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What Is a 3D House Tour and How Can It Help You Sell Your Home?

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What Is a 3D House Tour and How Can It Help You Sell Your Home?


Are you still struggling to find interested buyers so you can sell that house? You might be wondering what is scaring buyers away, but have you considered that it is not a problem with the house itself?

Every year, new technology reinforces our dependence on the internet, and it is no different for the real estate industry. Listing homes for sale online was only the beginning of a digital real estate revolution. There are always new ways to display homes to potential buyers that can increase your chances of a sale.

If you are looking for way to spice up your listings, then you are ready for a 3D house tour. Consumers demand that touring a home can be done from anywhere, so providing them with an online house tour will make all the difference.

So, what is a 3D home tour and how does it help? In this guide, you will learn how to take advantage of this popular new home-selling tool.

How Virtual House Tours Changed Real Estate

virtual home tour is a home-selling tool that uses advanced cameras to take images of the home and turns them into an experience into which potential buyers can immerse themselves.

Once the entire space has been documented in images, the technology can string them together seamlessly and attach them to locations on a digital map. This process creates a virtual environment that you can "walk" through using controls on your keyboard or other devices.

Often, an online home tour is included along with static pictures on an online home listing. Potential buyers can click on them on their browser and explore the home through their screen. In more advanced cases, potential buyers can use VR headsets that make them feel like they are really inside the house.

Buyers have been spoiled by the convenience and wow-factor of using digital home touring tools to explore the market. In a National Association of Realtors study, 44% of buyers said they would use online real estate market browsing features and tools before they contacted an agent. Now, you are missing out on making a great first impression with 44% of potential buyers if you are not providing a virtual home tour of some kind.

If that is not enough motivation, the NAR also found that 50% of buyers found their property online while only 28% used an agent.

If you are selling your home, this should be huge motivation to get a home tour up on your listing. If you are an agent, this should be a wake-up call that your worth is now measured by your ability to provide online home selling tools.

A Basic Virtual Home Tour

Now that you know how important it is to have a virtual home tour, it is good to know all the options. Virtual home tours can be very simple or very advanced, and it will depend on what you deem best for the home and how much money you are willing to spend.

A basic virtual home tour essentially consists of static pictures taken of each room in the house. Instead of buyers scrolling through pictures of rooms, a virtual home tour allows buyers to explore the house in any direction they wish to go. They are not locked in to a preprogramed tour. 

While having static pictures listed is great, potential buyers will not be able to conceptualize the layout of the home. They will see pictures of bedrooms, bathrooms, and your kitchen, but they will not know where they are located inside the home. They might like how the rooms look, but they will not know if the layout of the home works for their lifestyle and desires.

A virtual tour allows the viewer to walk around the house, entering any room they want to, much like an in-person tour would occur. For now, having a basic virtual home tour is great. It is more appealing than only providing pictures.

It is, however, much less flexible and comprehensive than more advanced tours. Buyers are subject to viewing the home through the lens of a camera and would not be able to explore rooms more in-depth. They cannot see rooms from other desired angles, so they would need to visit in person for more details.

What Is a 3D House Tour?

3D home tours are a step up from basic virtual home tours. Depending on the program you use, 3D house tours can be simple or extremely comprehensive. These techniques require vigorous attention to detail, as each space in the house must be documented from every angle.

3D house tours render accurate digital representations of the house so that potential buyers can explore them at their own will. Instead of being subject to a camera's whim, buyers can visit any room in any order and stay as long as they like. They can see everything to scale and turn a full 360-degrees in each room.

This type of tour is made possible by cameras and software that can measure spaces and turn data collected into digital renderings of spaces.

One example of this type of camera is the Matterport camera, which compiles all the data collected into a virtual space. It allows buyers to zoom out and see the entire house's layout or zoom in and get a detailed look at each room.

Companies like Hommati use the Matterport 3D camera to scan the space and turn it into a tour for viewers to use when looking for their perfect home. They are skilled in making sure each tour looks impeccable to potential buyers.

Advanced Features for 3D House Tours

Not all 3D house tour services are equal. You can create 3D walkthroughs that allow people to see your home as-is by "walking" virtually through your home's layout. Or, you can provide comprehensive 3D tours that allow buyers to see your home with and without furniture from a bird's-eye view.

A View of the Inside

All virtual tours allow a buyer to explore the inside of a home, but 3D house tours bring it to a whole new level. Even the most basic 3D home tour will allow potential buyers to walk through the home at their own pace much like they could with the "street-view" feature on Google Maps.

Check Out the Floor Plan

Unlike basic virtual tours, 3D house tours create a digital rendering of the house that allows you to explore its bare bones. A layout view allows a potential buyer to see the actual floor plan of the home much like you would see for new construction.

See From Above

3D home tours are so comprehensive that you can zoom out and see the entire house in one view. Much like the layout view, you can see all the rooms at once, but in "Dollhouse View," you can see all the details of the rooms, too. You can move your point-of-view around at all angles and see all the furniture in each room to get a big-picture idea of the entire house.

Start Shopping for Furniture Now

One of the best features of 3D home tours is the ability to see a home in "Measurement View." Because 3D house tours create an accurate digital rendering of a home to scale, potential buyers can choose to measure things within the space from the comfort of their couch. 

Instead of bringing your own measuring tape to an in-person tour, you can mark areas you would like to measure from countertops to walls and more. This allows buyers to not only see themselves living in your home but start shopping to furnish it in their own style!


Benefits of a 3D House Tour

When it comes to selling houses, 3D house tours are the crème de la crème of house selling tools. 3D house tours are not just impressive to the potential buyers, but they save time and money for everyone.

When you are putting up an impressive profile for a house online, you are giving potential buyers all the details they need to make a decision. 3D house tours will help potential buyers browsing online narrow down their search before they even look for an agent. 

Going through this weeding process saves time for both clients and agents.

Potential buyers are able to click on and off house profiles, compare prices and features, and even get a good first impression of a home easily using online real estate search websites. This means less time spent driving around and fewer days taken off of work.

It also means that agents will only show homes to people that are already seriously interested.

Sell Homes Fast

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