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Top 7 Unique Closing Gifts for Buyers

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Top 7 Unique Closing Gifts for Buyers

A recent study found that over 62% of Americans prefer gifts that come from the heart and are meaningful in some way. Selecting home closing gifts is no easy feat, but for it to be special, you need to put effort and thought into the gift. 

Don't just select something off the internet and call it a day; add personal touches and make the gift memorable; it will make your buyers eager to give you a good review and even send their friends to work with you. So, what gifts should you send?

Don't worry! With this guide, you can find out! From expensive alcohol to personalized coasters, you can learn the best gifts to give your buyers today.   

Here's an in-depth look at luxury closing gifts for buyers: 

1. An Expensive Bottle of Alcohol   

Nothing says welcome home quite like a bottle of champagne or an exquisite bottle of wine. For years, closings have been celebrated over a couple of drinks and celebratory toasts, so why stop the tradition. When you make a sale, reward your buyers by gifting them a celebratory drink to toast to their new home. 

However, if you want to make your gift more personalized, you can also gift your buyers a pair of customized wine glasses or champagne flutes. You could even purchase other accessories such as a bottle opener, a wine purifier, or a cork stopper. 

You can customize these items with the buyer's names, the date of the closing, or a cute saying such as "welcome home" or "to your new home." These extra touches will make your gift more meaningful and memorable.   

2. A Gourmet Box of Sweets  

Not everyone likes alcohol or can drink it. That's why it's essential to get to know your clients personally. If you notice that your clients have a sweet tooth, purchase them a gourmet box of sweets from one of the local eateries around town. For example, you can purchase a box of chocolates, a variety of pastries, or donuts. 

You'll not only introduce them to a new sweet shop but give them something to eat while they unpack and get comfortable in their new home. Due to food allergies, you'll need to be careful with what you buy. Purchase items that are nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free if possible. 

However, since not everyone has allergies present your buyers with a couple of options to choose from. For instance, come prepared with a box of allergy-free choices but also have on-hand indulgent sweets for those that like those ingredients. 

By offering the buyer a choice, you consider their preferences which make the gift more significant. It shows that you truly care and want to show gratitude for their large purchase. 

You can also include a menu of the chocolatier shop, a few coupons, or a gift card to its establishment if you want to include a few extra gifts. That way, once they finish the box of sweets, the gift isn't gone. They could go back to the shop and order something thanks to your company's gratitude. 

3. A Coffee and Tea Gift Set 

Generally, there are two types of people in this world - one that prefers coffee and the other that prefers tea, so why not purchase both to congratulate your buyers? You can purchase an expensive collection of different coffee and teas flavors, add-ins, and accessories. 

Most baskets come with at least two coffee mugs, coffee stirrers, coffee grounds, and k-cups, as well as tea bags and loose tea. That way, whichever one they love, they can enjoy making new recipes and creating unique flavors from your gift basket. 

It's a great welcome home gift, as they can use it as they settle on it and get unpacked. The variety in the gift set also ensures that there's enough for it to last for over a week or two for two people. Thus, its long-lasting ability makes it the perfect gift to give new home buyers as a way to get them on their feet and ensure they have their favorite drink in the morning.  

4. Personalized Coasters and Glasses  

Coasters are a needed home essential, so they tend to be the perfect closing gift. Not to mention, you can get them customized with your buyer's names, the date of purchase, or a cute saying. You can also pair this gift with a customized pair of glass cocktail glasses to make it more meaningful. 

Since this gift is purposeful, it's sure to impress. Plus, your buyers are likely to have it for a long time which will remind them of your company's generosity and friendly nature. The buyers may even recommend your company to their friends or other family members due to your and your company's kindness.  

5. Smart Air Purifier  

Air purification is certainly needed in today's society, where most air is polluted in some way or fashion. This gift can boost your buyer's air quality and make their air clean. It's the perfect gift for new home buyers or those who you noticed have OCD.  

A portable smart air purifier will clean the air up to 100 feet from its position. Most devices are battery-operated; however, some can be controlled through an app. That way, buyers can turn it off and on and change the speed remotely.

Since air purifiers are expensive, they can be hard to justify getting for oneself. Thus, most buyers will not already own one in their homes. By introducing this product to your buyers, you're showcasing how much you and your company care about the well-being of the buyer and their happiness in their newfound home

6. Home Hub   

If your buyers have children or a large family, a great gift you can give them is a home hub like Google's Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show. Both devices will showcase pictures that are on your buyer's cloud, remind buyers of events on their calendar, and serve as an entertainment hub in any room. 

Not to mention, both devices can control other smart home devices like Philip smart lights and the Nest thermostat. Home hubs will also show a picture or video footage from compatible security cameras and video doorbells. That way, you have more control over your home's abilities and can turn on, off, or lock or unlock the door with a touch of a button. 

It's the perfect gift since it helps buyers with day-to-day tasks and makes living in a home easier and more efficient. Plus, buyers can manage housing expenses and projects unlike ever before. 

It even operates by being plugged into an outlet, so there's no hassle trying to remember if it's charged or how much battery it has. It'll last buyers a long time which is often noted as one of its largest benefits. Unlike other gifts, this gift keeps on giving, so buyers that have a family, want to start one, or have a large extended family will love this gift the most. 

7. A Pet Goodie Basket and a Candle

If you notice that your buyers have pets, then a pet goodie basket will certainly make their day. Buy a gift basket that has a variety of toys, pet essentials, and fun treats for their beloved pet. 

You can buy a curated basket online or make one yourself with your knowledge of their pet. For example, you could buy one or two squeaker toys, along with one plush toy, two organic treats, a box of poop bags, and perhaps an accessory or two like a bandana. It'll show them that you're not only happy for them but want their pet to be comfortable in their new home too.  

To make them feel at home as well, gift them a pet odor-free candle. That way, they don't have to worry about smelling their pet at all hours of the day in their new home. While this closing gift is centered around the buyer's pets vs. the buyers themselves, they will particularly like it since it involves the animal they love. 

Purchase These Closing Gifts for Buyers Today 

Purchasing closing gifts for buyers is certainly not easy, but thankfully you now have a cheat sheet to help you. You can go with the classic option of a bottle of wine or champagne or choose something delicious like a box of gourmet sweets or a coffee and tea basket. 

You can even choose to get more personal with your gift by buying customized coasters, a home hub, or pet essentials. These gifts remind buyers that you're grateful for their service and congratulate them on their new home. 


For more information about realtor closing gifts, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!