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Real Estate Company Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

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Real Estate Company Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020



With over 80,000 real estate brokerage firms in the United States, the real estate market is getting crowded. If you want your company to stand out you need to use the latest and greatest real estate company marketing trends. 

Certain digital trends have made their mark in the real estate world. If you're reading this post, we're going to assume that you already know that you need to have a social media presence, PPC ads, and a solid website to properly market your real estate company.

We want to focus on some out of the box ideas realtors and real estate companies have been using to build their brand and market their services.

If you need to take a fresh look at how you market your realtors and your company, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about real estate marketing trends in 2020.

Real Estate Company Marketing Trends to Watch Out For 

When most people think about marketing, they think about obvious things like social media, PPC ads, and mailers. While those are an important part of marketing for real estate, they aren't the only part of it.

Experiential events and customer gifts can be considered a part of real estate marketing. As long as you're doing something to promote your realtor's personal brand, your company, or your services, we're going to file it under marketing. 

It's important to note the dominance of personalization and authenticity in marketing. People don't want to feel like they're being heavily marketed to, they want a personal experience with every brand they interact with. 

Home buying is already a very personal experience. If you want your company and realtors to find success in marketing, you're going to have to think about ways to personalize the home buying experience. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for any of these hot trends in 2020!

Lifestyle Videos for Video Marketing

By now most realtors don't need to be told about the power of video marketing. Most of you have probably posted a video tour or two of homes you're marketing, but just because you're creating videos to post doesn't mean that you're handling videos the right way. 

The appearance of a house is always important, but some people live for DIY projects and doing their own thing once they move in. Instead of showing people the house they could live in, focus on showing them the life they could have if they buy the house. 

Lifestyle videos have become a powerful marketing tool for people across a variety of industries. If you want an effective marketing method in the real estate world, show people what daily life could be like if they choose to live in that house.

Take footage of someone lounging by the pool on a beautiful day. Film someone making a delicious dinner in the home's modern kitchen. 

Consider taking it a step further and film outside of the house. Show parents the new school their kids will be attending. Film people walking around a nearby park or eating a popular local restaurant.

Experiential Open Houses

In today's modern real estate world where realtors take professional photos of properties, utilize drone technology, and create 3-D tours, open houses are no longer the first glimpse people get of homes they're interested in buying.

People are busy, they already have access to the house virtually, and they aren't going to be compelled to attend an open house unless they're extremely interested in the property.

This is why some realtors have found success in turning open houses into experiential events where people can enjoy a fun activity. It gives people more incentive to attend an open house, and it adds more value to the overall customer experience. 

Savvy realtors tend to make major selling points of the house a focal point of their activity. If the home comes with its own wood-fired pizza stove have a make your own pizza party. Houses with a spacious backyard and big grill setup could benefit from a backyard BBQ. 

Other realtors have found luck in making open houses more theme-oriented and informational. Consider hosting an open house that teaches first time home buyers about programs for new buyers. Host an open house for parents that includes a representative from a local school that can answer their questions.

Eventually, word will spread that the realtors at your company throw fun open houses. You'll start to see more people come out to your realtor's open houses instead of your competitors. 

Live Q&As 

Do you need a way to build your company's social following? Are you interested in finding a way to demonstrate your realtor's expertise to potential buyers? 

If you want to take care of two problems at once, consider using social media to do a live Q&A event!

A nice blog post or a Q&A section on your website can be helpful, but being able to ask questions in real-time and see someone answer them will create much more engaging content.

Doing a live Q&A session can also help establish your company and its realtors as a true authority in your industry. People will see your expertise, and be more willing to work with you.

Don't just answer generic real estate questions, make them have a theme and focus on something hot in your area. Talk about questions people have about safety, discuss some of the hottest streets and neighborhoods in your city. 

If you want to avoid your Q&A from flopping from a lack of participation, answer some questions on your own in the beginning. People may be more open to asking questions of their own if they think that people are already doing it.

Closing Gifts 

If you want to top off the home buyer's experience on a truly kind and memorable note, a little gift-giving could go a long way.

The new homeowner is going to get a lot of gifts from friends and family for their housewarming party. Why not start off gift giving the right way and give them a nice gift that they'll always associate with your company? 

Creativity is highly encouraged when you're thinking of gifts to give. Tell your realtors to try to think about something that will go with their home's decor scheme, or think about what they've learned about their clients in the past.

Realtors that sold a home to an expecting couple may want to give buyers a newborn onesie as a gift. The craft beer expert would love a 6 pack from one of the town's local breweries. 

Also, be sure to look into possible customized gifts you can give. A set of towels embroidered with your company's logo or a bottle of wine with the company name printed on it can be a nice gift, and can also remind people of your company whenever they use it.

More Closing Content 

Closing a house can be an emotional and exciting experience for everyone involved. If you want to show off your services and show people how great using your company's realty services can be, don't be afraid to show off the magic of that moment.

Snapping a picture or two of the happy buyer after the home buying process can be a great way to capture memories associated with close. Some realtors have even gone as far as taking video or live streaming the moment. 

This could also be a great way to get some free marketing for any banks or mortgage lenders your company has a working relationship with. They may be willing to cross-promote any content you shoot on social so you'll have even more eyes on your content!

Turn Customers into Influencers 

Plenty of other industries have benefited from influencer marketing, and it's time for real estate agents to find their own influencers. 

Try to think of influencer marketing on a small scale. Real estate companies may not get many benefits from having big name social media celebrities talking about their brand, but they can get a lot of out average home buyers.

Word of mouth marketing is vital to people in the real estate industry. Think about how many people your company deals with that were referred from another satisfied customer.

Homebuyers are going to be your greatest tool if you want to produce authentic and personal marketing content, so think of ways to include them in your marketing plans. 

Some companies have turned the home buying process into a small reality show. They follow their customers throughout the home buying journey and share their stories on social media. They tell people a little about their clients, show them going through the home buying process, and do mini-interviews that show progress. 

Revamp Your Marketing Today

The really important real estate company marketing trend for 2020 is making authentic and personal experiences for your clients. If you focus on ways to showcase how you've helped others and how you're valuable to new clients, you're already on your way to having a solid marketing strategy.

We have the tools and tech you need to create some truly fantastic marketing content. Whether you want better listings or a more creative way to show off property, we're here to help.

Be sure to contact us today so we can start planning excellent content for your real estate company.