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6 Projects to Turn Your House into a Home for the Holidays

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6 Projects to Turn Your House into a Home for the Holidays

Find out how to create a home for the holidays with these home improvement projects.



Did the holidays sneak up on you? One moment you’re getting ready for summer, feeling like you have all the time in the world. When all of a sudden, cooler weather trickles in, signaling the start of the holiday season.

Americans take their holidays very seriously. That’s why every year Americans spend around $730 billion at retail stores to celebrate. Yet, buying colorful decorations isn’t going to be enough to create a home for the holidays.

A true holiday home is one that’s prepared inside and out. It’s a house that has a clean exterior, proper interior lighting, and so much more.

Before you start putting up any decorations, make sure your house is guest-ready. Read on to find out about six holiday home improvement projects you need to know.

1. Electronics Make a Home for the Holidays

It may feel like your to-do list is never-ending while you’re trying to make a home for the holidays. That's why you should take one of the to-do’s off your list and hire a professional company to install your electronics.

Electronics and Interior Decorating

We don’t usually think of installing electronics as a part of interior design. Yet, the way you display your screens can completely transform the feel of your interior.

Imagine having guests arrive, and as they enter your living room, they see your flat-screened television mounted on the wall. The television displays a realistic-looking crackling fire or other holiday scenes. All around them, they hear the jingling of bells, as they play throughout your newly installed speakers. 

Get Multiple Quotes

Seek out multiple installation quotes from trained installation professionals. Make sure you take the time to compare quotes and research reviews to find a reputable individual to perform the installations.

2. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t worry, you won’t have to replace the floors, or install new appliances, to make your old kitchen new again. To renovate your kitchen without going broke, try painting the cabinets.

Painted kitchen cabinets look lovely, and can tie together the entire room’s color scheme. You can use this project as an opportunity to completely change the look and feel of a room as well.

Express Yourself with Color

Remember, a home for the holidays means a place where you can express your style. It’s an opportunity to break free from what you’ve been doing and try something new.

If your kitchen has a more traditional color scheme with neutral colors, you could spice things up by adding in a splash of soft yellow to your cabinets. Or perhaps, you’d like to choose a color that will promote calmness and peace.

Painting your cabinets blue can bring peace on earth right into your kitchen. The color blue is incredibly popular and can help people feel calm or serene.

3. Granite Bathroom Vanity

Do you love the way natural stone looks? Perhaps, you’ve always thought your house would look great with the presence of elegant stone surfaces in your bathroom. If this sounds like you, consider getting a new granite bathroom vanity top.

Shop Around

The majority of your local home center stores will have granite tops available. Prices can range greatly from location to location. Make sure you take your time and compare at least two prices before making a purchase.

Taking the time to shop around can end up saving you at least a couple hundred dollars. Once you find the perfect price for a granite top, you’ll need to inspect it for flaws.

Tips for Installation

As you begin the remodeling project, you’ll need to tear out the old fixtures and fix the walls if necessary. If your old vanity is in good condition you can keep it.

Next, you’ll want to paint the walls and consider adding a brand new mirror. Now, you can mount the faucet (if it's a wall mount version) before finally installing your new granite top.

After you connect the plumbing, you’ll be all done. You can expect this project to take anywhere from one to three days, depending on your experience.

4. Update Interior Lights

Bright shining lights, hanging from trees and houses, without them the season wouldn’t be complete. Yet, while festive holiday lights are wonderful, they won’t make much of an impression if your regular lights are lacking. This is why this time of year is the perfect time to update your interior lights.

Lighting Styles

Here are a couple of ways you can update your interior lights:

  • Tight-Interval Recessed Lighting
  • Track Lighting

Tight-interval recessed lighting is a powerful way to liven up any room. However, tight-interval lighting styles take longer to install.

One of the reasons they take longer to install is because they have to recede into the ceiling. While they do take more time and money, the result of these lights is stunning!

If you want to save a little money and time, we suggest you try installing track lighting. When you use track lighting the installation process is a lot easier. You can choose track lighting that doesn’t require any recession into your ceiling.

Showcase Room Features

Whether you choose to go with tight interval recessed lighting, or track lighting, make sure you’re showing off the best parts of your home. For example, if your living room has a lovely mantle, make sure the lights will showcase this feature.

Why LED Lights Are the Best

Finally, when updating your interior lighting, go with LED lights. You should always use LED lights because they last longer, use less energy, and cost less. Studies show that in total LED lights use five times less energy. 

5. Energy-Saving Projects

As you get ready for the holidays, it’s easy to only think about the things you see. Naturally, you want your house to look good for your friends and family.

Yet, preparing for the season means a lot more than just making things look good. Hosting holiday parties, cranking up the heat, and hanging decorative lights can wreak havoc on your electrical bill. A once reasonable bill can easily skyrocket.

Instead of overspending on energy costs, take the time to take the necessary precautions.

Change AC Air Filters

When’s the last time you changed the filter in your AC unit? Failing to keep up with changing air filters means your air conditioning has to work harder, increasing your energy bill.

Regularly changing your air filters is something you should do all year round. We recommend changing your air filter at least once every month.

Buy a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are programmable and allow you the ability to use your AC more efficiently. When you use a regular thermostat, you have to manually change the temperature settings.

This means you’re often left cooling off or warming up the house, even when you’re not there! Instead, invest in a smart thermostat, and give yourself the power of choice.

You’ll be able to divide your days into separate blocks, each with their temperature setting. Now, you can choose to only spend energy keeping the house comfortably cool or warm, while you’re there to enjoy it.

Install Low Flow Fixtures

Low flow fixtures are water-conserving fixtures like showerheads and toilets. Instead of wasting water, these fixtures efficiently maximize all water usage.

According to the EPA, low flow fixtures are an investment that pays for itself. Low-flow faucets can reduce your water usage by at least 30 percent. 

6. Wash All Pathways

So far, we’ve been discussing interior home improvement projects. Yet, taking care of the exterior is just as important.

Our research has shown that unappealing exterior spaces are one of the three major things that can hurt your home’s value. Whether you have sidewalks, a driveway, pavers, or stones, these pathways are the first experience a guest has with your home. That’s why we suggest you set aside time to scrub all of your pathways outside.

These pathways deal with outdoor elements all year long, wet leaves, car oil stains, mold, or mildew, can all build up. To get all of this gunk off, you’ll need the help of a high powered pressure washer.

Having Your Dream Home

Now you know more about how to create a home for the holidays. Here at Hommati, we understand the major role your home plays in your life.

It’s a place where you laugh, love, live, and grow. You should never have to settle for a house that is anything less than your dream home (and location). That’s why it’s our mission to help people find the best real estate agents and realtors in their area.

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