help them make an informed choice. If they love the listing, they might decide to contact you for an in-person tour.

If you are trying to attract potential foreign buyers, they might decide to buy the home sight unseen. 

Boost Site Traffic

Remember, creating more video content by embracing innovation can help you boost your SEO rankings. Higher rankings can help you generate more traffic.

You can also add your videos to your pay-per-click ads. People might feel more inclined to click on ads that feature video content. Once they click on the ad, they can reach the listing on your website.

Then, you can start converting more website visitors into leads, allowing you to generate more sales. 

Stand Out

Chances are, your competitors have not started embracing innovation yet. They are likely not creating real-time home tours, either. This is your chance to stand out and get ahead of the competition.

More people are staying at home in light of the pandemic. Your innovative listings will help them explore each property from the safety of their current homes.

As you stand out from competitors, you can start reeling in more leads. 

Embrace Innovation: Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Boost Sales Today

Do not let your marketing strategy fall behind. Instead, start embracing innovation with cutting-edge technology. Adding 3D tours and aerial footage to your listings can help your properties stand out.

Then, you can attract more buyers and generate more sales. 

Need help improving the competitive edge of your listings using the latest technology? We are here for you.

Contact us today to get started.