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Why Virtual Open House Tours Will Outlast Social Distancing

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Why Virtual Open House Tours Will Outlast Social Distancing


3D Virtual Open House Tours will take buyers into your home from their own, while aerial drone footage of a home exterior seems like something out of a beautiful movie. With tools that companies like Hommati can offer, you will have a 24/7 open house without anyone setting foot in the home, which means it is thorough, while being completely safe.

With the available virtual reality headsets on the market now, namely Oculus Quest 2 and Samsung Gear VR, 3D tours are all the rage and rising steadily in popularity. These tours can also be viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Many real estate agents needed to start virtual open house tours in 2020 to cope with pandemic restrictions, but these are the reasons they will stick around. Do not be left behind when you can take advantage of this opportunity to show a home in a brand new way that will last.

Let us take a look at 3D VR tours and exterior drone footage and photography to see why they will last even after social distancing measures are lifted.

3D Virtual Open House Tours

When viewing a 3D virtual tour, your potential buyers will be virtually transported to the home through either a headset, their cell phone, or a laptop computer, and there will be very little difference in the feeling of this vs actually being there. 

This exciting, new 3D virtual reality technology is allowing for experiences that are now the closest thing to being instantly transported to a home, like something from an old sci-fi film. The future of home touring is here, and it makes actually going to the home seem not as high of a priority. 

Realistic 3D Photography and Videography

Hommati will create for you a 3D virtual open house like none other. They help you navigate through properties as if you are really there and help buyers engage in the property like never before. 

You can go from room to room and feel the dimensions of each area as if you are there in person. If you are viewing the property through a headset, you are able to turn your heads and look around as if everything is directly in front of you. On a phone or computer, you just needs to swipe your finger or mouse across the screen to walk throughout the house as if you are watching a live tour of the house. 

A 3D virtual tour would have been something to laugh at only decades ago—having been seen as something magical or as something only available to the super rich, but it is here now, and available to everyone.

Saves Time Yet Professionally Done

The convenience and simplicity are some of the main benefits of 3D virtual home tours. That is what people need these days, because everyone is busy and would be much more interested in something like this that lets them visit the home from their own couch. 

These tours are done in high definition and by our professional photographers. In addition to the 3D tour, you can get a 3D dollhouse view of your space as well as a floor plan. These images can be used on our agents' own websites and can be uploaded online real estate multi-listing web services, visible to brokerages and buyers all around the world. 

Safe and Sound

There is no chance of catching an illness when you can view houses from the confines of your home. Those who are most vulnerable to illness, such as Covid-19, may feel apprehensive when faced with having to leave their home. They may choose not to even shop around because of this discouragement, but by bringing them 3D virtual tours, you are giving them the chance at buying that home of their dreams.

Having to talk to other buyers at an open house can be a little awkward as well. You all know that you are in the initial stages of competing for the house, and the energy there can get a little overwhelming. It can be hard to focus on the important things about the home that you wanted to look at. With the 3D tours, you have the feeling of being at the house by yourself. You do not need to worry about other people around or waiting to view a room because someone is already in there. The house is open for you to explore. 

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

If you are a seller, you have to take into account the changing times, and with that comes the possibility of people owning a 3D headset. Or, buyers can download the viewing app to take a look at these 3D tours if they do not happen to have a headset. Because practically everyone nowadays has a smartphone, apps like Hommati are easy to download to view houses that are currently on the market. 

There are inexpensive 3D viewers, such as Google cardboard. They may not give you quite the same experience as the Oculus Quest 2 or something similar, but they do offer the 3D effect immersion effect and are compatible with these tours online. They still allow you to block out your current surroundings to give you the feeling like you are in the open house at that moment. 

Increase Sales With Exterior Aerial Footage

Drones have also changed the real estate game for good. Using drones to capture aerial exterior footage of a property is far less expensive than hiring photographers and videographers who use helicopters or low-flying airplanes. Companies like Hommati specialize in real estate drone footage and can deliver videos that will leave the viewers wanting more.

Your New Secret Weapon

Differentiate a property listing by using high-quality photography and video. This addition has a great payoff when you consider how they can make the exterior pop out in a way that conventional photography and videography simply cannot.

Exterior aerial drone photography and video tours are the newest real estate marketing weapon. As an agent, you may consider this when competing. Do not get stuck in the old ways when technology is moving us forward at such a rapid pace. Companies like Hommati are growing in a way that is keeping up with these evolving trends and can help you as an agent grow and gain the best profit for your listings. 

Beautiful Footage for Dramatic Presentation

This exciting new way of shooting exteriors has a lot to do with the angles, heights, and movements that are possible. It give viewers a birds-eye view, then drops down and flies around the house, slowly seeing the landscaping features of the home's exterior. It is a VR ride and a home viewing experience all in one.

We think this might just be the most important new home marketing technology since the dawn of the internet. While that is a fairly bold statement, this is where we are in the industry, and this is highly likely here to stay. It is a new world out there that is growing and changing every day, and we are ready to bring people along on the ride.

Highlight Special Features

Our real estate photographers and videographers will create dramatic shots of landscapes that sweep gently over your property. Highlight mountain vistas and oceans, and fly around beautiful home exteriors. They show the home as if it is part of a Hollywood movie. Those sweeping shots you gawk at in movies will no longer be a dream. The home and property can be highlighted beautifully in this way, bringing the magic of Hollywood right to your listing.

Exterior Aerial Footage in Luxury Home Marketing

Luxury home marketing has changed forever. These sweeping shots we mentioned, have an unimaginable effect when they are done over and around these homes. They bring out the sculpturesque artistry that went into the design of the home itself, which we can highlight for you like never before.

Imagine highlighting a waterfront view, a garden oasis, or a gorgeous swimming pool with aerial drone photography. Luxury home property markets all over the world are catching on to the real estate secret, and it will most likely become a must have for every house on the market in the years to come. 

A Few Limitations of Drones

Although drones have many perks, they will not be able to shoot all types of photography and video needed for a listing. They are not well suited for:

  • Meticulously-focused, stationary photography
  • Homes surrounded or hidden by trees or other structures
  • The expected street-level shots that are traditional for a home listings

As you can see, there are only a few limitations to speak of. These are easy to work around by incorporating professional still photography into your listing plan. Hommati offers packages that include both drone and aerial footage as well as still photography.

Create More Compelling Images

We will use GPS programmed flight paths as well as remote-controlled paths to get it just right for your listing. Our trained drone photographers and videographers are willing to make several attempts and perfect each shot.

We will target points of interest. We will discuss with you what you would like to highlight on the exterior of your home so that you are satisfied with the final result. 

Our well-designed shots generate a feeling of great awe in viewers that you simply cannot get from traditional photography. The drone and aerial footage taken will capture viewers and draw them in, leaving them wanting more.

We combine these videos with pleasant background music that keeps viewers engaged while watching without boring them and making them close the video before it is complete. 

What Does It Say About You?

Using this new drone technology to show your home says to buyers and other sellers that you are willing to take your listing to the next level. You are willing to take advantage of what is out there to create the very best listing you can. You are willing to stand out from the crowd.

The Future Is Here

Whether you have a 3D viewing headset, a cellphone, or you use a computer, we will always strive to support the newest and most popular VR platforms to virtual open house tours.

As a buyer, you will want to visit the home before you make any official decisions, but this is a great way to cut down on travel time spent driving around neighborhoods looking for homes.

The future of home viewing and marketing is here, and you do not want to be left in the dust. Contact us today to discover 3D virtual home marketing and Aerial drone videography and photography, and how it can help you get a lot more sales in record time.