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What Are the Latest Smart Home Trends That Will Be Popular in 2020?

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What Are the Latest Smart Home Trends That Will Be Popular in 2020?


The home automation industry was worth more than $20 billion in 2018. However, even then, only 12-16% of American households owned smart homes. This new trend in building automation or domotics will shape home designs and ideas in the construction sector in the future.

Are you ready for the coming wave in home automation? Well, the next decade will likely witness previously unfathomed extents of innovation in the design of smart homes. You can’t afford to be left behind as these new smart home trends emerge to change the traditional approach to home automation. 

Read on to learn about all the evolving trends in building automation and smart homes.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home refers to a house that's fitted with lighting, heating, security, and electronic technologies that are controllable remotely. Such homes have a 24-hour internet connection framework, which supports the monitoring of a range of appliances via your mobile phone or computer. At the initial stages of development, home automation seemed like a pipe-dream with critics questioning the technology’s viability.

Today homeowners who reside in smart homes relish the convenience and cost-saving impacts of home automation. The technology is also responsible for heightened security and safety through timely detection and response during imminent threats.  

Smart Home Trends in 2020

As trends in home technology evolve, modern homes will continue to experience greater extents of automation and become more interactive. Modern smart devices can have conversations, alert you in case of intrusion, close and open window blinds, or switch lights on and off. However, these are not the only developments in smart homes. 

Are you wondering what smart home trends to look out for this year? Here’s all you need to know. 

1. Smart Wall Switch Controls 

The home automation industry is achieving levels of technology integration that will make the modern home cozier. One such innovation is the introduction of brilliant smart home switch controls. The unique wall switch controls are user-friendly add-ons with the ability to control lighting and to set the intelligent thermostat temperatures

Imagine a home with a built-in user-friendly system that supports features that automatically play music or control lighting in your home. Modern homes will now have these brilliant switches that use WI-FI to connect.

The systems have 5-inch touch screens that help you automate your home's ambiance.

With smart home controls, it’s now easy to see who is at the door or make verbal commands at will. While this option is relatively pricey, real estate investors consider it a magnet, especially among millennials . 

2. Smart Surveillance Cameras 

Only 19% of the cases of property crime reported to the FBI were cleared in the year 2015. Most of the cases were never resolved due to a lack of evidence. However, many instances of property crime in the United States involve home break-ins. 

These rates of home break-ins are part of the reason most home buyers or tenants are concerned about their security. Smart home surveillance cameras are among the smart home trends you can expect in 2020. CCTV cameras can act as crime busters but also play a critical role in the deterrence of crime.  

Imagine a smart camera with the ability to stream surveillance videos in true 4K.  Smart cameras will, without a doubt, change the approach to modern home surveillance. These cameras offer the option of automatic zoom and motion tracking, which makes face recognition easy. 

Most smart homes will have these 180 degrees field view cams with the ability to detect motion at night. The best part about this innovation is the fact that it integrates a siren and a one-click 911 response signal into the system. Home buyers interested in smart homes will consider the installation of intelligent surveillance cameras as a critical added advantage.  

3. In-Home Health Care 

Smart home trends are about to change how you perceive health care delivery.  With the changing dynamics in the aging population in the United States, health care needs are overwhelming the capacity to deliver. However, smart homes will bridge this gap this year. Most real estate developers are designing homes with the idea of in-home smart health care in mind. 

The emergence of in-home health care options will be in line with the need to reduce the burden on traditional health care channels. Part of the idea is to introduce aspects such as healthier lifestyles through wearable devices. The interventionist measures, in this case, will allow a secure connection to medical practitioners, albeit remotely.

Smart home trends will also have notable integration of AI into mainstream health care procedures. This means that people living in smart homes will have the option of undertaking the process of diagnosis in the comfort of their homes. These options include an electrocardiogram that is set up in the house to provide the needed medical support.

More home buyers will be interested in purchasing homes that can provide a 24/7 medical support option. Smart homes with in-home health care support will elicit obvious preferences due to the cost-cutting measures and efficiency they introduce.

4. Smart Bedrooms 

Sleep is a vital part of the human system.  Most lifestyle-related health conditions have been traced back to the failure to observe consistent sleep patterns. But with the entry of smart homes, there’s a greater focus on the integration of intelligent bedrooms with controlled temperatures and alarm clock sensors. 

You can expect to have smart bedroom monitors, which are connected to other home control systems and sensors. These can trace your sleep patterns, control room temperature based on your body, and offer a report on the quality of your sleep. 

The smart bedroom is linked to your phone. This interconnection allows you to receive an update of your sleep patterns on your phone upon request. If you’re interested in attracting potential home buyers, then you need to ensure that your real estate venture incorporates smart bedrooms into the design.   

5. Smart Kitchen Appliances  

The amount of time you spend in the kitchen is invaluable. As such, having a technology that makes that stay worthwhile is highly welcome. Your most treasured kitchen appliances have traditionally served you with the utmost diligence, right?

What if these appliances could do more? One of the modern innovations in home automation is the introduction of the smart kitchen. The intelligent kitchen can utilize built-in Wi-Fi that helps you control the cooking. Homes with 5G connectivity will be in high demand in the future as more buyers focus on high-speed internet connection.  

 With the changing smart home technology, the future of cooking is about to take an epic turn. Here are some of the trends to look out for in the intelligent kitchen going forward.

a. Smart Ovens 

Imagine working your way around the preparation of meals using your mobile phone or laptop. Well, this is the reality that smart kitchens have in store for you. Dinner preparation will never be the same again with the smart oven. 

You can easily switch the oven on via your smartphone on your way back home. This helps get your food ready to eat as soon as you arrive home. Imagine leaving a meal on moderate heat so that you can rush to the grocery store without having to worry about overcooking. 

The smart oven allows you the luxury of preparing meals, albeit virtually.  For as low as $995, you now have the luxury of owning a smart oven for your convenience.

b. Smart Fridges

Refrigerators are the one thing that American homes can’t survive without. The convenience that comes with refrigerators is beyond critical. The modern smart fridge has the capacity to introduce user controls at the behest of your smartphone.

Smart fridges can accomplish numerous incredible tasks depending on the built-in features. You will be able to see what’s in your refrigerator from your phone, even when you are away. With this option, you also get alerts when food is about to expire.

Smart fridges also provide alerts when the fridge door is left open. You no longer have to be present at home to maintain your refrigerator's average temperature.  

6. Smart Bathrooms 

Imagine having a spa-like ambiance right inside your bathroom. Well, this is no longer an imagined outcome. The future of intelligent home trends will not be complete without smart bathrooms.

Smart bathrooms will change how you prepare for bath time and the experience while in the shower. The incorporation of relaxing brain waves within your bathtub is bound to give you an unforgettable experience. With this option, your aromatherapy sessions no longer have to be at a spa away from home.  

Don’t Be Left Behind By the Smart Home Technology Wave

Technology is changing life as we know it, and you haven't seen the end of awe-inspiring innovations yet. The idea of smart homes is one of the emerging trends that will potentially change modern lifestyles.

These six smart home trends will form part of the smarter housing wave as new ideas emerge in the creation of dream homes. 

Have you been wondering how to create a smart home? Well, you should no longer be in doubt on what to incorporate.  

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