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Why You Should Absolutely Only Use Professional Services for Aerial Footage of Real Estate

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Why You Should Absolutely Only Use Professional Services for Aerial Footage of Real Estate


The number of hobbyist drones registered in the US is over 1.1 million, with commercial drone registrations at 412,000. Not every drone is simply for flying through the sky, though. In fact, hiring a professional drone company, like Hommati, could benefit your business, especially if you are selling houses.

Have you ever shown aerial footage of your properties? If not, consider hiring a professional. By marketing with drones, you could stand out from the crowd!

Still on the fence? Think you can handle it yourself instead?

Here are nine reasons to only use professional services when taking aerial real estate footage.

By reading this guide, you can see the benefits of hiring a pro, which can help you boost business. Get started with this helpful guide today!

1. Get Better Shots

A professional drone company will already have the equipment you need to get the best possible shots. There are so many lenses to choose from, each with its own purpose.

For example, you might need a higher-end lens if you intend on capturing more angles of each property. A higher-end lens can also utilize different focal lengths to focus on little details.

Are you unsure on what kind of drone to get? If you intend on taking outdoor aerial real estate footage, you will need to make sure you have the correct model for the job.

A professional drone company already has the experience needed to take high-quality photos and videos. They can craft cinema-like videos and stunning photos. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about purchasing new real estate technology.

Instead, you can have your professional drone company, such as Hommati, take next-level photos and videos. These images contain thousands of pixels, allowing you to crop them anywhere. You can complete control without having to worry the photos will end up blurry!

These panoramic photos offer crisp details you cannot get when taking photos with your phone. Instead, flexible aerial photography lets you show off every property as you see fit.

If you are not experienced with editing panoramic photos, you do not have to worry. By hiring a professional, you will have their experience and expertise at your disposal.

2. Save Time and Stress

Do you have time in your busy schedule to learn a new skill? Drones are not toys, so you will need to learn how to fly it properly to get the shots you want. This includes taking the rigorous FAA test and being fully aware of the FAA guidelines.

Instead of wasting valuable time learning how to keep your drone from crashing, you can find a drone photography company with prior experience. They can save you valuable time. All of the drone pilots at Hommati have gone through all of their necessary training and have plenty of experience, so that they are ready to take on any job.

In addition to learning how to fly the drone, you will also need to learn drone maintenance. For example, there are firmware upgrades, GPS configuration, and rotor calibration to consider. That is time you could spend helping your clients instead. Otherwise, you will need to spend a few days learning the ropes. 

Hiring a professional can save your value time, stress, and money that you are better off dedicating to your client. 

Avoid Injuries

Drones are more dangerous than many people realize. There were almost 400 drone accidents in the span of a single year.

You do not want to risk getting hurt, especially if you have an in-person showing the next day. Instead, rely on a professional to get your aerial real estate footage. They already have the experience necessary to avoid accidents or crashes.

Any accident involving a drone can result in having to waste money getting it repaired, replacing the drone altogether, or money towards a hospital bill. 

3. Highlight Stunning Features

Getting professional aerial footage of your properties can help every location stand out.

Showing a potential buyer a house is one thing, but with drone footage, you can show off the entire neighborhood.

Location is everything, right? What nearby features do you want to show off? For example, maybe buyers are interested in nearby parks and amenities for the kids. Maybe there are restaurants and shopping malls nearby.

Either way, drone photography gives you a chance to show off these stunning features. You can sell your buyers on the location as well as the home. 

4. Take Them on a Virtual Tour

Aerial footage can give buyers a full picture of the property, literally. Taking a few still photos from the back or front of a home is not enough. With a drone, you can capture every angle.

Buyers can see the driveway, front door, garden, backyard, and neighboring properties. Giving buyers as much detail as possible can help them make a choice about a property before they call you.

Otherwise, you are leaving a lot to the imagination. They could call with questions your photos might have answered.

You can also use drone footage for real estate to tell a story. Buyers want to imagine themselves in a new home. It is easier to tell that story with high-quality video images.

By creating professional drone aerial footge, you can attract new buyers and focus on high-quality leads.

5. Increase Website Traffic

Aerial drone footage could have a big impact on your entire marketing strategy.

With people staying home to avoid contracting COVID-19, your digital marketing strategies need to stand out. Look at your digital ads, website, and social media accounts. Do your images make an impact?

If not, you can use your drone photography to draw people in! They will see the stunning imagery on your ads or social media posts, then visit your website. 

As your website traffic increases, you can gather more leads and sell more properties!

Drone footage is a great way to appeal to your target audience, too. What features are your buyers looking for? Perhaps they want to live in a gated community, or they are looking for a spacious backyard.

You can focus on these details to draw more people to your website.

6. Stand Out From Competitors

If your competitors are not using aerial real estate footage yet, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. 

This is the time to make a change with your marketing strategy this year. Consumers are spending more time looking for information online in light of COVID-19. If a real estate website does not have the information they are looking for, consumers will leave.

You can appeal to this need by offering your stunning aerial photos and virtual tours. Consumers will notice that you are ahead of the pack, and they will contact you, helping you make a sale before your competitors can.

7. Engage Your Audience

Many home buyers scroll through images without focusing on a listing's smaller details. By using aerial real estate footage, you can draw their eyes before they scroll past.

Remember, drone photography is high-quality; far better than images you can take on your phone. Your buyers will take notice and stop to explore your photos. They will discover the little details that help your listings stand out.

You can use your aerial photos to show off features that normal imagery cannot represent.

At the same time, you are providing your target audience with ease and convenience. Fewer buyers are risking their health with in-person tours. Instead, you can show buyers everything they want to know from the aerial shots.

Buyers will see you have their best interests in mind. By making their lives easier, you could encourage them to contact you for more information.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website rank higher on Google. The higher you rank, the more web traffic you will attract. To maintain a high ranking, however, you will need to improve your website metrics.

A high clickthrough rate and dwell time can improve your search ranking. A high bounce rate, on the other hand, can hurt it. If people are leaving without clicking around, your ranking could drop. Your competitors could rank ahead of you instead, giving them an advantage.

You can boost your ranking with stunning drone videos. As people explore your content, your SEO ranking will improve, helping you reach more potential customers.

Using drone footage of real estate can increase the backlinks to your website, too. As people see your stunning photos, they will share them with others. They might even post about your listings on their social media feeds.

These backlinks help increase your website's online authority. Your ranking could improve as a result!

9. Boost Your Sales and ROI

Properties with aerial imagery are almost 70% more likely to sell than those without. Marketing with drones could help you boost sales.

As your sales improve, your ROI will rise as well. Then, you can use that money on other marketing methods to help you bring in more business.

Without a professional drone company, however, you could fall behind. Your competitors will gain those sales instead.

Add aerial drone photography to your marketing strategy this year and you could rise to the top!

Get Sales Flying High: 9 Reasons to Use Professional Real Estate Aerial Footage

Do not fall behind the competition. Instead, get sales soaring through the air. With professional real estate aerial footage, you can stand out and draw in new customers! That's where a company like Hommati can come in to assist you.

Once they see your stunning drone photography, they will want to contact you to learn more about your listings.

Searching for fresh ways to generate more business this year? We can help! Explore our services today to get started.