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The Secret to Real Estate Success in 2020: Expert Tips for Selling Homes Faster

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The Secret to Real Estate Success in 2020: Expert Tips for Selling Homes Faster



Your client has just informed you that they have a tight deadline for selling their home. Maybe they have a new home and can't afford both mortgages. Maybe they're moving out of state and can't maintain the home.

Regardless, their deadline is now your deadline. It's never easy to get a great selling price in a short time, but it is possible if you have the right strategies. Start with these top tips for real estate success in selling home quickly.

1. Showcase the Neighborhood

Location is a critical component of any homebuyer's decision, so you can bet they'll be looking up the neighborhood. If they don't see pictures or videos on your listing, they'll head to a map like Google Maps to see pictures. If that service happened to take pictures on a day when the neighborhood wasn't looking its best, you're the one paying the price.

Instead, get videos of the home's aerial view and the surrounding area. Give buyers a good view of the features in the neighborhood and film it on an appealing, sunny day.

To make that easy, post your listing on a resource that can handle this aspect for you like our mobile house tour app.

2. Communicate with Your Client About the Selling Strategy

Coming up with a selling strategy out of the gate is real estate sales 101. You need a solid plan for how to price the home, where to advertise it, who you're trying to attract, and so on.

This doesn't need to be a mystery. Keep the homeowner in the loop about your selling strategy and how you want buyers to see the home. If they don't know your plan, they could accidentally say or do something that works against you.

Not only does this turn you and your client into a team, but it makes them confident in you too. It shows them that you have a strategy and you're taking action, so they need to sit back and let you work your magic.

3. Take Advantage of Digital Staging

Staged homes sell 73% faster than unstaged homes, so staging is a must if your seller is in a hurry. The problem is that physical staging takes valuable time too.

Between moving old furniture out and staging furniture in, finding the right pieces, and more, it takes days of work. Or, you could skip all that and use virtual staging instead.

With virtual staging, you can upload pictures of the home and stage them with simulated furniture. This helps buyers see the home as warm and inviting in the listing so you can get them in the door.

4. Check Out Successful Sales Nearby

Take a look at listings in your client's area that have sold in a hurry. Pay more attention to those at a similar price point, but any fast-selling home is helpful.

Review those listings and see what strategies they used to appeal to buyers. Of course, there are likely factors besides the listing that helped the property sell quickly. Still, those listings can give you ideas for improving your own listings and seeing what you should emphasize or include.

5. Use Targeted Social Media Marketing

Did you know that around 75% of Realtors use social media for professional purposes? It isn't enough to post, though. You need to approach it with the right strategy and techniques.

Paid social media ads are a game-changer because you can decide who sees them. Based on the home you're selling, you can choose to advertise to users who fit certain locations, family sizes, and other basics.

For example, let's say your client's home has four bedrooms. Chances are that it will appeal most to families with kids, so you can post a Facebook ad and specify that you want users with kids under 18 to see it.

6. Declutter and Depersonalize

Space is a major consideration for homebuyers, and every home looks smaller when it's cluttered. That's why a storage unit is your best friend.

Box up some of the items on mantles and bookshelves, along with excessive wall decor. Move visible storage bins from closets, basements, and garages into a storage unit too. You can even store unnecessary furniture.

Depersonalize the home at the same time. You want buyers to see themselves living in the home, not the current owners. Remove family photos, kids' drawings from the refrigerator, and other overly personal objects.

7. Segment Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is another strong strategy for selling a home, especially when you use it right. For starters, you need to be encouraging everyone possible to sign up for your mailing list.

When people sign up, ask for some basic information too. Ask what size of home they're looking for, what area they want to live in, and so on.

Use that information to segment your email list. When you have a new client, send an email blast to the list of people who have expressed interest in that type of home.

This way, your messages are reaching the most relevant people. At the same time, you'll get fewer people unsubscribing because you aren't flooding their inboxes with irrelevant messages.

8. Prepare Your Seller for Flexibility

When you have potential buyers, accommodating their schedules for showings could make a world of difference. If your client is still living in the home, have a frank discussion with them about flexibility.

Let them know there may be times you'll ask to show the home on short notice. Help them come up with a plan for showings. It should include a to-do list to make sure the home is clean and ready, a place to go like a nearby coffee shop, and so on.

9. Invest in Professional Photos

Your online listing is often the first impression a buyer has of the home, so you need to knock it out of the park. That starts with the photos of the home.

Many agents take the photos themselves to save money, but this could be costing you more than it's saving you. You need a true professional photographer.

A photographer has the expertise, lighting equipment, and experience to show every home in the best light. Look for locals who specialize in real estate photography and compare their prices and portfolios to find the best fit.

10. Consider Starting a Bidding War

One strategy some agents use is listing the home for significantly less than its value. This pulls in more interested buyers and, ideally, sparks a bidding war so you get the best price for your client.

As homebuyers are looking for homes, their buying agents will see that your client's home is priced low and they'll let the buyers know that it will go quickly. This encourages buyers to move on it more quickly so you get a faster sale.

11. Use Your Personal Network

Your personal network is probably larger than you realize, between your family members, friends, neighbors, and so on. Chances are that several of them are looking for a home or know someone who is.

Keep in touch with your personal network about your listings, especially when you have a home that needs to sell fast. Post on your personal social media about it and email anyone you know might be home shopping.

For one, this gets your listing in front of more people. For two, those who see your listing are more likely to reach out because they know you and trust you.

12. Focus on the Front View

Experts agree that curb appeal is among the most important aspects of selling a home. As Barbara Corcoran explains, homebuyers judge the home within the first 30 seconds of seeing it. If you don't impress them by then, it's hard to win back their favor.

Chances are that there are plenty of quick fixes and touch-ups your clients could make to their home, but they don't have the time or budget for them all. When that's the case, focus on the curb appeal first.

Make simple changes like sprucing up the landscaping or painting the front door. Make sure the front door is easy to see from the street because this makes it more inviting.

14. Ask for Feedback

Unless you're the luckiest real estate agent on the planet, you'll have plenty of buyers who tour the home but don't put in an offer. There's nothing wrong with asking for their feedback.

Ask what it was that didn't appeal to them or what they felt was missing. This could point out things you can improve about the home or features you could better emphasize in the future. When you need to sell in a hurry, every tip helps.

Mastering Real Estate Success with Fast-Selling Tips

Every client wants to sell their home as soon as possible, but some have more strict deadlines than others. No matter how experienced you are as an agent, you can find more real estate success with the speed-selling tips above.

To get started today or find out more about how to boost your selling power, check out our home tour app today.