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The Ultimate Guide for Sellers: How to Make Show-Stopping Real Estate Video Tours

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The Ultimate Guide for Sellers: How to Make Show-Stopping Real Estate Video Tours


Over 50% of buyers find their homes online. If you want to boost real estate sales this year, it is time to adjust your marketing plan. Otherwise, your listings might struggle to stand out from the rest.

With real estate video tours, you can attract buyers online and wow them.

Want to make sure your real estate virtual tours look professional? Consider hiring a professional such as Hommati. With our innovative technologies, you can produce the best virtual tours online.

Not sure how to get started? Here are the twelve tips you need to succeed! With these tips, your real estate videos will stand out and draw in new buyers.

Set yourself apart from the competition! Discover how to sell homes faster (and for a higher price) with these video tips today.

1. Have the Right Equipment Handy

Before you get started, you will need to gather the right equipment. Taking video footage using a smartphone could result in shaky footage. Instead, make sure to have a stable tripod handy.

Unfortunately, purchasing the equipment you need could become costly. You might not use this equipment more than a few times, either. Instead of taking a DIY approach, consider hiring a professional team such as Hommati.

We will make sure to use a tripod with a panoramic mount. That way, we can capture different angles while ensuring the footage lines up. Your videos appear seamless as a result.

Our equipment is ideal for 3D tours, which can help immerse buyers in each property.

We can use a 360-degree or panoramic camera to better capture your space.

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment. Instead, consider working with a professional team. We have the equipment you need to create a high-quality, stunning video tour.

About 64% of marketers say videos are the most difficult content to create. Meanwhile, 70% of consumers prefer video content over text. In fact, adding video content to your landing pages could boost conversions by almost 90%!

Without the right equipment, you could struggle.

You do not have to use these tips for creating real estate video tours alone. Instead, consider our 3D Interactive Tours, Virtual Reality Tours, and Virtual Staging services. With our real estate agent services, you can save valuable time and produce wow-worthy videos.

2. Plan Each Shot Beforehand

It helps to stay organized. Before you start getting footage for your real estate video tours, meet with our team. We will help plan your shots beforehand. 

First, we will make a list of every room within the property that you want to include in the tour. Then, we will make sure to highlight the room's features from the best vantage point.

Planning each shot will ensure we have found the perfect angle for each room.

3. Start Staging

We can also provide staging services for your real estate video tour. Our services will ensure the room looks perfect before we start rolling.

We will also keep your target audience in mind. For example, if you are trying to new families, we can add a nursery or playroom.

We will also make sure to remove anything that stands in the way of the lens. Otherwise, the camera will not have a clear view.

It helps to remove anything that might make the room look messy, too. Avoid anything that could distract a buyer from high-value features as well. Creating a clear view will ensure the best possible results.

4. Light It Right

As we complete a walkthrough of the property, we will make sure to have consistent, bright lighting throughout every room. Lighting can change a buyer's perception of size, shape, or the room's feel.

We will try to avoid dim lighting, which can seem moody. Overly dim lighting could make a room look small or uninviting. We will also avoid inconsistencies, too. Otherwise, we could create a jarring experience for the viewer. 

With professionally created real estate videos, you can draw buyers in and make them feel like they are immersed in the video. We at Hommati have been trained on how to create the best looking tour for your space that will impress all potential buyers.

5. Take Your Test Shots

Before we create your official real estate virtual tours, we will take test shots. We will move through your shot list and test each angle. We will also highlight the key features you want buyers to focus on.

Once we have your test shots, study the footage. Does anything look too dark? Is the lighting too bright?

Taking test shots will help you make informed adjustments. 

We will also search for any distractions in the shot, too. Then, we can find better ways to stage the property.

6. Create Your Tour

Now that we are set up, we can start gathering your footage. We will create a to-do list for the day of the shot, including:

  • Turning on all the lights
  • Opening the blinds
  • Hiding unnecessary items you do not want in the shot
  • Opening all interior doors to avoid interruptions as we navigate between rooms
  • Wiping the camera lens
  • Giving the home a quick polish

Our professional real estate videographer can help you avoid making costly mistakes with your videos. With our help, you can take eye-catching, stunning footage. 

Then, we can create 3D tours that draw in prospective buyers.

7. Make It Self-Guided

About 90% of users say videos help them make buying decisions. We can help you create self-guided real estate virtual tours using your footage. Seamless footage can ensure the best 3D tours, too!

Anyone taking a virtual tour using your footage should have complete control. They can move between rooms and control the viewing angle. 

Creating a self-guided 3D tour can improve the user's experience. They might dwell on your virtual tour longer, too. A higher dwell time can improve your search engine ranking. That will then help you can reach even more potential buyers.

You can learn more about essential virtual tools for selling homes here.

8. Choose the Right Viewpoints

When choosing viewpoints, we make sure they reflect a natural human perspective. Where would someone stop when they enter a room? You can choose different viewpoints (instead of solely positioning the camera at the center of the room).

Adding multiple viewpoints can create a more natural experience. 

We will create multiple viewpoints per room, too. You can give your viewers multiple options and perspectives. They might notice features from one viewpoint that they would not from another.

9. Isolate Unique Features

What unique features do you want people to see within your real estate video tours? Focusing on the right features can help you draw in buyers. Your real estate videos can help you capture unique features and reveal a property's personality.

Adding touchpoints that isolate unique features will help buyers learn more about each property. They will have an easier time differentiating your property from others, too. 

10. Capture the Curb Appeal

Do not forget to head outside! Many real estate video tours neglect to consider a home's curb appeal. Consider starting your tour with a view from the street using drone aerial footage. At Hommati, we have the specialized equipment and all of the necessary licenses to fly drones to capture your home at every angle. 

It helps to update the property's curb appeal beforehand. Spruce up the lawn with new plants. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint that pops.

Updating the curb appeal will help viewers feel excited about starting the tour.

What about unique outside features you want to highlight? For example, does the property have a patio? What about a garden or pool in the backyard?

We can highlight these features to help viewers get a complete feel for the property.

11. Check for Continuity Issues

Once we capture your footage, we will double-check for continuity errors. Were any staged objects moved between one shot and the next? Are there any blurry shots?

We will retake those shots before finishing your real estate virtual tour. Otherwise, the video might feel awkward or shakey. These issues could disrupt the user experience as a result. 

12. Start Sharing

Once we create your real estate video tour, start using it as part of your marketing strategy. For example, you can add the video to a website landing page. You can also share it on social media or use it within pay-per-click ads.

Finding new ways to share your video tours can help you draw in new buyers.

Consider requesting a branded and unbranded version of each tour. Branded yours include your name and contact information. These tours are ideal for social media.

An unbranded version is best for listing services that do not allow you to display your brand.

Start referencing your tours in your collateral materials, too. 

Wow-Worthy Tours: 12 Tips for Creating the Best Real Estate Video Tours

Ready to create a wow-worthy tour? Use these tips and our team to create the best real estate video tours possible! With these tips, you can impress buyers and draw them in.

Remember, you do not have to work through this process alone. Instead, consider relying on an expert for the help you need such as a company like Hommati.

Sign up with our free enrollment today to get started!