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Informative Real Estate YouTube Channels for Investors and Homebuyers

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Informative Real Estate YouTube Channels for Investors and Homebuyers


The world of real estate is always changing. Whether you're a real estate professional, investor, or homebuyer there are always new trends to follow and new tricks to try.

Real estate has a lot of side-businesses as well. House-flippers, investors, and wholesalers are using their platforms to share tips on how to make passive income through real estate. 

In some cases, these channels show you how to start with little but gain a lot. They also help with keeping the gains attainable and sustainable. 

If you're new to the real estate world or an MVP in the industry, here are some real estate YouTube channels you should be watching. 

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone boasts an impressive 1.1 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.

Cardone is a self-made billionaire and a successful author and entrepreneur. Cardone is the CEO of seven privately-held companies, including the real estate investment fund Cardone Capital which holds over $1 billion of assets. 

Cardone also gives tips on how to promote yourself in the real estate business. This way, you are set up for success in your professional journey.

If you are curious and want to learn some tips and tricks from a successful businessman, Cardone is the guy. His channel reflects his theory of business and gives you an idea of how he got his billions. 


BiggerPockets is a podcast and YouTube channel that focuses on real estate investments. With over 400 thousand subscribers, BiggerPockets have made a name for themselves in the real estate space. 

BiggerPockets' content focusses on investing. They produce videos with tips and tricks on how to buy your first property, flip houses, and make a hefty prophet while doing it. 

Additionally, BiggerPockets have content that focusses on how to be a good landlord and real estate agent. They provide real-world numbers in their videos that reflect the current market. 

They also show you how to market yourself in the real estate profession. By building a website, using social media, and doing online videos they illustrate that you can become successful with the right resources. 

Mike Ferry

Mike Ferry is a real estate coach and businessman with over 43 years of experience in the industry. Most reviewers see him as a leader in real estate coaching and his 40+ thousand subscribers agree.  

Ferry describes his channel as a "real estate blog" and his topics cover a wide variety of business-related topics. Including how to grow a business and keep it active, skills in sales, and common objections some agents may face. 

Mike Ferry's channel is diverse and informative, giving the viewer a well-rounded perspective from an industry insider. 

Tom Ferry

Name sound familiar? That's because Tom Ferry is the son of real estate coach Mike Ferry. 

Ferry, similarly to his father, is a well-respected real estate coach and public speaker. He has over 350 thousand subscribers and over one thousand videos. 

Video topics include business tips, interviews with other inspiring individuals, and motivational talks where he assists in the journey of self-made entrepreneurs. 

The interviews with other inspiring individuals help motivate the viewer and see the diversified industries that can work well with real estate. 

If you need a pick me up, Tom Ferry's channel is great if you need some motivation to get out there and do the darn thing. 

Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Stephan's journey is a unique one. He skipped college, started at real estate at 18-years-old and become a millionaire by age 26. 

Stephan's YouTube is refreshing because he has an authentic persona that isn't intimidating. He doesn't live in a mansion or wear designer clothes, he is quite selective with how he spends his millions. 

Stephan and blunt and honest in his assessments, and he illustrates how much work and discipline goes into becoming a successful real estate mogul. 

Stephan's YouTube videos cover real estate, finance, investing, and how to build your wealth portfolio. He gives helpful information to begin saving and sustain wealth for the long term. 

Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell is a self-described "serial entrepreneur" and real estate investor. He specializes in wholesale real estate and has over 150 thousand subscribers. 

Maxwell's videos are unique in the way that they show how real estate, especially wholesale real estate, can be accessible and profitable. His videos include him driving around looking at properties, interviewing other successful wholesalers, and giving tips and tricks on how to start with little savings. 

Maxwell's channel is a great way to see hands-on experiences with a successful investor. He shows his audience what it takes to be successful and provides real-world experience in the field of real estate investing.

Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky is a real estate investment mentor. His videos cover how to start real estate investing with little savings, tips for buying homes, flipping houses, and tips for long-term success. 

Pustejovsky also has books and a blog that shows you how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. Additionally, he also gives tips to homebuyers in their search for a prospective home. 

Pustejovsky's YouTube channel has over 250 thousand subscribers. Additionally, he has a program called Freedom Mentor, where he helps anyone become a savvy real estate entrepreneur. 

Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is best-known for his time on the television show Million Dollar Listing but since then he has become one of the most popular real estate YouTubers with over 880 thousand subscribers. 

Serhant has sold over $1 billion in real estate. His real estate focus is primarily on luxury homes. 

Serhant's videos cover topics like property tours, real estate tips, and vlogs of a daily real estate agent. His content is entertaining and beneficial to those who wish to become a luxury real estate mogul. 

Flipping Mastery TV

Flipping Mastery TV is the YouTube channel of master house-flipper Jerry Norton. 

Norton's YouTube channel has over 80 thousand subscribers and is a great source for learning how to flip houses for a huge profit. 

Flipping Mastery TV focusses strictly on flipping houses, so you can see the process from start to finish. This is helpful because it gives you real-world insight regarding the industry of house-flipping. 

Additionally, Flipping Mastery TV gives repair tips and helps you with value calculations post-flip. This is beneficial because you can do everything with a smaller team and make the whole house-flipping process more streamlined. 

Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin is the YouTube channel of 27-year-old real estate broker Kevin Paffrath. Paffrath began building his real estate career at 17-years-old and has over 300 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Meet Kevin's channel focusses on earning passive incomes, getting started within the real estate industry, and real estate industry perspective from a millennial. 

Additionally, his channel covers house flipping, investing in stocks, and buying cheap real estate that can turn a hefty profit. 

Real Estate YouTubers That Make It Easy

Real estate doesn't have to be complicated. 

These are the top ten real estate YouTubers that help break down real estate and give you real-world advice.

From learning how to earn money from flipping houses to becoming a real estate agent, to learning how to invest in the right properties these YouTube channels are a great resource for beginners. Even if you are more experienced in real estate, these channels can still be beneficial. 

Real estate is always changing. These YouTube channels help you stay ahead of what is changing. These channels show you the ends and outs of real estate.

Additionally, they show the future of the real estate market. With young millennials like Graham Stephan and Kevin Paffrath becoming millionaires in the field, it shows that you don't have to have extensive education or a huge sum of money to begin working in the field. 

These real estate YouTubers also show how technology has affected the real estate industry. The move towards virtual home tours and a focus on real estate technology show that the real estate market is changing.

These real estate YouTubers are fantastic resources for learning what works and what doesn't. Their experience can be of assistance during times of uncertainty. 

With these tips and tricks, you will be an informed real estate buyer, investor, or professional. 

Want to keep up with the latest trends?

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