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Move Effortlessly Into a New House With These Home Organization Tips

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Move Effortlessly Into a New House With These Home Organization Tips


Moving into a new home can be a stressful time for many people. What's important to remember, however, is that the hard part is over. After all your hard work and sleepless nights, you finally found your dream home.

Now that you have your forever home, it's time to pick up everything and move it with you. When you're moving from a small apartment or a parent's house into a new home, the move is quite simple. Home organization is easy because there won't be as many items to take with you and the amount of clutter is minimal. 

When you're packing up and moving from one house to another, though, the transition is a bit more difficult. You never really know how much stuff you have until you have to place every single item into a box and then unpack it in your new home.

We know that this might become overwhelming, and that's why we're here to help. Continue reading below for several home organization tips to keep in mind when moving into a new home!

1. Unpack One Room at a Time

The first thing that you should know is that unpacking one room at a time is a great way to keep everything organized. If you try to unpack multiple rooms all at once, you'll then have different items spread around the house in different rooms. You can see how this might create a lot of clutter and disaster. 

Instead, stick to unpacking one single room at a time. One of the most important rooms that you should consider unpacking first is the kitchen. The kitchen is essential because you're going to need your pots and pans and dishes to cook yourself and your family meals in your new home. 

When bringing your boxes in, place all of the boxes in their specific room. You'll then start by unpacking the kitchen. When done with the kitchen, move on to the next most-important room. 

2. Unbox Essential Items First

When packing up your old home, you should have placed your most essential items into your "essential boxes." These items are the items that you need to function every day. This could be your medications, your toothbrush and deodorant, shower products, and so forth. 

Each essential box should also be marked with the room that the box goes into. This will help you when needing to find each person's specific essential items. Each member of the family should have his or her own essential box to help keep things organized. 

These should be the first boxes that are unpacked in the bedrooms. Don't forget that bedsheets and linens are also essential items. 

3. Give Yourself the Needed Amount of Time

Unpacking an entire house into a new home takes a good amount of time to do. Don't stress yourself out because you weren't able to unpack everything on the first day. That is a simply unrealistic goal to set for yourself. 

You also shouldn't expect to unpack your entire home over one weekend. Instead, give yourself enough time to unpack everything with care and without being stressed out. If you need to take a week off from your job to get it done, then do so. 

Your employer could be understanding, given the circumstances. If you're not able to take time off of work, then come up with a schedule for everyone to follow at home. For example, you can have a schedule where each member of the family is required to unpack at least 2 boxes each night. 

With a schedule like this put in place, you should have an estimated finish date. 

4. Donate While Unpacking

When you were packing up your old house, you most likely did your best to donate and throw away anything that you could then. In some cases, you just don't have the time and you must pack everything up. In other situations, even if you were able to get rid of some things during this time, you might not have been able to get rid of everything you don't use. 

Take the time to donate any unwanted items while unpacking as well. You should keep a few bags around for donations and for the trash. While unpacking your boxes, be sure to place these items into the correct bag. 

You'll be surprised at how many unwanted items you find while unpacking.

5. Decorate After You Unpack

Moving into a new home is exciting. You finally have space you and your family needs and you got that beautiful kitchen that you've been waiting for! We know that you may feel tempted to go out and purchase new items to start decorating your new home. 

However, we suggest holding off from decorating until everything in your new home is unpacked. Purchasing new items and bringing them into your home will only create more clutter and more of a mess. Your new items might even get lost in all the unpacking, which would be disappointing. 

Instead, hold off until all rooms are cleared of boxes and ready for new decorations. If you can, place items into a wishlist online to purchase on a later date. You can also keep all new items in a storage unit until your new home is ready. 

6. Create a Linen Closet

Creating a linen closet in your new home is important because you'll need a place to store everyone's bedsheets, extra blankets, and towels. These items are commonly lost during a move, so having a specific place to put them in will significantly help during the unpacking process. 

If need be, order extra shelving to place in closets to hold all of these items. It's also a great idea to wash all of your towels and sheets before folding them and storing them in your new linen closet. When they've sat inside a box for a period of time, they could begin to have a musty smell. 

You'll want everything to be fresh and clean when you go to take your first shower in your new home or lay in your bed for the first time. Consider washing them as soon as you unpack their boxes to get them ready for the first night. 

7. Find a Home for Cords and Electronics

Electronics and cords can become frustrating. Everyone has had at least one experience dealing with a tangle of cords. When packing up your old home, you hopefully wrapped up all cords and electronics neatly. 

If this is the case, keep them this way unless you're using them right away. Any electronics that you're not plugging into the wall should be placed inside a drawer or bin designated for all cords and electronic items. Be sure that all cords are wrapped up with something to keep them together. 

This way you won't have to fight to untangle cords or find the right one when in need. 

8. Don't Ignore the Entryway

When moving into your new home, it's essential that you don't ignore the entryway. The entryway is the first thing that you and everyone else sees when entering your new home. Keep this area clutter-free and organized at all times. 

The last thing you want to see immediately after walking into your home is clutter. This could send your anxiety sky-rocketing. Place a large amount of focus on your entryway when unpacking. 

Find ways to keep it organized such as using hooks for keys and coats and using small baskets for other items. Be sure you have some type of system to help keep everyone's shoes from piling up as well.

If you can place a shelf in your entryway, then do so and have a basket under it for everyone to place their shoes in that can then be tucked away out of sight. 

9. Use Items You Already Have

Don't feel obligated to run out to the store and purchase organizational items. Remember what we said before. You don't want to bring more items into your home until you're completely unpacked. 

Instead, look at what items you already have and think of ways to use them to help you organize. Mason jars work well for holding small items such as pens, pencils, stamps, and so on. Any small baskets that you have lying around can also work well for holding miscellaneous items.

Use These Home Organization Tips to Make Your Next Move an Enjoyable One!

Your next move doesn't have to be a cluttered one! Use these home organization tips listed above to ensure that your move into your new home as enjoyable and as organized as possible. 

With these helpful tips, your new home will be put together in no time!

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