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10 Drone Video and Photography Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

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10 Drone Video and Photography Tips Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know


There are now over 1.3 million registered drones in the US, along with over 116,000 registered people to operate them. Not many people realize you can use drone video equipment for real estate marketing, though.

That's right: drone video and photography could give your marketing strategy the competitive advantage you are looking for!

New to drone photography? Do not worry; Homatti has you covered. We offer drone videography services to help your listings stand out from the rest!

Here are the 10 drone photography tips you need to succeed. With these tips, you can take stunning shots bound to bring in new buyers.

Let us boost your real estate business with these 10 simple tips today.

1. Get Your Certificate and Equipment

Before you can start capturing footage, you will need a professional who already has their Part 107 remote pilot certificate from the FAA. You cannot legally take drone photography shots without this document. This certificate proves the videographer has FAA privilege to use drone equipment.

By working with Homatti, you will not have to waste time gathering the necessary paperwork. Our team is already licensed and ready to go!

The certificate keeps the videographer bound to the FAA's restrictions, standards, and rules. 

Before you can start capturing footage, you will need a drone registered with the FAA as well. Each drone needs a label with its own unique registration number. 

By choosing Hommati's drone videography services, you will not have to bother with the time and money gathering equipment. We have everything you need!

It is important to check out your local laws as well. There are some local restrictions regarding drone photography you might need to learn. For example, some cities prohibit aerial videography over private properties. Before going into any job, our team of drone videographers have the knowledge of all the local guidelines for the area they will be flying. 


In addition to finding someone with the proper certification, you will also need a professional with the right equipment. We choose top-notch drone equipment to ensure the best possible images. Choosing the right drones can ensure we save time editing on the backend.

When choosing our equipment, we select drones based on:

  • Range
  • Flight stability
  • Flight duration
  • Good camera quality

Drones with a high-resolution camera can ensure crisp images.

Our drones have built-in gimbal, too. These drones have smoother flight and stability, which means better image quality.

How many photos do you need? Do you want to get images of the surrounding area? Drones that can fly for at least 30 minutes at a range of at least a mile can ensure you will gather your footage. 

Do not waste time and money choosing expensive equipment. Instead, consider working with a drone video and photography expert. We can help you get started. 

2. Spruce Up the Property

Before you start taking any footage, it is important you set the scene as much as possible. Your videography team will waste valuable time in editing if the scene itself is a mess. Instead, adjust the property to your liking.

Remember, you are trying to sell someone a new home. What are they looking for? What aspects of the property will catch their eye?

We evaluate each property prior to shooting and make personalized suggestions. Our suggestions ensure that every space lends to the optimal shot!

For example, updating the lawn with fresh flowers, greenery, and a clean driveway can boost curb appeal.

It also helps to remove any cars from the driveway before giving the yard a makeover. A clean roof can make a good impression, too.

What about timing? If the street is busy, we could end up with a lot of cars in the shot. We will consider an hour when traffic is not busy.

3. Utilize Natural Lighting

Natural light can upgrade an image with stunning bursts of sunlight. When scheduling your drone photography shot, we will consider the hour. Do you want the glow of a sunrise or ease of a sunset in your images?

The rising or setting sun can give your images a burst of drama. 

We consider avoiding noon when scheduling your shots. While the position of the sun can minimize shadows, the lighting is sometimes too harsh. We will use an ND filter to limit how much sunlight enters the camera lens.

4. Create a Shot List

Do not rush to use these drone photography tips yet. Our team will work alongside you to create a shot list first .

No two properties are the same, so you might realize there are certain angles and features you want to focus on.

Before using the drone, we will walk through the property with you. We will make a list of every feature you want to get a shot of. We will discuss which angles you want to take your images from as well. 

5. Know What to Feature

As we create your shot list, we will discuss the property's best features. Do you want to show off a glittering pool, a nearby shopping center, or the golf resort a mile away?

We will make sure to focus on the features your buyers care about. 

6. Play With Angles

Now that we are ready to capture your drone video and photography footage, let's go!

We will play with angles as you take each shot. Creative angles can help us capture each property in fun, attention-grabbing ways.

The right shots can capture small details and focus on the scope. 

Remember, the outside of the property usually makes the first impression. We want that impression to wow your potential buyers.

Is there a garden feature, like a lake or pond? We will look for contrasting colors that give your images a little pop.

As we take the shots of the exterior of the house, we will also consider the lighting. We do not want unflattering shadows impacting the shots. Again, timing is everything!

7. Adjust Your Settings

If you are inexperienced using drones, you could leave the camera set on the wrong settings. Inadequate settings could cause you to waste time in editing.

Work with one of our experienced drone photographers. They will ensure your drone video equipment works for you (instead of against you).

8. Get Editing

Now that we have your drone photo and video footage, it is time to get editing!

The idea of editing the footage that was taken might sound overwhelming, and that is where our Hommati team comes in. We also have expertise in video editing to make sure that everything it attention grabbing and draws in the viewers eye.

You will not need to teach yourself or learn all about the different editing programs out there. Instead, our team takes care of it all.

Once we are done, you can start incorporating your drone footage into your real estate listings!

9. Always Have a Backup

You never know when an accident might happen. Immediately after your drone photography shoot, we will save your images on a backup. If anything goes wrong, you will have peace of mind knowing there is a copy.

A lot can go wrong while we are shooting, too. For example, a gust of wind could cause the drone to turn. A glare could ruin the perfect shot. 

We make sure to take several shots of each angle on your shot list. Having more than one shot of each angle will allow you to choose the perfect ones. 

10. Keep Learning

You will not learn everything you need to know about drone videography overnight. With an experienced team at your side, you will not have to.

We keep up-to-date with the latest real estate marketing trends to ensure we can help you succeed.  

What are the benefits of drone videos? For starters, videos will account for over 80% of all website content by 2022. Working with a drone videography expert can help you stay a step ahead of the curve. 

The real estate photography business is constantly adapting and changing. What we learn can ensure your properties stand out!

Real Estate Agent Marketing: 10 Drone Video and Photography Tips for Sale Success

Ready to take wow-worthy video and photo footage? Keep these 10 drone video and photography tips handy. With these tips and your drone experts at Hommati, your properties will stand out from the rest! 

Need help? We have the innovative technology you need to succeed!

Check out our agent resources today to get started.