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How an Instagram Marketing Strategy can Help Realtors

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How an Instagram Marketing Strategy can Help Realtors

Instagram is the second most engaging app next to Facebook.

If you know how to use Instagram for marketing, it can help you bring in more leads and increase your sales. An Instagram marketing strategy can help your business target younger audiences who are scrolling through the app or even buying a home. 

Realtors in particular can benefit from an Instagram marketing strategy. They can show houses to people interested in buying a home, but there are also a lot more ways realtors can use Instagram to benefit them. 

Here is a guide on everything you need to know on how Instagram can benefit realtors. 

Show a Home on Instagram

While it may seem obvious to show pictures or a video of the home on Instagram, not everyone knows how to make the most of it.

One of the ways to show a home on Instagram is to take a variety of pictures from different angles. Do not just take a picture of the front of the home and expect it to be a hit. 

You should consider pictures of not only inside the home but a view above the home and the surrounding neighborhood. You can also invest in a drone and take a video of the home with angles that would be impossible to take if you just had a camera. 

You also do not have to just show homes currently for sale. You can give pictures and videos of homes that are being built and are in development. It can give your market an idea of what will be available in the near future. 

Be Specific

Another unique way realtors can take advantage of Instagram is being specific about the home they are posting. They should mention the number of bedrooms and baths in the home, and they should also mention if the home has been renovated.

You can also show a variety of pictures and videos on Instagram in a single post. People can swipe through photos to get a better idea of the home you are selling. 

Show Your Testimonials

One of the ways to show people your real estate success is to post testimonials about how you helped someone find a home. 

For example, you can show a picture of a home with people standing in front of it and have a caption on how you helped that family find a home. You can also have block quotes about what people have said about your service. 

When you post testimonials on social media, you are providing social proof of your services. You are showing your market that you have had success with getting people approved and ready to buy a home. 

In addition, success stories on Instagram are a great way to highlight your achievements, and you stand out as a realtor because of your success. 

Open Houses

Instagram is also a great opportunity to spread awareness. You can post about upcoming events, specifically open houses. 

You can show people a video of the home on Instagram and promote an upcoming open house that gives people an option to get a look at the house themselves. You can also have a 3D tour of the home. 

You can see an example of 3D home tours by visiting our website

Give Insight on the Market

Another way to take advantage of Instagram is to post some insight on the market. You can post graphs that show if the market is rising or lowering. 

You can also give insight into home loans and interest rates. It is a great way to keep people informed, so when they are ready to buy, they can buy from you because you are at the top of their minds. 

The more helpful information you provide to your market, the more they will trust you, and the more they will think about you as the real estate agent they need, because you are the one that helped them find a home. 

You can also provide real estate knowledge that empowers homeowners to sell a home themselves. One of the ways you can do this is to tell them the best home selling secrets of 2020

Post a Q & A 

Another way to utilize Instagram for your marketing strategy is to be personal with your followers. You should introduce yourself and tell them what you specialize in as a realtor. 

You want to build trust and have a conversation with your followers without sounding like you are always trying to sell to them. 

One of the ways to do this is to post a Q & A on your Instagram page. You can ask questions about what your followers think of a particular home. You can also ask them what their favorite part of a home is. 

The goal is to spark a conversation that makes you seem different than other realtors. You do not want to seem like you only post about homes and nothing else. You should stand out by asking your target market questions. 

The more you know about your target market, the more you can help them. 

Instagram Advertising

Besides posting pictures on videos on Instagram, you should consider Instagram advertising as another way to reach your target market as a realtor. 

If you are thinking about advertising your real estate services on Instagram, here are some of the benefits. 


One of the benefits of targeting on Instagram is that you can be very specific with who you target. 

You can target people within a certain age range and with specific interests. You can target people who are first-time home buyers and who live in a specific area. This kind of targeting allows you to have a higher cost per lead. 

The more leads you have with this advanced targeting, the higher chance you have to sell a home. 

In addition to basic targeting with Instagram ads, you can also retarget your ads on Instagram. You can retarget audiences who may have expressed interest in a home but did not put in their information. 

You can also retarget people who watched part of a video clip you posted or clicked on your ad. You can also retarget people who visited your Instagram page. This kind of targeting allows you to reach a wider audience. You also know they are interested in a home because of their behavior. 

Different Kinds of Instagram Ads

One of the benefits of Instagram ads is that you can do a variety of ads and see which one performs the best. 

For example, you can have ads on Instagram stories. This is when people click on a story on top of the Instagram app. 

You can also do photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and a variety of other kinds of Instagram ads. This gives you flexibility on how you want to show a home to your target market. 

Different Kinds of Campaigns

Another benefit of Instagram ads is that you can do different kinds of Instagram campaigns. 

You can choose to do brand awareness, traffic campaigns, a conversion campaign, and other kinds of Instagram campaigns. When you do this, you have the option to pick a campaign depending on what your business goals are. 

For example, you can choose a conversion campaign that takes people off of Instagram and on to your website or sales page. You can have instant sales when you do a conversion campaign. 

When it comes to real estate, you can choose a lead generation campaign. You can collect leads from people who are interested in buying a home. You can also do a traffic campaign that sends people to a site listing. 

The goal is to make people aware of different homes for sale. It is an opportunity to show pictures or videos of a home to a wider audience beyond people who follow you on Instagram. This gives you more opportunities to sell a home. 

Why You Need an Instagram Marketing Strategy

An Instagram marketing strategy is key to your real estate success. It helps show people a different angle of homes for sale. As a realtor, Instagram gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself as a realtor and show people why they should trust when they look to buy a home. 

Advertising on Instagram also gives you another opportunity to show homes for sale beyond the people who just follow you. You can specifically target people who have expressed interest in buying a home. With the right ads, you can generate a ton of leads that want to buy a home from you. 

If you want help with real estate marketing on Instagram, you can contact us here.