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10 Home Trends for 2022 All Real Estate Agents Should Know

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10 Home Trends for 2022 All Real Estate Agents Should Know

Median home prices hit an all-time high in 2022. But does that mean the homes were better this year than last year?

No! It just means that the housing market is hot. As a Realtor, it's important to know what your buyers want so you can find them the best home and the best home value for it.

We've compiled the top current home trends for 2022 that you should look out for when finding homes for your buyers. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Energy Efficiency 

An important part of a home that buyers are looking for this year is a home with more energy efficiency. While that could mean a lot of things, you could look for:

  • Homes with solar panels and solar energy 
  • Energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers and ovens
  • Energy-efficient lighting options like LED bulbs or solar lights

In fact, 9 out of 10 homebuyers want to find a home with more energy-efficient features. This is because the more efficient a home is, the less amount of money people will have to pay in utility bills monthly. Over time, they'll be saving money.

2. Trending Kitchen Layout

A kitchen layout is always big on a homebuyer's list, but now more than ever after more and more people had to cook at home during the pandemic.

So, what do people look for in a trending kitchen layout? Here are just a few to look out for.

Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island gives homeowners more space for kitchen prep, dining, and entertaining. Your kids can do homework in this space, toddlers have a space for crafting, and you and your significant other can have a glass of wine to talk after a long, hard day at work. Having this space changes the dynamic of the kitchen.

Since the island is usually in a great location for ease of use, it can drastically improve the home value.

Double Kitchen Sinks

Double kitchen sinks can make it easier on homeowners when cooking or doing dishes. Looking for a sink that has more depth can add more value to the home as well.

Updated Appliances

Kitchens that do not have updated appliances may turn off homebuyers. Having the right appliances like stainless steel ovens and sinks can drastically improve the value of a home for homebuyers. These appliances also reduce energy which can save a homebuyer a lot of money.

Trending Countertops

Many homebuyers also want to have the right countertops. A countertop can change the look and feel of an entire kitchen, so having the right one is crucial.

Using granite is great as well because it is heat-resistant as well as resistant to knife and scratch marks.

3. Exterior Lighting

Homeowners are beginning to look for homes that have plenty of exterior lighting. The lighting is not only meant to brighten up the outside of the home at night but is perfect to use for entertaining on summer nights as well as increasing the safety of your home.

Adding LED motion-detected lights on the exterior of the home near doorways and entries will increase the home value because it reduces the likelihood of break-ins since more people can see suspicious activity that is happening.

Lighting to light the pathways in your backyard can also change the vibe and feel of your home, which attracts more buyers.

4. More Outdoor Spaces

After the pandemic hit, more people started spending time outdoors - at cafes, restaurants, parks, and even in their own homes. With social distancing practices in effect, having the ability to have friends outside was crucial to so many people's wellbeing.

That's why having homes with outdoor spaces have become so important to homebuyers.

When it comes to a backyard space, a few things homebuyers may be looking for are:

  • Outdoor kitchen space
  • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Fire pit or fireplace
  • Lounge area
  • Pool and pool deck

If you know your buyer is looking for an outdoor space, asking what they specifically want in it is important to do before going through a list of homes.

5. Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

Having ample storage in a kitchen is on the list of what homebuyers want, but with a walk-in kitchen pantry, the cabinets can be used to store things other than food and grocery items.

Since many people shop at bulk-food stores like Costco (about 111 million people to be exact), there needs to be enough room in the pantry to store larger items. Having this larger space can make it easier for homeowners to buy the food they want in bulk, save money, and still have somewhere to put it in their homes. 

6. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are high on the list of what people want in a home. While it is more expensive to install hardwood floors than some other flooring types, it also adds to the home value.

The hardwood floors carry fewer allergens, are easy to maintain, and are much more durable than other flooring options.

When looking for a home for your buyer, it's important to know where the buyer wants the hardwood floors to be. They may want it everywhere, or they may just want it in the living room and other main rooms. As a realtor, this can help you look for the perfect home for them.

7. Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet

While having a walk-in closet is not on everyone's "need" list, it can be a bonus for a lot of people. 

With a walk-in closet, there is built-in storage that wouldn't be there otherwise. This can help keep the homeowner's items organized and put away neatly.

Not only is there more storage, but it also gives people more space to get dressed in the morning. If there is a mirror in that space, it's easy to use as a private dressing room rather than the large master bedroom itself. 

While finding a home with a walk-in closet may be a bit more expensive, when it comes time for a homebuyer to sell, the walk-in closet will increase the home value by a couple of thousand dollars.

8. Garage Storage and Usable Space

Gone are the days when garages are used just for cars and junk storage and avoided for the most part. People actually want their garage storage space to look good. Because of that, having shelving and cabinets in a garage can add to the home value as well as attract buyers.

Garage flooring is also vital in these cases in which buyers want their garage to be more than just a garage - it could be a playroom or a home gym.

Looking for a garage that is big enough for this as well as updated and not worn-down is high on a lot of homebuyer's lists right now.

9. Bathroom on the Main Floor

Having more than one bathroom is important, but having at least one bathroom on the main floor helps to attract more buyers. This bathroom doesn't have to be large but should have all the amenities of a full bathroom like a sink, shower, and toilet.

This makes it easy for people who want to live on the main floor to keep their living space all in one area. It's also better for families that often have guests over so they don't have to wander through the upstairs part of the home. Not only that but if you constantly have your parents over or elderly people, keeping a bathroom on the main floor is a must.

10. Separate Dining Room 

Some homebuyers want to have a more open layout while others want a separate dining room. This separate dining room can create a more luxurious and private feeling, especially during holiday dinners or during events and entertainment.

While it can be harder to find a home that has a separate dining room, it's important to let your buyer know that there are ways to make a more open layout concept feel like it has a separate dining room. Adding decorative columns between the kitchen and the "dining space" can create this feel and is a quick renovation. 

Home Trends in 2022

With the real estate market as hot as it is, it's important to do your research quickly and find a home for your buyers as fast as possible. However, you also want to ensure you are getting them something they want.

With these top home trends in 2022, you can look for a home for your buyers they will most likely love! If you are ready to search for some homes, check out our search tool to make it easier for you!