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6 Ways to Make Your Virtual Tour Memorable

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6 Ways to Make Your Virtual Tour Memorable


As society advances technologically, real estate technology is moving forward too. With virtual reality becoming more popular, prospective home buyers are seeking innovative and engaging ways to find a home.

3D virtual tours offer prospective buyers a way to view the home as they are walking through it in person without leaving their couch, and they have changed the future of real estate sales. 

Want to make your 3D virtual tour stand out from the crowd when selling a home? Follow these six tips to make your virtual tour memorable. 

Tips for Making a Memorable Virtual Tour

As a result of prospective buyers having the opportunity to see dozens of homes a day through 3D virtual tours, it is important that you make your virtual tour memorable.

1. Highlight Each Room

Give your prospective buyers a chance to see each room in the house. Do not focus heavily on the kitchen and living room, although they are important. Buyers want to see it all!

When you highlight each room, you give the potential buyers autonomy to walk through all of the rooms and form their own opinions. 

Show the viewers unique character features in the home that set it apart. Does the house have vaulted ceilings? Does the house have rich hardwood floors in some of the rooms or gorgeous crown molding? 

Having aspects in your house that may not be in other houses on the market will help to draw in potential buyers and keep people intrigued with what you have to offer. 


2. Prepare the Area

Potential buyers do not want to move into a dirty, disorganized home. Before shooting the 3D virtual tour, the house should be clean, organized and decluttered. 

Make sure that all lightbulbs work and that the light emitted from them matches. Also, make sure there is no visible dust or dirt in any of the frames.  Light and bright is the key.  

3. Use High-Quality Equipment

The equipment you use to create your 3D virtual home tour can make or break the sale.

If your potential buyer is distracted by grainy photos and choppy footage, they are more inclined to click away to someone else's 3D virtual tour. 

To ensure that your virtual tour is memorable, make sure that your internet connection when you shoot has a good connection.

Your 3D virtual tour should be easily accessible by many different kinds of devices. 

Industry standard to create 3D virtual tours is by using a Matterport camera which is a special device specifically designed to capture and create 3D images for virtual tours and photos.   

Because this equipment is expensive and takes time to master, companies like Hommati come in and take the photos and tours themselves. This takes the pressure off of you and allows you to focus more on the sale of the house.  


4. Choose Natural Viewpoints 

Document your 3D virtual tour in a way that feels like the potential buyer is naturally walking through the house.

In a normal open house or tour, potential buyers can walk in and out of any room they choose, pausing or going back as they wish. 3D virtual tours allow for that feeling of freedom to be replicated.   

Make your 3D virtual tour memorable by shooting the images in the tour from a viewpoint that feels natural or as if the person is actually walking into the room for the first time.

Angles should feature the most important aspects of the room. The focus should never be mainly be on the ceilings or the floors unless they offer a unique feature like a special lighting fixture.

When potential buyers look through a 3D tour, they have the ability to scan the room from top to bottom, so they can see the ceilings and the floor. This gives them the opportunities to really see the house as if they were standing in it in that moment. 

5. Include Outdoor Areas

Obviously, showing the inside of the house is essential to prospective buyers, but showcasing the outside areas is also important.

The curb appeal of a home adds value, and like with staging, helps the potential buyer see what living in that house would look like. 

The landscaping and curb appeal of a home acts as a first impression. Potential buyers want to know what the entire house looks like, not just the rooms on the inside. 

Also, when showing the outside of the house, make sure to feature any outdoor amenities like a swimming pool, deck or patio area, or garden area. 


Aerial videos taken by a drone are a good way to include the outdoor areas on the property in the virtual tours.

Hommati has professional drone flyers who know how to get the right angles while capturing everything that makes the house unique and special. These drone aerial videos will wow and impress audiences and make them want to invest more time in your listing.

6. Buyers are the Key

As always, the potential buyer is the most important part of real estate sales. Put yourself in the mind of the potential buyer, and center the 3D virtual tour around them.

What aspects of the house would you want to see if you were the one viewing the tour? Thinking in this way will help you to relate to everyone who will come across your listing and draw them in, hopefully to the point where they want to see it in person and possibly put an offer in.


A New Perspective on Home Buying

It seems like 3D virtual home tours are here to stay, so knowing how to make your 3D virtual tour more memorable than your competition is more critical than ever. 

At Hommati, we help potential buyers, sellers, and real estate agents experience home buying from new perspectives.

Hommati offers innovative services including 3D virtual tours, HD photography, floorplans, drone aerial videos, and virtual staging.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you buy or sell a home.