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Need More Real Estate Leads? 15 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas to Boost Sales

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Need More Real Estate Leads? 15 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas to Boost Sales

Need More Real Estate Leads? 15 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

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According to research done by Zillow, the US real estate market is valued at $31.8 trillion. If you’re not getting a piece of that action then you’re missing out big time.

It goes without saying that great real estate lead generation ideas can make a world of difference for your business bottom line. However, finding real estate leads that you can convert can be a bit of a challenge.

Whether you want to use the latest technology to generate leads or make some good old-fashioned in-person connections, one thing is for sure. You’ve come to the right place to get some fresh inspiration to get the ball rolling.

This article explores 15 great ways you can implement to start generating leads for your business. Read on.

1. Go Live on Social Media to Generate Real Estate Leads

Social media is a powerful tool for real estate lead generation. Going live at a property on social networks like Instagram and Facebook not only gives potential home buyers a feel for the property but it creates buzz and excitement building up to its reveal.

It’s also a great opportunity to hold real-time Q&A sessions to engage with your audience. Based on that, you can then identify potential leads.

Ensure you engage with your audience daily to build an active following. It would be pointless to go live to an empty audience.

2. Create Value-Added Online Resources

Having a fantastic website is great and all, but what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition to generate leads? Creating value-added online resources would be a great start.

You can publish printable moving checklists or eBooks that offer a wealth of information to clients. For instance, you can publish eBooks titled “A Complete Guide for First-Time Home Buyers” or “Planning a Big Move? A Guide to Financing”. You could also host educational seminars to discuss topics of interest to your audience all while generating leads.

3. Revisit Expired Listings

This is an unconventional lead generation strategy, but it works. Expired listings come about when a homeowner previously tried to sell their property with no success.

They are often left feeling frustrated and fed up with their previous agent and exhausted by the entire process in general. If you handle these individuals with care, you could generate more leads than you expect.

Find out what the root cause of their frustration is. Did it have something to do with pricing?

Was the agent who had the listing doing a good job marketing the property to potential buyers? Was it perhaps a case of agent neglect?

Once you get to the root of the matter you can appeal to the client’s emotions and offer them a realistic solution. This will push them towards having another go at trying to sell their property.

4. Celebrate Your Happy Clients

Celebrating your happy clients on social media is a great way to make them even happier! Everyone loves celebrating their milestones.

A milestone could be the newlywed couple who are first-time home buyers. It could also be that family that found the perfect home with a big enough backyard for their kids to run around in.

Giving your audience a personal glimpse into the real lives of your clients is a great way to increase your access to new potential customers. Your happy clients are more likely to create a personal connection with new potential customers and generate more leads for your business.

5. Create Your Own Branded App

Take your real estate lead generation efforts to the next level by creating a branded app for your business. The idea behind this is to get your potential leads to download the app.

You can then send them new listings, promotions, details of upcoming open-house events. Basically, anything that might be important for driving business.  What’s more, they would be more likely to click on app notifications than they would be to click on links in their emails.

6. Always Wear Your Branded Gear When You’re out in Public

When you’re looking to generate new leads for your real estate business why not start by using your wardrobe to do it? When standing in line at your local grocery store or going out for a run or even for your yoga class, you want people to take notice of your company name and what you do.

If they see it often enough someone might make a mental note and look you up online and eventually send business your way. Remember, something small can make a huge difference.

7. Sponsor a Housewarming Party

Go big or go home. Why not go big by throwing a housewarming party for a buyer after they close on their new digs?

Of course, you first need to get permission from your clients to find out if this is indeed something that they would be interested in. If so, you can agree on the dates that work for them and start planning.

The planning process involves hiring a catering service to provide food and drinks to the guests as well as sending out invitations to their friends and some of their new neighbors. Also, consider getting the new homeowners a house warming gift.

This is a reliable and affordable way to get word-of-mouth referrals from all attendees of the party. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), this accounts for a whopping 64% of property sales.

8. Send Thank You Notes

Speaking of handwritten notes, get into the habit of mailing a handwritten thank you note every time you get a referral from someone. This could be a fellow agent, past client or someone who came across your services. Your referees are more likely to send more leads your way when they feel that the favor they did for you was appreciated.

9. Network at Events

Good old fashioned networking never goes out of style when it comes to generating new business leads. However, you need to put yourself out there by attending non-real estate related events.

For instance, if there’s an annual 5K race in your home town for a local charity, you could sponsor the event. You can do the same thing if there’s a big concert slated to take place in your town or at your local county fair. These events offer great opportunities to amp-up lead generation for your real estate company.

10. Make the News

What better way to make potential clients sit up and pay attention than by making the headlines of your local dailies? Gaining local press is a great way to boost brand awareness of your real estate company.

It boosts your credibility and helps to create a strong reputation for your brand. However, you need to pitch a compelling story to reporters in order for them to consider you news-worthy.

For instance, a recent partnership with a charity event you’re sponsoring is an excellent story that would be considered newsworthy. This would not only intrigue your readers but it would inspire an emotional response that would spark lead generation for you.

11. Send out Seasons Greetings and Gifts

When it comes to lead generation for real estate, the importance of reaching out to your Sphere of Influence or SOI for short cannot be overstated. These are the individuals who make up your current network. It lets them know that you value their relationship and is an inexpensive way to fast-track lead generation for your business.

12. Become an Industry Thought Leader

One of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business is to present yourself as a real estate thought leader. A great way to do this is by writing industry-related articles for a well-established blog. Not only does it help to build your social proof but it builds your professional portfolio as well which is critical to generating leads.

13. Work Remotely

If you’re wondering how to get real estate leads by working remotely, here’s how. Rather than be cooped up in your office all day, why not take your office to the community?

Try and set up shop in your local coffee shop or park and display your agency logo on your laptop, coffee mug and branded tee. Be subtle about it too.

Don’t come off as though you’re trying too hard to sell. People might find this off-putting and view it as an invasion of sorts. Potential leads who are interested in the services you offer will approach you to find out more about what you’re about.

14. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

You can get some of the best real-estate leads by joining your local chamber of commerce. It gets your name and that of your business listed in newsletters and websites.

It’s a great way to make valuable connections with people and other businesses that are well established in the community. It’s almost like a stamp of approval that your business is credible and legit so that potential customers know they can trust you.

15. Implement SEO for Your Website

Last but definitely not least, you need to optimize your website for ranking on Google. Research shows that 80% of consumers begin their search for products and services online.

It’s therefore important for your website to rank on page one of Google search engine results to increase the visibility of your brand. While SEO isn’t an instantaneous lead generation process, over time, when your company begins to appear in organic searches, lead generation for your business will begin to flow.

All 4.1 billion internet users today could be potential leads for your business. There are lots of real estate lead generation companies that can help you achieve this.

The Bottom Line

Real estate is a tough and competitive industry. If you don't stay on top of your game, your competition can draw business from you and your company could suffer.


Implement these techniques to generate real estate leads and watch your business grow. Check out these 5 groundbreaking trends in real estate technology that could change the way you do business.