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How To Write an Attention Grabbing Real Estate Listing Description

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How To Write an Attention Grabbing Real Estate Listing Description

In January 2022, more than six million houses were sold in the United States. Because there are so many homes available on the market at a given time, real estate agents need to find ways to make their listings stand out from the competition. 

One way you can do this is by providing a high-quality real estate listing. Listings with thorough information will not only add credibility to your value as a real estate agent but will also help buyers find homes that meet their exact needs. 

Do you want to learn how you can create an attention-grabbing property description? Keep reading this guide for the top tips to follow and for real estate description examples to help you sell your properties even faster. 

Know Your Target Audience

The most important thing you should consider when creating a property description is your target audience. You need to know exactly who you are trying to talk to so you can create a listing specifically tailored to them. 

For example, if you are selling a larger home with several bedrooms, you may be targeting families with children. 

In this case, you may want to highlight features that would interest a family! Talking about the large backyard with the playground will make your listing much more desirable to your target audience. 

Make sure you tailor every feature of your listing to your target audience. 

Sell Benefits Instead of Features 

Another one of the most important tips you can follow when creating an attention-grabbing real estate listing is to sell the benefits of the home, not just the features. So often, real estate agents get stuck listing boring features, like the number of beds and bathrooms or the size of the yard. 

By highlighting the benefits of the home, you can provide this same information in a better way. You can use these benefits to show potential homeowners what it would be like to live in the home. 

For example, if there is an outdoor patio and a large backyard, you can say "there is plenty of room to host a backyard barbeque with the outdoor living space and large backyard." This way, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living in the home. 

Focus on the reasons why they should buy the home, not just the features that make the home special. 

Utilize Keywords

Utilizing keywords in your real estate listing is an easy way to make your property stand out from the competition. Often, real estate platforms will utilize keywords to help classify a property. 

Plus, potential buyers may even be able to filter through properties based on the keywords included in the listing. When you are thinking of keywords to include in your property description, make sure you mention the major features and selling points. 

This includes how many bedrooms, if the home has a garage, and anything else that may interest a potential buyer. You can also utilize keywords for trending home styles to generate interest for your property. 

Don't Repeat Information

Repeating information in a property description is something that can make potential buyers lose interest very quickly. If you repeat the size and features of the house in several areas throughout your property description, it does not make your listing stand out. 

Plus, you may have limited characters in your property description. Instead, use each character to give new, important information to people viewing your listing. 

Use Professional Listing Photos

Using professional listing photos is another easy way to make your real estate listing stand out. While this may not be included in the text of your real estate description, words are only part of the story when it comes to home listings. 

Every potential buyer expects to see high-quality photos of the homes they are interested in. Without these photos, your listing will likely be passed by. 

Not only do you need photos of the interior of the home, but you should also include pictures of the property. Hiring a professional real estate photographer can help you capture the best features of the home to create a strong listing!

Plus, they often offer many other services. This may include virtual staging, aerial imaging, and even 3D tours

Consider the Flow of the Home

When you are discussing the home in your property description, you need to consider the flow of the home. The most successful real estate listings narrate the journey through the home, just as if they were walking a potential buyer through it. 

Understanding the flow of the home can help you decide what order to discuss the features of the home. 

For example, you may want to start from the street and move in from the front of the house to the back of it. Mention the things that make this home stand out, like the great curb appeal, high-quality features in the kitchen, and more. 

Moving through each room of the house will make your real estate listing read more like a story rather than a bulleted list of information. You should also always use complete sentences when you describe a house in the real estate listing. 

Be Specific

Being specific is something that can make your listing shine and pique the interest of many potential buyers. Is there something noteworthy or significant that you can include in your listing that will interest a buyer? 

One way you can make your listing more specific is by including numbers. For example, you can list the exact amount of time it takes to get from the property to the best local shops and restaurants. 

You can also include how much money the homeowners spent on upgrades to the home. For example, you can mention the "$10,000 outdoor patio and fireplace installed last year." This will show the buyer specific things that make the property more desirable. 

Don't Overshare

Another common mistake that real estate agents make when creating a property description is that they overshare the property. While you want to be honest about the condition that the house is in, you don't want to share all the drawbacks and negative features. 

Instead, you want to put your best foot forward when you are writing a property listing. This is where you can highlight all the best features of the home and talk about all the best selling points. 

If a potential buyer is still interested, you can talk to them about some of the drawbacks when they visit for a showing. For example, you can tell them about the recent flood damage that was repaired or any other problems that the home had in the past. 

Not only should you avoid oversharing, but you should also be concise when you write a real estate listing. This is because most people will be looking through dozens of real estate listings at any given time. 

If you list too much information, they will begin to skim the content and may miss out on important information. 

Don't Forget the Caveats

While you don't want to overshare, you should still not forget to include the caveats of the property. Don't create a "warts and all" listing, but make sure your potential buyers have a good idea of what they are getting into. 

If you purposefully leave out important information, this will make it more difficult to sell the property. For example, you may not need to include that your listing is on a busy street, but you would need to include important information that would be a deal-breaker to your buyers. 

Include a Call to Action

Finally, you must include a call to action when you create a real estate listing. This is what will close the deal and help buyers determine whether or not they want to make an offer or set up a showing. 

Closing the deal with a call to action will help you remind viewers what steps they should take next. 

For example, you can say "schedule a showing today!" to get buyers to act on your listing. 

Need Help Creating a Real Estate Listing? Hommati Can Help

When you are creating a real estate listing, having a compelling description and headline is one of the easiest things you can do to capture the attention of potential buyers. By following each of these tips, you can create a detailed and attention-grabbing description for your property!

If you are creating a real estate listing, Hommati can help! We provide expert real estate advice and offer professional real estate photography services, like 3D tours, aerial videos, and even virtual staging.  

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