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What to Look For in an Online Real Estate Platform

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What to Look For in an Online Real Estate Platform


Studies show that millennials make up the biggest group of homebuyers on the market, making up 37% of homebuyers. Because of this, many more people are first looking for new homes online. If you are selling a home, using an online real estate platform will help you reach these buyers. 

Still, you need to do your research before choosing an online real estate website to help you sell your home. 

Do you want to learn what you should look for in a real estate website? Keep reading this article to see the top features you should prioritize!

Easy Search Filters

One of the most important features you should look for when you are using real estate websites is search filters. Because each real estate website has thousands of homes listed for sale, it can be difficult to search through them all to find one that meets all of your needs. 

Finding a website with robust search filter options will make it much easier to find the right home. 

Some of the most common filters that you should look at are the home type, location, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and more. These filters will help you weed out the listings that you are not interested in and will provide you with the best, most efficient search results.

Detailed Listings and Photos

Next, you need to make sure you find a real estate platform that offers detailed listings and photos. Detailed listings are important for both buyers and sellers. 

For buyers, it gives you more information about the home that you are interested in. It will answer questions you have about a property and will help you decide whether or not it is a good fit for your needs. 

For sellers, having a detailed listing makes the selling process go much faster. You will save time answering questions and you will not have to deal with buyers who are not interested in your listing. 

Plus, detailed listings add credibility to both sellers and real estate agents. The more information you can provide for potential buyers, the faster you will be able to sell your home!

Websites like Hommati offer all of this on their listings and make it easy for potential buyers to filter through cities and counties to search for their perfect home. 


Another important feature that you must find on a real estate platform is a map. While each listing should provide information about the location of a map, using maps makes it easier to find houses in certain areas. 

When you use maps on a real estate platform, you should be able to add lines to group certain neighborhoods or regions. These maps should be able to zoom in and out to see the grouping of houses, their prices, and more. 

Another benefit of having maps on a real estate platform is that it allows you to see what things are nearby the homes you are looking at, like parks, schools, and shops. 

Favorites or Saved Searches

One of the best features you should look for on a real estate platform is favorite homes or saved search options. When you are scrolling through the available houses on the market, you should be able to easily save the houses that you are interested in.

This way, you will not need to start your search from the beginning to find houses that you saw previously. 

Typically, real estate platforms have a tab on the website that allows you to easily look through all of the houses that you have favorited. Plus, favorite features allow real estate agents to see which houses their clients are interested in and will provide you with better options in the future. 

It is quick and easy to sign up as a user on Hommati's website where you will be able to search through potential homes and favorite the ones that strike you and you want to revisit later. 

Push Notifications 

When you are looking for homes for sale, you need to act quickly. If you are not on top of your messages and notifications, you may miss out on a great opportunity for a home. Because of this, you should find an online real estate website that offers push notifications. 

For example, many real estate platforms will send users messages about their favorite homes or searches. If there is a price drop, it will alert you to help you jump on the deal. These push notifications should also alert users if their favorite homes go under contract, if they have messages from sellers, and more. 

3D Tours

Something else that can make it easier to find your dream home is finding a real estate platform that offers 3D tours of homes. It is nearly impossible to set up a showing for every house that you are interested in. 

However, having a 3D homes tour allows you to see homes more efficiently. You can get all the benefits of touring a home without leaving your couch. Hommati focuses on a more visual approach to buying a home, and we include 3D tours, drone aerial videos, augmented reality, and virtual staging for still photos. 

This way, you can experience and search for homes from every perspective. 

Easy Messaging

Easy messaging is another feature of all of the best quality real estate platforms. Because real estate changes so fast, having easy communication makes the process easier for each of the parties involved. 

Real-time messaging allows you to talk with sellers, ask questions about the listings you like, and more. 

Finding a real estate platform that includes a messaging service makes it much more convenient to buy a home and stay on top of houses that you are interested in buying. 


During the home buying process, you will likely have to make appointments for several house showings, tours, and more. Something that makes this easier is having a real estate platform with a calendar feature.

This feature allows realtors and buyers to know when houses are open for tours and showings, and it will save you a lot of time when you are looking at houses for sale. Having this calendar feature integrated into your real estate platform will make it easy to keep all of your appointments in one place. 

Mobile App Options

Most of the high-quality real estate platforms offer their services through a website as well as a mobile app. Finding one that has a mobile app option makes it much more convenient to find homes whenever or wherever you are. 

Not only do mobile app options make it easier for you to find houses, but it is also much more convenient when you are in the process of buying a home.

With push notifications and messaging options, it is much easier to communicate with sellers or with your real estate agent. Plus, it makes it easy to set up showings and other meetings. 

Options for Financing & Financial Calculators 

Top-quality real estate platforms will also include options for financing, financial calculators, and more. With links to get pre-qualified, it is much easier to find homes that you can afford and learn more about the monthly cost that you will have to pay. 

Using a real estate platform that has links to pre-qualification also helps you find trustworthy lenders and will speed up the home buying process. 

When you are selling your home, you should also look for financial help. For example, Hommati.com helps you learn more about what your home is worth and will give you the true market value of your house. This way, you can get the best deal from your home when you are selling it. 

High-Quality Agents

Finally, you should find a real estate platform that can connect you with high-quality real estate agents. Searching for professionals to help you buy a home can feel overwhelming, but it is easy to find a trusted representative through your real estate platform. 

When you buy or sell your home with Hommati.com, our team can help you find professional licensed realtors in your area. Our team offers a national real estate website and we help our clients find top real estate agents in their markets. 

Our team also offers real estate agent biographies to help you find someone that meets your needs. 

Looking for a High-Quality Real Estate Platform? 

Finding a reliable real estate platform is necessary when you are buying or selling a home. By finding a website that offers each of these key features, you will be able to save time and money during the process. 

If you are looking for a high-quality real estate platform or want to learn how to sell a home online, Hommati.com can help! With our site, you can search and find real estate for sale, find top agents, and more. 

Contact us to learn more about our online real estate platform or download our app!