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7 Tips for Real Estate Marketing to Millennials

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7 Tips for Real Estate Marketing to Millennials

Are you trying to sell your home to a younger audience? Here are some tips for real estate marketing

Millennials are reshaping the real estate market. 

This new generation of homebuyers believes that a well-maintained lawn is a necessity. That’s right, 80% say that it’s absolutely necessary when considering to buy a home. 

These are the kinds of things you’ll need to understand if you’re trying to sell a home to this group of buyers.  

Not seeing success in your efforts to engage in real estate marketing to millennials? Follow these seven tips below to target one of the largest groups of homebuyers in the current market. 


1. Go Green 

What are the top five features that millennials look for when buying a home? The five answers to that question are going to help you learn what to target and focus on when creating your marketing campaigns. 


However, you’ll really want to focus on one of them: going green. 


Millennials are really concerned about their impact on the environment, and this shows in their home-buying behavior. 


This is why millennials look for energy-efficient homes, and they’re willing to invest more money in a house that is eco-friendly. 


So, when you’re showing off the home, make sure to mention any eco-friendly features, such as programmable smart thermostats or solar panels. 


When you’re creating social media campaigns, it’s smart to include this as part of your messaging as well. Give them what they want! 


2. Increase Social Media Efforts 

To win at social media when it comes to real estate, you have to do more than simply be on social media. 

In order to attract millennials, you’re going to have to engage with them on social media. This means answering their comments, replying to their replies, and engaging in their content. 

Selling real estate to millennials means reaching them where they’re at and not waiting for them to come to you. 

If you see them commenting on a photo of a “dream house” somewhere on Instagram, then reach out to them to let them know that you’ve got one that’s similar! 

Or, use hashtags on Twitter to help encourage them to ask you questions about the home-buying process. 

Remember, this group of home buyers is still pretty young, so there are a lot of things they’ll want help with. 

If you interact with them and answer their questions honestly then they’re definitely going to buy into your brand and be more willing to do business with you. 

3. Don’t Forget About Facebook Ads 

If you’re already interacting with potential homebuyers on social media, then you’re on the right path. 

However, most real estate agents and companies seem to forget about the power of paid ads on social media. 


The beauty of Facebook Ads lies in the fact that you’re able to target very specific audiences when creating your campaigns.


This means that you can target people within 25 miles of your city who like real estate pages or who are likely to buy a home within the next year. 


That kind of targeting is invaluable, and to target millennials, you’re going to want to find them where they are. Hint: they’re online literally all the time. 


Create attention-grabbing photos that evoke emotions and share them in your ads to really reap the benefits of the social platform. 


If you’re just trying to build brand awareness, then this is definitely the tool for you. The average cost per thousand views on Facebook is just over $7, so you can expect this to help increase your brand-building efforts, too. 


4. Offer Educational Content 

Many millennials are heading online to search for things like “how to buy a home” or “what’s the best home mortgage interest rate for first-time homebuyers.” 


Do your research into the most-searched keywords and create educational content to help answer these kinds of questions. 


As mentioned, the whole subject of real estate for millennials is quite new. You’re selling homes to many first-time buyers 


This means that your marketing is going to be far different than selling a home to a Baby Boomer who’s been around the block a few times. 


You can offer educational talks to high school or college students to build their trust in your brand over time. Or, try to partner with a local college to offer small courses in building credit to buy a home after graduation. 

How ever you decide to do it, offering up free information helps build trust with this group of buyers.  


Do it with the intent of not receiving anything in return and you’re likely to build a large group of trusted clients who are going to buy homes from you for years and years to come. 


5. Show Off Positive Reviews 

More than any other group of buyers, millennials place a lot of importance on positive reviews of a company they’re considering doing business with. 


In fact, 97% of millennials read a review online before purchasing something. 


So, you can bet that they’re going to do their research before choosing to work with a real estate agent or company before getting too far into the home-buying process. 


Due to the advent of fake news, millennials are pretty savvy at recognizing fake news, and this has made them a pretty skeptical bunch. 


So, be sure to show off your positive reviews online. This means setting up a Google My Business page where clients can post reviews. 


It also means showing off reviews on Facebook and on your website. Make this an important part of the selling process for you and always ask clients to leave you a review after the process is over. 


As a real estate agent or company, this is also going to really help you place an emphasis on customer service throughout the entire process.


While you probably would have done a great job anyway, if you know that you’re trying to build a base of positive reviews, then you’re really going to focus on making sure the process is amazing for the buyer. 


6. Offer 3D Virtual Tours 

Millennials live on the internet and they’re incredibly media-savvy. They consume media wherever they go, so they’re no longer going to enjoy viewing simple real estate photos that worked back in the 1990s. 


Offer 3D virtual tours as a standard part of the home-buying process in order to attract millennials to your real estate properties. 


3D tours of a home allow them to truly immerse themselves into the floorplan and make faster, more informed decisions about what they want and don’t want. 


This helps alleviate some pressure off of you as a real estate agent, too!  


You’re able to show more properties at once and your client can determine the definite “nos.” This helps you avoid wasting time driving to and showing off properties that millennials are not going to like. 


Promote these features across all of your social media channels to see even more success. Offer 360-degree tours on Facebook. 


Or, show off homes on Instagram to let them see behind-the-scenes tours without ever leaving their couch. 


7. Know What Millennials Want 

If you’re trying to sell an outdated home to a millennial, you’re not going to have any luck regardless of how great your marketing tactics are. 


If you live in an area with lots of millennial buyers, then it’s time that you figure out what they really want out of a home. 


Besides being drawn towards eco-friendly features, for example, millennials are all about things like smart technology and open floor plans. 


Try to find houses on the market that are going to fit these needs. And, constantly do your research. 


Most millennials work from home these days, so lots of them are going to be looking for a home that has space where they can create a home office. 


Customization is also extremely important to this generation, so make sure to paint a picture of how they can transform the space to fit their own unique style when you’re showing off the house. 


Staying on top of trends and preferences like this will help ensure that you’re providing millennials with what they’re looking for right from the start. 


More on Real Estate Marketing to Millennials 

To see success when you’re trying to promote real estate marketing to millennials, you’re going to really need to do your research. 


Millennials have a lot of information at their fingertips, which means that they’re not looking for a typical experience. 


What they’re looking for is up-to-date, high-quality information that shows that you have expertise. Cater to their needs and exactly what they’re looking for to see success. 


Reach them where they’re at and offer tools and resources that show just how much you truly care about their home buying experience.


More than anything, millennials are looking to build trust with a brand or person that they truly want to invest in over time. 


If you think you can cover all these bases, then it sounds like you’re ready to sell. Head over to our real estate agent resource page for more tips to help you get the process started.