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How to Keep in Contact With Real Estate Clients Even When They Aren’t Buying

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How to Keep in Contact With Real Estate Clients Even When They Aren’t Buying

Real estate agents spend a lot of time building relationships with clients and potential buyers, learning everything from their background to their home wish list. But why do so many miss out on tremendous opportunities by throwing away real estate relationships when a client is not buying? 


91% of realtors do not keep in contact with the buyer or seller of a home after closing. Considering over 5.6 existing homes are sold in a year, this is a significant pool of potential buyers or sellers in the future.


If you have worked to establish real estate relationships, you should consider some simple ways to maintain relationships. Read on to learn how to keep in contact with real estate clients and the importance of doing so. 


Why Keep In Contact With Real Estate Clients? 


Real estate agents have a lot to juggle, so often, keeping in touch with past real estate clients is not a priority. However, you should not overlook the benefits of maintaining these relationships. Some of the benefits of doing so include:

  • Be recommended to loved ones
  • Learn how to improve 
  • Secure future potential buyers
  • Market your business 


53% of marketers surveyed state that ongoing, personalized communication with existing customers results in moderate to significant revenue impact. After all, you are more likely to be recommended to loved ones for showing an ongoing interest in maintaining the relationship and providing personalized care. 


You are also more likely to be the first point of contact if your past real estate client decides to move again or sell their home, as the communication is already open. Plus, keeping in touch with real estate clients allows you to learn how to improve your business, promote new homes, and market business changes. You can encourage them to write reviews for your business, too. 


How to Keep Contact with Real Estate Clients


Many real estate agents are focused on future potential buyers but forget that their existing contacts also hold potential. The average person is estimated to move over 11 times in their lifetime, and the average real estate client has loved ones who will be looking to buy a home at some point too. After all, people are more likely to pick a real estate agent based on recommendations from people they trust.


But how can you keep in contact without being pushy? Here are some top ways to successfully stay in touch with clients. 


1. Send a Survey 


A great way to open communication with past real estate agents is to send a survey. This way, you can gather the information that can improve your working style and business, plus clients feel more valued. You can learn what worked for them and what didn't.


It is a way to respond to any comments for clarification and strengthen relationships further. You can include the option to stay in contact in other ways through a survey, too, so a client can opt in or out from an email. It also helps you understand the general and current real estate trends


Time the email correctly, so it is not immediately after they move in. You want to give them time to settle into their new home, so a month after can be a great time to check-in. Usually, clients appreciate being asked for feedback and can give you some helpful insights. 


2. Start a Newsletter


One of the best ways to keep up with consistent communication is to send out a monthly newsletter by email. After all, there will be an estimated 4 billion email users worldwide by 2023, and many people use their email daily for different tasks.


You can utilize automated features such as personalized content that addresses the client by name to improve the chance they will open the email. The newsletter can include content such as:

  • Home improvement and real estate tips
  • Advice for buying a home
  • Information about your listings
  • General updates on the market
  • Updates about your business, including any promotions


A newsletter is a perfect way to establish yourself as a real estate resource that real estate clients will refer to when looking for advice. It is a simple way to reach many clients and market your business quickly. They will be encouraged by your real estate updates, and you can also share more general information about the area, which will encourage them to keep up to date with your newsletters. 


You can also include call-to-actions (CTAs), such as competitions and surveys, to keep content engaging and help clients feel it is a two-way conversation. 


3. Reach Out on Important Dates


You can keep in contact with real estate clients by reaching out on important dates, such as birthdays. Sending a simple note, email, or card can make a client feel valued and appreciative of your work. They are more likely to recommend you to potential buyers due to your personal touch and care, which will stand out from other businesses. 


Other important dates can include anniversaries, including the anniversary of when they moved into their home or sold their house. It is a great way to remind them of your work and take a moment to reflect on their real estate journey.


The key is to make sure the card does not seem generic, which could include the simple step of including their name or your signature. You can get imaginative too, such as sending out pet birthday cards.


4. Send a Gift


If you want to take your contact to the next level, consider sending a small gift to clients once they move home. You can include contact details and other important information to remind them of your business. Even sending a branded item, such as a pen or notepad, will help remind them of your contact details, so you will be the first real estate resource they will contact.


You can also send gifts on important dates or as a thank you for them using your service. However, follow compliance rules, especially if you are a realtor. Check the National Association of Realtor's statutes. 


5. Utilize Social Media


Social media is one of the best ways businesses can keep in touch with clients. On platforms such as Instagram, 90% of users follow one or more companies. You can post interactive content encouraging real estate clients to comment, such as rating new homes, giveaways, and questions. 


Using social media content such as stories on Instagram is also a way to keep in contact with clients. You can post questions, and they can easily reach out if they want to contact you. Social media is often one of the most convenient ways for clients to make contact. 


There are different social media platforms to utilize, such as Facebook and Instagram. What platforms you decide to use depends on your target potential buyers and past real estate clients.


However, all platforms offer a fun and creative way to market your business, so clients can easily keep in touch or share your business details with friends. You can also use social media to establish yourself as a real estate resource, so more people will share your page, and you will reach a greater pool of people.


6. Use Referrals to Maintain Relationships


If you have a referral program in place, or you find out that potential buyers were recommended by past real estate clients, then get in touch to say thank you. It is always rewarding to find out that your business was recommended by a past client, so take the opportunity to show gratitude.


You could send them an email or a simple handwritten note thanking them. You could send them an item or another token of thanks if the referral becomes a sale. This also encourages clients to continue to recommend your business.


7. Host an Event


A creative way to maintain client relationships is to host an event and invite them. Many people appreciate interesting events or even parties, so consider what type of event your real estate clients would like. It may be a themed event for a specific holiday, an interesting home improvement talk, to a casual gathering, such as over coffee.


It is also a nice way for real estate clients to connect. They may feel more encouraged to attend if they know it is an opportunity to meet more of their new community. Clients will also feel valued and impressed with your customer service efforts. 


You can even establish a regular event to maintain consistent contact with real estate clients, especially if your first few events go well. 


Keep in Contact With Clients Successfully


There are a variety of ways you can keep in contact with real estate clients. It takes little effort, but the gesture makes clients feel valued by your business. It is also a way to market your business and help enhance your reputation as a top real estate resource in your area.


Are you looking for ways to grow as a real estate agent? Hommati is here to help, offering premium resources and support for real estate agents. Contact us today to learn more.