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Tips and Tricks for Listing Real Estate Photography

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Tips and Tricks for Listing Real Estate Photography


According to the National Association of Realtors, the first step that 41% of recent homebuyers took was looking at online properties for sale. Because buyers are increasingly using online platforms to buy their homes, it is essential that you find ways to make your listing shine above your competitors!

One way that you can do this is through professional real estate photography. Do you want to learn more about a real estate shoot and how to get the best photos? 

Keep reading these tips and tricks to learn more about how you can prepare to get the best photos from your real estate shoot. 

Schedule the Shoot for the Right Time of Day

First, you need to schedule the photoshoot for the right time of day. A professional photographer will know when the lighting is best for your real estate photos and can help you plan your shoot to get the right time of day and the right weather.

Companies like Hommati have professional photographers who are equipped with the knowledge and equipment that creates the best photos and highlights the best areas of the house.

If you shoot early in the morning or after sunset, you may find that your photos have poor lighting. Instead, you want to shoot when you can utilize natural light in the property. 

When you are scheduling your photoshoot, you can also talk with your real estate photographer to discuss the best times of day to take photos. This may also depend on the direction the property is facing to get the best lighting. 

Declutter and Neutralize

When people search for a home, they want to be able to picture themselves living in it. If your home is too cluttered or has bold design features, it may be something that turns off potential buyers. 

Before you schedule a photoshoot for real estate photos, you need to make sure the home is decluttered and neutralized.

For example, you should make sure every room in the home has minimal decor and is clear from clutter. This includes belongings on the countertops, piles of paper, and more. 

You should also find ways to neutralize your house. For example, having a brightly colored accent wall may be something that you love, but may keep other people from buying your home. You can easily remove bold artwork or paint over the bright wall before you start taking photos. 

This way, it will be easier for potential buyers to look at your real estate listing and picture themselves living in the home. 

Part of decluttering a home is also learning how to improve curb appeal. This is an easy way to improve the first impression of your potential buyers. 

Do a Deep Clean

Not only do you need to declutter your property before you have real estate photos taken, but you also need to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly.

This is not a brief, surface-level clean. Instead, you need to clean every square inch of the property. This includes everything from the baseboards to the ceilings!

When you have a super clean property, potential buyers will see that the property was taken care of and well-maintained. 

During this deep cleaning, you should also make minor repairs to the home. For example, you may find that there are small scratches or holes in the walls, which may show potential buyers that the property was neglected. 

As small as these imperfections are, they can still show up in photos. Make sure you spackle the walls where necessary and make paint touch-ups before your photoshoot. 

Stage the Home

Not only do you need to have a clean and organized home, but it is also vital that you stage your clients' homes before you take professional photos for your listing. Home staging allows you to dress up your home to appeal to your buyers!

Using popular styling techniques can help you sell faster and maybe even for a higher price. 

Part of staging your home includes depersonalizing the space. Having a blank canvas with neutral decor and furnishings will help buyers connect with the property. 

When you are selling a home online, you can also use virtual staging. This allows you to complete the staging process online and show your potential buyers what the home would look like once they move in. 

Remove Pets From the Home

Before your real estate photo shoot, you should also remove any pets from the home. Not everyone likes pets or wants to live in a home that has had pets. Some people may even be allergic to pets. 

To make sure you do not detract potential buyers, you need to remove your pets from your home. This includes any signs that you have pets, like pet odors, pet toys, and other pet items. 

This way, your potential buyers will not be concerned about damage from the pets, like fur in the carpet, stains, and scratched floors. Instead, they will have their full attention on the photos and listing. 

Showcase Best Features of Each Room

Something else you can do to get the best photos for your real estate listing is to highlight the best features of each room. For example, some rooms have built-in cabinets, beautiful large windows, or other great qualities!

You can provide your real estate photographer with a list of the features that you want them to highlight in the photos. 

Each room should have a selling point, which will attract potential buyers and provide more interest in your listing. Focusing on these features during your photoshoot will make the property look more impressive and desirable. 

Pay Attention to Details

It is also essential that you pay attention to the smallest details before you take professional photos for your online listings. Even if you are listing an amazing property, small things can deter potential buyers. 

For example, you should put away all the toiletries in your bathrooms before taking a photo. No one wants to see shampoo bottles or your toothbrushes when they are looking for a home to buy. 

You also need to make sure every detail looks great in a photo. Make sure your bedspreads are wrinkle-free and straight. You should also make sure there is nothing sitting out on your counters that will be seen in the photos. 

List the Right Amount of Photos

One common mistake that people make when they are selling their homes online is providing too many or too few photos for their listings. If you do not have enough photos, your buyers will be left unsure of what your property truly looks like. 

With too many photos, they may get bored and exit your listing. 

Typically, it is recommended that you have about 20 photos of your home. This amount is easy to scroll through, but still provides an accurate depiction of a property. 

Hire a Professional

Finally, one of the best tips and tricks you can follow to get great shots from your real estate photography is hiring a professional photographer, like Hommati! Professional photographers are knowledgeable about the ways to improve your real estate listings. 

They know how to capture the attention of your potential buyers, get people to click through your listing, and increase consumer engagement. 

Professional real estate photography companies already have the training, equipment, and knowledge to give you the best photos possible.

When you are hiring a professional photographer, you must make sure the company uses the right equipment for your real estate photoshoot. Having the right equipment will make your job easier, because the photos will draw in potential buyers.

They should also include photo editing post-shoot and should have high-quality photo editing software. 

When you are choosing a real estate photographer, you should also consider what services they offer. For example, you may want to find a company that offers 360 images, drone photography or aerial photography, and more.

These different types of photos can help your listing stand out and will offer a more complete view of the property you are listing. 

Finally, you need to learn more about a real estate photographer's past work. This way, you can see if their photography style matches your needs. Often, companies will have online galleries of their past photos that you can look through.

Learn More About The Best Tips and Tricks of Real Estate Photography

Getting the best photos for your real estate listing is a great way to make your listing shine. Professional real estate photographers use each of these tips and tricks to create the best listings for your clients!

If you are looking for a professional real estate photographer to help with your listing, Hommati can help! Our visual approach to home selling includes 3D tours, drone aerial videos, and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started with your real estate photography today!