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Real Estate Team vs. A Single Agent: Which Is Right For You?

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Real Estate Team vs. A Single Agent: Which Is Right For You?

Real Estate Team vs. A Single Agent: Which Is Right For You?

Hiring a real estate team or a single agent is a major decision you're faced with when selling your



Deciding to sell your home is a very exciting time. You get to start planning for the future and looking at where you can be in just a short period of time! 

Choosing between a real estate team vs. a single agent can seem a little daunting. After all, if you make the wrong choice, you're the one that suffers.

How can you make a choice that makes sense and helps you sell your home faster?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each option and determine which may be a better fit for you.

When to Hire Someone to Help You

It may seem easier to sell your home without having to hire anyone, but it may not be as simple as you think.

In fact, there are some cases where people will have their home on the market for years before they actually get a buyer. Even if you have a lot of marketing experience or have sold a home before, you still need help.

A real estate agent or even a real estate team will have a wealth of knowledge that you don't have. They have access to more information and can be a guide for you in this process.

If you're serious about selling your home, you don't want to do it on your own.

The best time to hire help is from the very beginning. This way, they can help you through the entire process to ensure that there are no missteps. They will help you get the price you deserve for your home sooner.

Real Estate Team vs. A Single Agent: Which is Best?

Depending on your situation, either of these options could be great. As long as your house is sold in a timely manner and you get the price you deserve, that's all that matters. 

How can you know which of these options will work best for you?

One could be better than the other for you. There are pros and cons for both that must be considered.

Pros of Hiring a Real Estate Team

A real estate team may be a great choice if you want to have multiple points of contact. 

You get to work with multiple professionals without having to pay more. This is a huge benefit of hiring a real estate team. 

Depending on who is on the team you hire, you have the ability to work with people that are experts in different areas of the sale process. A marketing professional, listing specialist, or closing coordinator on your side can go a long way.

Not only will you be more likely to get a fair buying price, but you will also have more peace of mind knowing that you have all of these people helping you out.

Another big benefit to having a real estate team is that there are different tasks that can be delegated around the group. One person doesn't have to shoulder all of the burdens of everything because more people are there to help each other, as well as you.

Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Team

Although having multiple people can be a great benefit, it can be a con at the same time. Communication is important when you are working in real estate and sometimes it can be lost when there are a lot of people working on something. 

If the team is extremely large, it is even more likely to happen. Things will become confusing and it may be harder and harder to get everyone back on the same page.

Another issue that sometimes occurs is that the team no longer has a leader. Everyone is working together, but who is really taking charge for the client (you)?

If you close a deal and the contract is secured, but you can't find the lead point of contact, you are going to end up in a disastrous situation.

Pros of Hiring a Single Agent

You are able to build a stronger relationship with just one person than a whole team.

For many, buying and selling is stressful. It takes an emotional toll on a person to part with a home that they loved for so long and sell it to someone, especially if it’s difficult to find a good buyer or the timing for selling a home is not ideal.

You have to be comfortable with the person that you are working with and having a single agent can make this easier. Trust is very important in this type of working, professional relationship.

Another benefit of having just one agent rather than a team is that you know the agent will take responsibility. They have your best interests at heart because they know you are relying on them.

It makes it a little more personal when you feel a connection with your real estate agent, even if you actually don't have anything in common. This is a good sign you don't have a bad real estate agent!

If something goes wrong with the sale or a document gets lost, they have no one to blame but themselves. This helps create accountability and can increase your level of trust with that particular agent as well.

Cons of Hiring a Single Agent

The single biggest con to choosing a single agent over a team is that they are not as available. Since a person is not able to be in two places at one time, they can't always be there to help.

If you're selling a home in a buyer's market, you need to know that your agent is available if someone becomes interested. Otherwise, it becomes a lost opportunity to sell and can create a huge challenge.

Knowing how many clients an agent you are considering works with at once is a good idea because you should know what you are getting yourself into. Most real estate agents can handle at least 15 or 20 clients at once, especially if they have experience.

How Can You Choose the Best Option?

When you are trying to figure out who to hire, you have to ask yourself some questions. Consider what is important to you. For example:

  • How fast does this home have to be sold?
  • Do I have a deadline?
  • Do I feel more comfortable working with many people or just with one?
  • How much control do I need to have over what is going on?
  • Is communication going to be a big factor for me?
  • Is this house going to be difficult to sell? If so, do I need extra help from a team or more experience from a single agent?
  • Which of these factors are the most important to me as a seller and client?

There is not a single right answer, but there is an answer that makes more sense for your specific situation. Not every house is the same and because of that, every time someone buys or sells a home, the situation changes.

Think about the things that matter the most to you and what you think is going to be the most important in regards to selling your house.

If you think your home is hard to sell for any reason, it may be better to go with a team that has more points of contact with the community. 

If your home will be a fast sell, but you don't know if you will get a fair price, a more experienced and charismatic single agent could be a better fit.

No matter what, you have to consider your own needs before the needs of your real estate team or agent. In the end, you are the client and you deserve to have a positive experience with the best possible outcome.

Sell Your Home Faster

Now that you see some advantages and disadvantages of hiring a real estate team vs. a single agent, you can probably understand why people would choose either option.

Selling your home is a big deal! It should not be treated as anything else. You deserve to have a team or agent that cares for you and actually wants you to have a good end result.

Whether you choose a real estate team or you choose a single agent, professionalism is still very important. Doing a little independent research can be a great way to ensure you are making a good choice with your prospective real estate professional.


If you feel like you are ready to start the process, get in touch with us and let us help you find a professional to sell your home.