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Real Estate Video Marketing Examples to to Find Your Dream Home

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Real Estate Video Marketing Examples to to Find Your Dream Home


Do you ever wonder how some people sell their homes for so much more than their asking price? Sometimes it can be because of the market. Certain areas of the country are hot right now, and people will do anything to live there.

But most times, it is because they are working with an agent who knows about marketing. Marketing is the key to sales. If you can make prospective buyers want your home bad enough, they will be more than willing to pay what you are asking.

That is why a lot of agents have started using real estate video marketing. It is a great tool to show buyers the exterior of their new dream home and give them an idea of what their yard or property will look like.

Today, we are going to discuss everything you will ever need to know about real estate video marketing. 

What Is A Real Estate Drone?

Real estate aerial video remains one of the earliest implementations of drone photography. Shortly after drone photography became popular, the light bulb went off in real estate agents' heads.

They saw how useful a tool this could be, especially for immense estate-style houses with large yards. 

We would describe a real estate drone as a "fancy remote control plane." While there is more to it than that, it is the easiest way for you to picture the device. These drones are flown around your property and high above it to capture video footage and still photos of your house.

The right video marketing agency can turn this drone footage into a very lucrative marketing tool for you as a real estate agent. These videos can be edited with beautiful transitions, music, and other special effects to turn your aerial photography into a movie!

Some people who are unfamiliar with the process believe that these drones will be invading their privacy. They are under the impression that the drones will shoot interior photos, as well as exterior, but that is not the case.

Real estate drone video is only for footage of the exterior of the property. This is an important fact to note. Many people have been afraid to use real estate video marketing because of the drones coming inside. 

Now, you can rest your mind at ease and hopefully take advantage of a remarkable tool for selling your home or next investment property.

People may also have reservations about flying drones, because they do not have the proper training or equipment. With companies like Hommati, professional individuals will do all of the video capturing and editing of the property. They have passed the rigorous test, and they have the knowledge that is needed in order to fly drones. 

Uses For Your Drone Footage

Now that your real estate agent has used a company like Hommati to capture drone footage of the outside of your home, you will want to make sure they are using it as effectively as possible. There are a few ways they can do this.

You will want to make sure they are using the footage in a variety of ways across a variety of platforms to give the video footage the best chance of helping to sell your home.

Here are a few examples of how to use marketing videos.

Listing Videos

In this day and age, listing videos are commonplace. At one time, they were a tool for high-end markets around the U.S. where agents were listing high-dollar properties. Examples would be L.A. and New York City.

Now, all agents are leveraging video technology for their listings, regardless of their market. 

Drone videos are a great way to spice up your listing videos. Everyone knows that they will be able to see photos of the rooms inside, but there is much more to a house than that.

People want to see the layout of their house. They also want to see what size yard they are going to have, and they may even want to inspect the condition of the roof. Roofs are quite expensive to replace, so knowing what you are getting into beforehand is key when it comes to your roof.

Go All Out

Not to mention, there is something special about drone footage. It helps to make your video tours more classy. You can tell when an agent has put time and effort into their listing video. You can also tell when they have put barely any effort into it.

In an age where everyone does online research before buying anything, your listing video is going to be the thing that draws them in. Don't skimp on it!

People make large purchases like cars and houses solely from online marketing all the time. Services like Carvana and Vroom bring cars to people's doors. If your listing video is good enough, people may even do the same with your listing.

Use Hommati Real Estate Video Marketing

You are going to have many options to choose from when you decide to use real estate video marketing. Why not choose the best? Why not choose Hommati?

What can Hommati do for you? Well, for starters, it can provide you with amazing real estate aerial video. You will be able to show off the exterior of your house, or listings, in stunning quality video. 

Hommati is becoming a potent tool in recent months. In the wake of the pandemic, agents and homebuyers alike rely more on online marketing to make home purchases.

Most people are still in quarantine in certain areas of the country. This makes it incredibly difficult to go out and tour homes on the weekend. The traditional way of buying a home is shifting.

Social Media

The only thing more popular than video marketing right now is social media marketing. Well, why not use your video marketing to enhance your social media?

People are very visual, and you do not really have much time to catch their attention as they scroll through their social feeds. A stunning video of your home or listing would be the perfect thing to stop people in their tracks and make them click.

Hommati helps with this by allowing you to leverage their website to sell your property. Not only does Hommati provide you with stunning videos of the home, but they will also put your property on their website when you buy their service.

Agents and homeowners who are selling their homes have found Hommati to produce more buyer leads. Their videos are easily shareable on Facebook and Instagram. This allows users of those platforms to post their homes with ease.


Another aspect that you gain when working with Hommati for drone footage is that they will edit and make the videos appealing to everyone watching them.

Hommati is filled with professionals who are skilled in make sure all of the angles are captured perfectly and edited together to make a video that will draw people in and not want to close out after a few seconds.

They also have access to free music which they add to each video to make them even more inviting. Using music in videos is often a touchy subject, because 99% of music is under copyright, and you cannot use a well known song on a video without permission. Finding free instrumental music will engage people with what they are seeing without distracting them.

Lights Camera Action

And Action! It is time to start filming your real estate video marketing and get your house sold. Use Hommati to your advantage and make all facets of the buying experience easy on your potential buyers.

People like things easy. They are more likely to buy your home if the process is quick and painless. We already know you have a nice home. But, unfortunately, so do a lot of other people.

What will set you apart is how you market the house and how easy you make it for your buyers to decide.

For more questions about real estate, video marketing, contact us at Hommati today. We are ready to do whatever we can to help you get your house sold.