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Why a 3D Tour Is Essential to Get Your Home Listing Noticed

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Why a 3D Tour Is Essential to Get Your Home Listing Noticed


As a realtor, marketing is a significant aspect of your job. You need to be able to market a home on social media as well as real estate sites in order to attract buyers' attention and get the house sold as fast as possible. Marketing is also important in order to differentiate yourself from the hundreds or even thousands of other realtors in your city. 

However, there is an under-appreciated marketing technique that is just beginning to get the attention it deserves—3D house tours! 

Read on to learn all the benefits of a 3D tour for your listings and how to get started with one today. 

What is a 3D Tour? 

A 3D tour can also be known as a virtual tour. A 3D tour allows viewers to interact with an image and look around a home as if they were actually there. With 3D virtual house tours, you are able to click on the screen directly and drag in any direction in order to look around the room that is shown.

When you are ready to view the rest of the house, you click on a label on the screen in order to transition to the next room in a natural way. If you have ever used Google Street View, this is a perfect example of a virtual tour. It gives you an idea of how a location looks even if you are not there to personally experience it.

These tours are typically created by professional photographers through the use of a DSLR camera or 3D camera, panoramic tripod head, and the right computer software. In the case of houses and listings with a company like Hommati, they have access to specific 3D cameras that deliver the 3D tour with ease.

Benefits of a 3D House Tour

Now that you know what a virtual tour is and how they are created, you may be wondering if the extra time and expense of getting them are worth it. Here are a few benefits that you may not have considered before:

Impress Clients

Staging and photographing your listings helps bring more buyers to open houses, but there is another aspect to marketing that is just as important—client satisfaction. Your clients know that they are working with a professional when you take the marketing of their homes seriously.

3D tours still are not a common marketing tactic, and your clients will be impressed by the way a 3D tour can realistically showcase their home. It is the kind of service that they are hiring you for, because it was most likely a selling strategy that they never would have considered otherwise. 

Attract Out-of-State Buyers

Some buyers are preparing to move across the country, but they may not be ready to fly across the states to take a look at houses in-person. 3D tours are a far more accurate way to represent a property realistically. Buyers who are not able to look at the house in-person can get a good idea of the layout, size, and details of the property that they would have missed in photos or video. 

This can either motivate them to fly out to the location, or they may even choose to proceed with an offer.

Showcase the Details

One of the best parts about 3D tours is that you are able to include information about the property within the tour itself. As the buyer clicks on different links within the tour, information can be embedded on tour such as: 

  • Square footage of the property or rooms
  • Countertop and fixture materials
  • Latest upgrades and renovations
  • Nearby amenities and items of interest
  • And more

Engaging Media

Photos and videos are still important aspects of marketing for realtors or homeowners who are selling their homes themselves, but they are passive forms of media. Besides clicking to view each separate image, buyers are not engaging or interacting with the content. Virtual tours are different—they are an engaging form of content that immerses buyers in the property. 

Virtual tours are set up so that the viewer feels as if they are walking through the property. They begin with a shot of the front door or the foyer. Then, the viewer can choose which way they want to go next. This allows the potential buyers to move about the house freely for as long as they need.

This engagement means that a buyer becomes far more interested and invested in a property. They will also be more motivated to continue engaging with your website's content afterward, whether that means signing up for a mailing list or giving you a call to schedule an open house.

Less Stressful

Selling a home is stressful for everyone involved because of the high stakes. Buyers want to make sure that they are purchasing a home that they will be happy with for years to come. With this, homeowners and realtors have to put in the work necessary in order to represent the home accurately but also draw in the attention of potential buyers. 

Virtual tours make the process far less stressful, because buyers can get a good idea of what a home has to offer before they even contact the realtor. This means that realtors can expect to receive more serious inquiries, because buyers had a chance to explore the property from the comfort of their own home. 

Reduced Bounce Rate

Showcasing 3D tours of all your properties is a great way to improve your website as well. When buyers navigate to your website in order to view your 3D tours, you can expect them to stay on a page for at least a minute or more. Without the 3D tour, they would be spending less time on your website on average. 

High bounce rates can be bad for your site, because they tell the Google algorithm that your site does not have quality content for viewers. This makes it far less likely that your website will appear on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) after a user conducts a search. 

More Backlinks

Another important aspect of 3D tours is that they are far more likely to be shared. Interested buyers will want to share the tour with their friends, family, and loved ones so that everyone can take a look. As people share your tour on their social media accounts, you are receiving quality backlinks to your site.

The more quality backlinks you have, the better. This tells the algorithm that your website has content worth sharing, meaning that your website becomes more likely to show up on the first page of SERPs.


One of the best and most important aspects of 3D virtual house tours is their convenience. If a buyer is uncertain about a property but does not want to completely discount it, they will be able to revisit your virtual tour at any time of the day. This can help sell the property earlier than you expected because a buyer was able to have more time to consider it. 

A 3D tour is also far more convenient than an open house. Generally, buyers will not contact a realtor for an open house unless they believe that the house has potential. Even then, when they arrive, they may be unhappy with the true size of the home and layout, as photos and videos are not able to accurately portray those aspects. 

A 3D tour gives buyers the ability to get a feel for the home at their own convenience. They will not waste their time or yours by scheduling an in-person tour because they are already familiar with the layout and size. 

An Essential Aspect of Marketing

A 3D tour is a near essential aspect of marketing. You will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, because you are offering a quality service that not all realtors are taking advantage of. Even better, 3D tours are highly shareable pieces of media that draw attention.

Even if a buyer is not interested in the home you have for sale, they are far more likely to remember your name and company if they have interacted with the virtual tour and your website. Lastly, 3D tours are convenient.

You will be able to enjoy more qualified leads who are already happy with the layout and size of the home before they contact you. Although 3D tours take time and money to make, you are also getting the time and money back that you would have spent emailing buyers that end up backing out after they have gotten a look at the home in person.

Ready to tell more homes through innovative technology? Enroll with us for free today in order to take advantage of 3D tours, aerial videos, floor plans, and more!