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Which Home Styles Are Trending for Buyers in 2022?

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Which Home Styles Are Trending for Buyers in 2022?

Did you know that in 2020 alone there were more than 1 million houses available on the market? That might sound like a large number, but if you think about it, only a small portion of that number will be of interest to you as a homebuyer. Some homes may be plain unattractive to you due to their home style. 

But fortunately, home styles change with the times and 2022 comes with all sorts of home styles and decor, both new and classic. If you are unsure what kind of trending home styles might fit your taste, keep reading to learn more about the most popular home styles in 2022.

What Are Home Styles and Why Do They Matter?

Have you ever walked into a house in the past and immediately felt at home? The reason may very well be that you liked the style that the home had. Everyone's style preference is different which is why not all homes immediately click with potential buyers. 

One person might love rustic home styles with lots of dark wood accents and houseplants. Another person might love minimalist home styles with plenty of geometrical designs and minimal clutter. Because there are so many houses to choose from, you will be able to distinguish the different types of homes and styles that each property has. 

After enough observation, you will be able to identify which home style you like the most. This is important because the right home style for you will make you feel at home on the property right away. 

Also, keep in mind that home styles are more than just furniture and decor. It often also incorporates the architecture and color scheme of the home's interior. While you might be able to change a house's furniture and decor with relative ease, you won't be able to change the architecture and colors so easily. 

More than that, it can cost a lot of money, time, and stress to make these big changes. By buying a home that already matches your style, you can immediately click with your home without having to worry too much about the costs of redoing the home's whole look. But how can you know what kind of home style you like if you don't know much about the different home styles in the first place?

Modern Home Styles

While modern home styles can vary quite significantly, they all share some similar characteristics. The idea beyond the modern home style is that it aims to be sleek and clean, sometimes futuristic, and sometimes leaning more on the side of minimalist. However, there is a difference between modern and minimalist styles. 

For example, minimalist styles aim to minimize furniture and clutter as much as possible. It may also minimize the color in the room and stick with neutral shades. The modern home style is different because it still retains a lot of creative freedom. 

Houses that are modern in style may be very monochrome while others may contrast white and black with bright colors such as orange or red. The architecture of the home will likely be more on the spacious side with high ceilings, giving you the impression that the home is larger than it really is. 

Many modern homes have very large windows. Some have huge panes of glass that span across entire walls. This gives the homes the sense that they are very large, but the windows also provide great views of your surrounding environment. 

This is one way that the modern home style can connect with nature. As for the furniture and decor, the modern home style tends to be a bit more minimalist compared to other home styles, although not as minimalist as the minimalism home style. To keep the interior from feeling too cold, modern homes may use certain materials to warm up the interior such as stone or brick. 

Wood is more popular for rustic homes, but some modern homes may also incorporate wood elements into their design. As mentioned before, the modern home style can vary quite a lot. 

The Rustic Home Style

While many people love the modern home style for its open plan and spacious, sleek atmosphere, some people don't feel at home with this sort of style. For that reason, the rustic home style exists. This home style is classic and has been around for a long time.

Unlike the modern home style, the rustic home style is all about bringing about that cozy vibe. For that reason, the layout of rustic homes may be more enclosed than modern homes. This will not make the house feel claustrophobic, but instead, it will make you feel like you are safely wrapped up within the house. 

This home style utilizes a lot of wood of various types. Wood that is on the darker side is often a favorite for rustic home designers. The darker the wood is, the warmer the inside of the house will feel. 

For rustic homes, you will find that not only the floors are made of wood but some of the walls and furniture may also be made of wood. Often, rustic homes try to provide the sensation you might get when you walk into a log cabin. You will feel connected to nature through all the organic materials. 

Stone is another popular material, and it often is blended with wood throughout the house. For example, a stone fireplace or stone accents are both popular options for this kind of style. The rustic style usually tries to shy away from materials that are too refined such as marble or granite since they can take away from the overall warm feeling of the house. 

Houseplants also play a large part in the rustic style. A few green plants can help balance the darker ambiance of a rustic home and make it more refreshing. 

The Minimalist Home Style 

As mentioned before, the minimalist home style is like the modern home, but there are a few important differences. The minimalist home style tries to minimize every aspect of the home's design, including the color scheme. Many minimalist homes opt for white for much of the interior and exterior. 

White is an ideal color for minimalist homes because it can make a space look larger than it really is. It is also a very clean color and can make your home feel refreshing and bright. Minimalist homes often try to match the furniture and decor with the house's overall theme and, often, much of the furniture will be white as well.

The only problem with this is that some people may not how sterile all the white accents can feel. Too much white can make a home feel a bit cold. Fortunately, the minimalist home style has a few solutions to this. 

If a minimalist home doesn't use white, it may use another light color that has a bit more warmth. For example, light blue or cream-colored shades are both very popular options. Other houses may still use white but may contrast it with another type of color or material. 

A simple wood floor may offer a nice contrast to a room that is otherwise one color. Or, if a room is entirely white, you can try adding a few houseplants. As with the rustic house style, the minimalist house style can also benefit from the delicate warmth and freshness that houseplants can offer. 

As for the decor, the aim of the minimalist home style is to minimize the decor as much as possible without eliminating it completely. This way, the house will feel especially open and spacious. 

Mixed Home Styles

In 2022, you may come across some houses that seem to mix certain home styles with others. In this case, you will be able to enjoy some of the characteristics of one home style with the characteristics of another in the same house. This can be ideal if you don't particularly like any of the previous home styles on their own or if you can't choose between them. 

For example, many houses like to mix the modern style with the rustic style. This way, you will have some modern characteristics such as large windows and geometrical designs mixed with the warm characteristics of the rustic style such as wood and stone accents. 

All About Home Styles

There are many types of home styles to choose from and it's important to know the differences between them. Home styles can make all the difference when it comes to walking into a house for the first time and feeling at home.

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