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If We Could Only Give You One House Buying Tip, This Would Be It

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If We Could Only Give You One House Buying Tip, This Would Be It

Dear first time buyers. If we could only give you ONE house-buying tip, this would be at the top of the list


“I’ll know when I see it” House hunting is one of those things where you don’t know what you want until you see it. You look around using every means available, scout properties, but you always wonder, have you seen every house there is? What if you buy one and find another better house just a few miles ahead?

This is the challenge of buying a new home. It’s even more difficult when it’s your first time buying one.

Of course, strides in technology have contributed to every field, including real estate. The use of 3D virtual tours and walkthroughs allows you to tour more houses that you ever could by physically visiting them. It makes it easy to tour houses as you go about the rest of your business.

Still, with the technological advancements in real estate, making the decision by yourself can be challenging. Yet, viewing a home on your smartphone or computer does not mean you have purchased a home.

There are many considerations to make when buying a house, all of which are important. However, if we could give you one house buying tip, it would be to get a real estate agent. In fact, it would be at the top of the list.

11 Reasons Why Getting a Real-Estate Agent Is Our Top House Buying Tip

1. Education and Experience

You do not need to familiarize yourself with buying and selling of properties to buy a home. Most successful business people are so because they hire people who know more about the field than they do. The only thing you have you have to deal with is choosing the right real estate agent.

Hiring a real estate agent saves you from making a poor decision. They are educated and experienced in the field. You can never really learn an industry until you work in it. Benefit from the wealth of knowledge the real estate agent has accumulated by working with multiple clients.

Hire a trained and experienced real estate agent and benefit from all their information.

2. Knowledge of Neighborhoods

Because of their experience in the industry, a real estate agent has intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods you are looking to purchase your new home.

Finding houses is one thing, but knowing what happens in the neighborhood that may not be obvious to a visitor.

In addition, they can find different homes that are similar in a specific location and allow you to compare.

The agent can inform you aptly about the demographics of the area, information about schools in the region and everything else you want to know about the area you will buy a home.

This will save the trouble of bothering on the streets asking them about the neighborhood amenities.

They will also collect information and provide you with comparable sales.

3. Guidance and Price

Having a real estate agent will save you money in the end. The myth about real estate agents is that they select the price for their clients. This could not be further from the truth. A real estate agent will help you make the right decision yourself.

After showing you property options, the agent will create a negotiation strategy and try to get you a better price since they understand that real estate markets fluctuate. The agent acts as an intermediary between you and the seller.

Buying a new construction especially can be very expensive, more so when done in a rush. Most builders advertise the base price for the homes, and in most cases, the price given is for the most basic homes.

However, the benefit of purchasing new construction is the ability to customize it and make it your own. However, the customization will come with an increased price. Hiring a real estate agent even when buying new construction means that they will negotiate on your behalf.

4. Inspections and Contract Contingencies

One of the most important home buying tip is to get a home inspection whether the home your buying is old, or it’s new construction. Many assume that if the house they are buying is new, they do not need a home inspection.

A real estate agent has enough experience to advise you on the inspections you should pay extra attention to. They can ensure your contract is contingent on a specific inspection such as your septic and plumbing system.

Failing to inspect your home can leave you with a backfired deal about a year into living in your new home.

5. Ensure the Deal Is on Schedule

There are various reasons why a real estate closing can delay. The process of buying a home, whether it is an old home or new construction is quite complex.

A real estate agent has the ability and networks required to keep your transaction on track all the way to the project’s completion. This will help you stay free of all the stresses of a new homeowner.

Avoid the inconvenience by having a real estate agent who will monitor the entire process on your behalf.

6. Paperwork

Buying a home is not as going to the store and getting a receipt. Today, the purchase agreement is very detailed and requires volumes of paperwork running to 10 pages or even more.

In addition, you should include the disclosures and non-disclosures that the local government and national government require. Failing to include one important detail could cause you to have legal trouble and cost you thousands.

A real estate agent will be very helpful to you as they may handle the paperwork for you or guide you as you do. You need to analyze every document carefully to help you know what and where to look for important details. Because this is their profession, they know exactly what to draw your attention to in the agreement.

7. After Sale Services

You might assume that after the large volumes of paperwork, you do not need any more help. Problems can arise with your home, taxes, invoices and various other issues that can reduce your level of enthusiasm.

Even after the transaction is complete, the smoothest processes can sometimes haunt you. If you were careful when choosing a real estate agent, in the beginning, they are likely on standby and help straighten up all sorts of confusion.

One phone call to your real estate can help clarify these issues for you. Their wealth of information straightens out all this confusion and helps you with emerging problems.

8. They Know the Market Conditions

Various factors in the market influence the price of properties. When purchasing a property, the market conditions dictate the price you get. A real estate agent interacts with various stakeholders in the market on a daily basis.

Therefore, they will guide you in the right direction. In addition, they will give you information on other homes at the same level and those at nearly the same price. With this consultation, you can make the decision together.

9. Develop Networks for Future Business

The nature of a real estate agent requires that they maintain rapport with past clients. This will help them retain contacts they can work with in the future. This trait works in your favor.

The real estate agent works hard to ensure you are satisfied. If you are, you can always call your real estate agent and work with them in the future.

The agent you use during the first purchase will likely be there to work with you for the second and third purchase. In addition, they will likely give you market updates to keep you informed on the status of the market in case you ever need to buy again.

10. Professional Networking

Real estate agents work with various other professionals who provide you with different services. However, to prevent legal liability, they will not offer you direct recommendations. However, they understand the vendors and business people with good reputations in the business.

They will always give you references for efficient, competent, and competitive businesses with the best prices. They will always give you a list of references they have worked with in previous deals, information which will help you make an intelligent decision.

11. Save Time

A real estate agent will help you save time. They will handle the lion share of the work. For instance, they will visit many listings, and only bring the listings with the highest potential to you to make the decision.

In addition, they will save you the time you would ordinarily spend trying to understand the documents that come with purchasing a new home. They do this by offering you all the guidance you need and answer all your questions.

You should select a real estate agent who has adequate experience and information about the state of the real estate market. Negotiate the terms of their contract beforehand and ensure you let them know of your expectations.

The Best Home Buying Tip Is to Get a Real Estate Agent

Getting a real estate agent could be the decision that makes or breaks your plans to buy a home. We hope you found each and every house buying tip useful!


Whether you are going to buy an existing home or a new construction home, a real estate agent is paramount in the process. Contact us to find a real estate agent in your area and all the information you need before buying a house.