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What Are Real Estate Drone Videos and How Do They Work?

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What Are Real Estate Drone Videos and How Do They Work?



51% of home buyers find their dream home online. Meanwhile, people spend 2.6 times more time on a website with video content. As more people head online to start searching, more real estate agents are using videos to ensure their listings stand out. 

Enter real estate drone videos: a new way for homebuyers to search for their prospective new home!

Drone videos take real estate video marketing to the next level. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn all about real estate drone videos!

What are Real Estate Drone Videos

Marketing a real estate property is already difficult, especially as competition increases. Adding real estate drone videos to your website can help your listings stand out from the rest. 

These real estate videos use high-quality, dramatic camera footage to entice home buyers. Using a drone to gather footage allows you to show more of your listings in new and exciting ways.

Drones are flying cameras that you can use to produce dramatic, sweeping shots of the neighborhood and home's landscape. You can also capture ocean and mountain vistas or fly around the home's exterior. Either way, you're gathering more eye-catching footage with half the stress.

Instead of a forward-facing photo, drone footage can capture a home at any angle.

Imagine flying 200 feet over the property. From that angle, you can highlight the details of a large, expensive property. The drama that bird's eye view provides will help your listing make an impact. 

You can also use camera drones to take a tour inside the house. The drones create a seamless, flowing tour in ultra HD. Your production will feel like it's a Hollywood movie!

However, there are a few limitations of real estate drone videos to consider.

First, drones aren't ideal for carefully-focused, fixed position photography. Instead, they're better for sweeping, in-motion shots. They also don't work well for smaller, tight spaces, such as low-ceiling apartments. 

You might also reconsider drone videos for real estate marketing if the property is shrouded by trees. 

If you don't have to worry about these factors, great! With a drone, you can make some of the best real estate videos to show off your listings.

The Benefits

By 2022, web content will account for over 80% of all web traffic. People are already depending on videos for information. Why not add real estate drone videos to the mix?

Real estate drone videos can help strengthen your real estate marketing strategy.

For example, you can use a ready-to-fly camera drone to create dramatic, compelling images. Using a drone with automatic point-of-interest camera targeting with help you gather these shots with ease. These images will look incredibly professional and capture the beauty of your listing traditional photography can't.

Virtual Tours

You can also use drone videos to create more interesting virtual tours.

A drone can fly into the home through the front door as if someone is walking inside. Then, you can have the drone navigate through every room. The seamless video feet will create a more natural tour than photos can.

Creating real estate drone videos benefits your storytelling, too. Imagine staring at a few photos of a home. You can't really get a sense of the layout from pictures.

Adding a professional voice-over soundtrack to your drone video, you can guide homebuyers through the property. Then, you can create a beautiful visual story by providing them with more information about the listing.

Highlight Features

What if the property has unique features you want to highlight? A drone video can help these features stand out. For example, you can have the drone fly in from a nearby park or school.

You can also show off the home's backyard, walking path, pool, and landscaping. A drone video for real estate marketing will bring these features to life.

Increase Sales

Putting these beautiful drone videos on your website will help you generate new business. You can market your property and show interested buyers all the reasons to choose your listings. Now you're taking advantage of every opportunity to ensure your listing stands out. 

When your listing looks better and people have to ask fewer questions, they're more likely to ask for an in-person tour. As a result, you can turn all the website traffic you're generating into possible sales.

Better ROI

Finally, creating real estate drone videos will help you save money. Think about it; you won't have to take aerial videos or photos from a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. Instead, drone videography is cheaper, easier, and safer.

Real Estate Drone Video Tips

Now that you know a little more about real estate drone videography, here are a few tips to consider before you get started.

First, know that drone footage is best when you're shooting beautiful exterior shots. With that in mind, choose the best properties for your drone photography first. Create a stunning hero shot before getting in a close-up or landing shot. 

Take the time to highlight local amenities, too. Using the drone, you can show off a picturesque neighborhood or a peaceful suburban community. You can also get a bird's eye view of local amenities.

Use angles shots to highlight the home's unique features. For example, you can take wide-angle shots of the part of town the listing is it. 

Take the time to show off waterfront views, too. What would wow your audience? Use the drone to show off the listing's surrounding beauty that traditional photography sometimes can't.

Finally, help your clients envision their investment. 

Try to remain as transparent as possible. You can use construction cameras on-site as well as drone footage to see a project in-full. Give the homebuyers as much information as possible.

This can help improve their trust in you and help them make their decision. 

Hiring a Drone Operator

If you decide against buying your own drone, you can always hire a professional drone operator to gather the footage for you. Flying a drone requires special testing and licensing through the FAA. There are a few ways you can find a good drone photographer who is available in your city. 

First, check online for local drone photographers. Start developing a list with all of their contact information. If you can find any drone photographers in your area, ask your current real estate photographer if they can offer drone photography.

If you're hiring someone new, you'll want to vet them thoroughly.


First, make sure they either specialize in drone videography or have extensive experience with real estate marketing. A company that usually shoots for insurance companies might not have the specific skill set you need. After all, you want to make sure these drone real estate videos capture your listings. 

When vetting different drone operators, start by determining their experience.

How long have they operated drones? What type of clients have they worked with in the past?

Past Work

Ask if you can see their previous work. If they've done projects that relate to real estate, make sure to take a look at those projects.

Requesting samples of their work will help you get an idea of what your project will look like.

Pay close attention to how they shoot each property. Do you like the style? Does the video make you want to keep watching? 

Try to see examples of different shots, too. For example, if you have beachfront property, ask if they shot footage for similar properties.

Look at how they shoot interior versus exterior shots as well. The more footage you watch, the more likely you'll feel confident in your choice. 

Licensing & Insurance

The next step when choosing a drone operator is to check their paperwork. Make sure they're licensed through the FAA. You'll also want to make sure their drone is insured.

Almost 23,000 people are licensed commercial drone pilots.

That way, you don't have to worry about covering the cost of the drone if something goes wrong.

Ask to see evidence of this paperwork from the drone operator. Then, keep a copy on file for your records. That way, you'll have the insurance information if needed.

Client Reviews

As you vet different drone operators, ask if you can speak with some of their previous clients. Talking with their clients will help you get an understanding of what it's like to work for them. You can then get a sense of the operator's professionalism and skill set.

Ask their clients if they experienced any issues throughout the process. If they did, was the drone operator quick to respond with a solution?

You can also check with other local real estate agents you trust. Ask which drone operators they would recommend.

You can also take your search online. Check the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and other platforms to see if they have any complaints filed against them.

Take Your Marketing to New Heights with Real Estate Drone Videos

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