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Real Estate Photography: How to Sell More Homes Virtually

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Real Estate Photography: How to Sell More Homes Virtually


Now more than ever has the notion of selling your home virtually become the norm. It is a quick way to showcase a property without all the added stress of having people come in and out of the home. 

But did you know that at the center of every successful remote sale is great real estate photography? This means that taking out your phone and quickly snapping a few photos is not going to provide you with the results you want. 

Before you put up that for sale sign, you should put in the effort to amp up the best aspects of your property with beautiful pictures and videos in and outside the home. Outlined below are some key things to consider when you want to amp up your visual marketing and do well against the competition.

Great Visual Marketing Is All About the Light

Staging your home for virtual sale is a work of art. Lighting is no different, as it will tell a very compelling story when it is used correctly. Shooting with the best lighting should be number one on your list if you want to knock it out of the park. For most people who may not be as experienced in photography as the next person, companies like Hommati offer these services, so that you do not have to worry about if you are capturing everything in the best light possible. 

Schedule to Shoot Photos During the Best Times of the Day 

The harsh noon sunlight during the day would compete with the artificial lighting inside your home the minute you tried to snap a picture. There are prime times in the day for taking photos: before the sun rises at golden hour, and in the evening at dusk. Every photographer with Hommati has the professionalism to know when is the best time to take photos of your home to make it look the best it can be. They have an eye for when the lighting will make each photo pop and leave the potential buyers wanting more. 

Use Artificial Light To Enhance The Space

Artificial light is a wonderful tool to help create ambiance within multiple areas of the same room. Homes with open concepts are perfect for artificial lighting when you are staging them. 

Showcase a larger kitchen with bright, white, overhead lights to enhance the space. You can also flaunt your art studio with incandescent lights to create a more pleasing and calming atmosphere. When used correctly, artificial lighting will become a trusted friend when you are virtually staging a home. 

Each Hommati photographer will turn on all of the lights within the house when photographing the specific room, because it allows every aspect of the space to be seen and in a clear and HD way.

Angles Will Capitalize on the Sweet Spots  

We all have a room in our home we believe is the showstopper. This room is commonly also why you followed through with your original purchase. With the right angle, your real estate photographer will highlight and strengthen the greatness of any room. 

Plan Each Shot Ahead of Time 

If you rush through the process, your digital marketing will suffer. Your Hommati photographer will scope out the best spots within the home before taking the photos. Be sure to remove any personal items that you do not to be seen in any pictures. Also, removing your personal photos will help potential buyers imagine themselves and their belongings in the space.

Go outside and admire the home that you are about to place on the market. It has shown you love, now you can showcase that love through the pictures that are captured.

For more information on how to properly prepare your home before placing it on the market, read this blog post on how to get your home ready in 30 days or less. 

Make Sure To Have All The Tools For The Job 

Tripods are your perfect companion as far as professional photos are concerned. They provide the stabilization you need to guarantee your photos come out perfect every time. 

Tripods all come with a level, this will ensure your pictures are straight on the subject every time. They also have the ability to tilt and expand to capture overhead shots. This is perfect for shots of a kitchen table or island you want to highlight. 

As you can imagine, the tools and resources that are used for these big projects can get pricey. That is where companies like Hommati come into play, because we have all of the necessary items that we will need to capture your home to put it on the market. You will not need to worry about another added charge to obtain these tools on top of the other amounts you are spending in getting your house ready to sell. 

A Birds Eye View Is The Best View 

Exterior photos are just as important as the interior. Using aerial and drone footage as a means to capture the outside world has become extremely popular for good reasonThis technique offers a better vantage point for buyers to really picture themselves in the space.  

Consider a Drone for Jaw-Dropping Shots 

A drone will give a movie-like quality to all of your shots. They easily capture the surrounding area of the home which provides the homebuyer a well-rounded view. If you have a massive fire pit in the backyard or land with a lot of acreage, aerial shots are the key to having these details noticed. 

Because owning and operating a drone costs a lot of money and time, you do not need to worry about going out there and taking the rigorous test and obtaining your drone license. Every Hommati professional has his or her drone license and is fully equipped to fly one to showcase the exterior of your house and the property. 

Cover the Entire Property to Add More Value 

While including pictures of the four exterior walls is typical, have you considered the condition of the roof or getting pictures of the river behind the home? Most people do not include these types of photos in their home listing, but with a drone, you can. 

A birds-eye view really provides a unique feel to the home. For any potential homebuyer, having these aerial shots really helps them to imagine the home as if they were standing in the yard. Any flair you can add to make the buyer feel at home is a home run.  

3-D tours are also an excellent way to showcase your property. To learn more about them, check out these homes for sale that have implemented 3-D tours into their listings. 

A Well-Staged Space Is a Great Space  

While interior design may not be your biggest asset, staging within your home is ideal when you are attempting to sell. It can be as simple as making your bed properly, placing a nice vase on a shelf, or grabbing a fake plant from the store. The effort you put into your staging will not go unnoticed by the potential buyer.  

A Tidy Space Is an Appealing Space 

You may have boxes scattered all over the floor waiting to be packed, but including them in a picture is not ideal. Be sure to tidy up any spaces before taking the picture. A cleaner space will show a greater sense of peace within the home.  

Add a Bit of Freshness To the Home and Depersonalize

That wallpaper you loved? It might be time to take it down. Depersonalize as much as possible and add a new coat of neutral-colored paint to the wall. You want your potential buyer to imagine the possibilities when they are browsing through each picture.  

Purchasing a small essential oil diffuser and turning it on before capturing the space will make all the difference. Adding greenery throughout will also provide a lively and inviting feel to any room they are placed. 

Adding neutralized objects and subtracting personalized items will show the buyer that your house is made just for them. Don't forget to sweep the front porch off and remove any outdoor furniture that has been stained. The more effort you put into stripping your home down to the basics before you photograph, the better.  

Professional Real Estate Photography Is Within Reach 

Go the extra mile and show up the competition by implementing great real estate photography into your home listing. You will not regret taking the extra time to stage your home in the best light. To find a baseline price for your home before you list you can find its true market value by clicking here

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