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The Reasons to Use Virtual Home Staging When Selling Your House

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The Reasons to Use Virtual Home Staging When Selling Your House


In today’s crazy real estate market, homes need to sell faster than ever. Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent, if you need some marketing help, you have come to the right place. We will go over just a few of the many benefits of home staging technology.

From saving you time and money to getting your home sold faster, we have rounded up everything you need to know about virtual staging. Let us get started and see how virtual home staging can help your home sell faster.

1. Virtual Home Staging Makes Your Home Stand Out

With so many new homeowners shopping online for real estate, you only have a few minutes to grab potential buyers. This is where virtual staging comes in. Virtual staging will make your home stand out.

Many potential buyers are scrolling new listings daily on their phones. If they see outdated or dark pictures, they will likely keep scrolling. To grab their attention, you need high-quality images that show your home in the best possible light.

Virtual home staging makes your home look modern, fresh, and updated. People will see you put money and effort into your home. Even though the staging is virtual, this is your chance to grab their attention and make them want to see the home for themselves.

2. You Will Save Money

Home staging can be expensive. Between hiring a professional and renting furniture, the costs of staging can add up. Virtual staging, however, is all done online. There is no need to have someone come in and put in new furniture.

In addition to saving money on physical staging, you will also save money on photography. With virtual staging, you will have beautifully done, high-quality images to put online. You will save money on photography, cleaning, storage, and more. 

If you try to stage your home yourself, you will spend countless hours removing old furniture and buying new pieces. It is overwhelming deciding what to pack, what to buy, and what you may be able to use at your new home. Leave all this to the professionals with virtual staging, such as companies like Hommati.

3. Your Home Will Sell Faster

When a home sits on the market, this can raise red flags to potential buyers. They may think the home is overpriced or something is wrong with it. The best way to get top dollar for your home is to price it and show it well.

To help your home sell faster, use virtual staging technology. Even an empty home will show better. You will have modern, new furniture, artwork, and accessories in your home showing buyers all the possibilities.

If your home has gone a little stale, it is never too late to try virtual staging. A minor price reduction or putting it back on the market with new virtual staging will give your listing new life. You will have new potential buyers looking at beautiful, glossy, new images with fresh eyes.

4. Buyers Can Picture Themselves in Your Home

A potential buyer does not want to look at pictures of your home and only see you there. If they see your collectibles and years’ worth of stuff, it can be hard to get past that. Buyers want to see a fresh, beautiful canvas they can make their own.

Virtual staging will show buyers how they can use each room in your home. If you have a large home perfect for a family, stage it this way. With working from home becoming increasingly popular, turn an empty room into an office. Show a small bedroom as a nursery or make a family room into a playroom.

Show your home as neutral and fresh as possible. Cater to your area with young professionals or families. Showing your home in a new light will attract more buyers who can picture themselves and their family and friends in the home.

5. Virtual Staging Gives You More Time

Staging a home physically takes a lot of time. If you are in the process of moving out before your home is sold, this is especially tricky. Buyers do not want to look at pictures of moving boxes, clutter, or empty rooms.

Using virtual staging will buy you more time. Now, you can show your home virtually like a show home. You will have beautiful photos showing your home professionally staged and decorated.

Virtual staging gives you time to move out, declutter, and make a good first impression before buyers come to see the home in person. This is also a great way to preview your home and build anticipation. With a limited inventory and backed-up demand, buyers are waiting to see a new listing pop into their feed.

6. Your Home Will Sell For More

With all the chaos of the world, it is still a seller’s market in many communities. Homes with dark, low-resolution images online, will take longer to sell. They do not stand out.

To help your home sell for more money, show it in the best light possible with virtual staging. Virtual staging turns any room of your home into what buyers are looking for. Buyers will pay a premium for home office space, home gyms, extra bedrooms, playrooms, and storage.

Show potential buyers all the possibilities your home has. Even though the furniture is not there in person, they will not be able to forget the images of what is possible. You can show buyers the craft room, office, or play space of their dreams.

Virtual staging helps buyers’ picture everything they can do in your home. Through virtual furniture and decorating, every room in your home will look professionally done. Buyers will pay more to make your home their own.

7. Your Home Will Appear More Updated

If your home needs a little tender love and care, virtual staging can help. Virtual staging helps to show buyers what your home will look like with some updates. Even if it is not an expensive remodel, you can show buyers what painted cabinets look like or updated light fixtures and hardware.

Virtual staging will show buyers what’s possible with some minor renovations or decorating. They can picture what projects they want to do when the home is theirs. The images they see online will also draw them in in spite of what they see in person.

Dark photos of an outdated house may scare buyers away. The high-resolution and professional images you get with virtual staging will give your home a more updated appearance. Making unnecessary repairs, redecorating, and buying furniture takes a lot of time and money. Do all this for less with virtual staging.

8. Use Virtual Staging Outdoors

You can also use virtual staging outdoors. Outdoor living adds tons of square footage to a home. If you have great outdoor space, show this off. 

Use virtual staging to showcase a deck, patio, or large backyard. Add outdoor furniture, plants, and decor to show people how they can use the outdoor space. Show potential buyers how they can entertain, play with kids, relax, and use all the great outdoor space your home offers. 

9. You Can Move Onto Your Next Chapter Quicker

If your home is sitting on the market, it is likely holding you back. To help you move on to the next chapter of your life sooner, it is time to freshen up the marking. Using virtual staging will help sell a home faster so you can move on.

If you need to sell to move on to a new home, time is of the essence. Do not let your current home hold you back. Use virtual staging to get the home sold faster so you can move on.

If you are a realtor looking to use virtual staging, this will also help you close the books on this listing. Having a stale listing prevents you from winning new business and listing more homes. Use virtual staging to sell homes faster and for happier clients.

The Advantages of Home Staging

The reasons to use home staging are almost endless. Virtual home staging will save you time and money. It will also help get your home sold faster and for more money.

Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent, consider how much better your property will look using virtual staging technology. For more information about using this technology in your home, fill out the contact form here. You will be put in touch with a marketing professional that will help virtually transform your home.