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Engaging Staging: The Top 12 Setups for the Best Real Estate Pictures

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Engaging Staging: The Top 12 Setups for the Best Real Estate Pictures



If you're planning to sell your home, staging can do wonders for bringing in loads of potential buyers.

In order to create the most engaging and best real estate pictures, there are few essential things you need to do to make them stand out from the crowd.

Read on for a list of 12 setups and tips that will make your staging pictures shine.

1. Kiss the Clutter Goodbye

Buyers don't want to know what your home looks like filled with all of your stuff. In order to take impressive staging pictures, you'll need to clean each room out and make it a blank slate.

Not only is clutter completely distracting, but it's also unattractive and will probably turn buyers off. A clean, open room gives people the ability to imagine themselves and their personal belongings in the space.

If you haven't moved out of the property yet, you may need to rent a storage space to store all of your stuff until the home sells. It's totally worth it if it means that your living and dining room now look like a photo from a designer magazine instead of a chaotic natural disaster.

2. Place Furniture Carefully for the Best Real Estate Pictures

If you normally have the sofa placed right against the wall, it's not the best way to set things up for staging. People want to see how the room flows, so try to move pieces away from the wall to create a cozy conversation area.

When you group furniture closer to the center of the room, it can make a space look larger. This is also a great way to help people envision how they'd place their own furniture in this room.

For extra-large or bulky pieces, consider replacing them with smaller, streamlined furnishings. This simple swap-out will make rooms look larger than they really are.

3. It's Not Personal

A classic rule in home staging is to remove all of your personal photos. Sure, you love that picture from the family reunion last year, but do buyers really want to see it?

Taking the personalization out of your home is the best way to help others see themselves in this place. Remember that taking down your child's drawings from the fridge is only temporary and you can always enjoy them in your new place.

Remove all framed photographs of yourself and loved ones and put them in storage. You don't have to replace each picture with something else as long as the room still looks warm and inviting.

4. Get Your Lighting Right

Whether you're trying to take the best real estate pictures or any other photograph, lighting is key to a successful outcome. Natural light is the best option and it gives buyers a realistic view of each room during the daytime.

If your home doesn't have a lot of natural light, increase the wattage in your current light fixtures to brighten things up. A good rule of thumb is to have around 100 watts for every 50 square feet of space.

Consider every piece of lighting in the home like table lamps and task lighting. Use this lighting to your advantage to get great photographs that look crisp and clear.

5. Try to Stay Neutral

It can be tough to stage your home if you love bold, bright colors. Most home stagers will tell you that buyers prefer a neutral color palette when they're looking for a property to purchase.

If you already have neutral paint colors in your home, keep up the theme by using mostly neutral furnishings and decor. Stay away from over the top artwork or loud throw pillows that could throw potential buyers off.

You can add a few fun touches here and there, but in general, the home should have neutral tones throughout. This is the best way to encourage people to buy the property since they can easily change specific elements to their liking later if they choose.

6. Don't Neglect Your Landscaping

You're probably laser-focused on staging the interior of your home, which could put your curb appeal at risk. You don't have to have the yard professionally landscaped, but make sure that the exterior at least looks presentable.

Remove all dead limbs and cut down dying shrubs. Trim dead tree branches, and get rid of pesky weeds that are lurking in the front and back yard.

A simple mow and some fresh grass seed can transform your yard and give your home terrific curb appeal. Clean things up outside before you take pictures of the exterior since this is the first photo most people will see.

7. Make the Outside Enticing

More buyers are looking for a great outdoor entertaining space, so don't forget to focus on this part of your home when you take photos. Create a fun outdoor conversation area with some patio chairs and a roomy table.

Add a colorful patio umbrella and an outdoor rug to craft a separate outdoor living space. This easy task can inspire buyers to create their own unique outside space, and it always looks great in photographs.

Outdoor living is a plus in many markets so if you have it, flaunt it. Clean up the back just like the front and be sure to take photographs that make your backyard look new and exciting.

8. Use Accessories to Increase Visual Interest

When you're taking staging photographs for a listing, it's perfectly fine to add a few fun accessories to some rooms. Remember to keep these items sparse, and choose pieces that will create the most visual impact.

Some great examples of attractive accessories include potted plants and sculptures. Place them strategically in the room and avoid grouping too many decorative items together or it can make a room appear cluttered.

When you add an accessory or two, it can bring the home to life. Just make sure you do it wisely and add pieces that are trending and that match with the home's general color scheme and style.

9. Decorate for the Season

It's perfectly fine to stage your home according to the season as long as you don't go overboard. If you're selling your home during winter, have some fun and add a few festive items like a pine branch wreath or red velvet ribbons.

For springtime sales, freshen up the home with a few gorgeous bouquets and flower arrangements. This will add to the appeal of your home, and it also demonstrates that you have pride in ownership.

Don't decorate too specifically if you want to add a seasonal touch. Just keep things casual and add a few hints of decor that will reflect the current season in which you're selling the home. 

10. Place Emphasis on the Kitchen

The kitchen is the room that speaks volumes about a home, and it's the number one feature that buyers expect to be perfect. When you're taking real estate pictures, make sure this room is spotless and as updated as possible.

If you don't want to or don't have the budget to install new cabinets, consider painting them in a new, modern color. Make sure all countertops look shiny, and polish and clean your appliances.

Install some new pendant lights over the kitchen island to give this room a refresh. When you photograph the kitchen, make sure you put emphasis on its many features including a tile backsplash or beautiful flooring.

11. Stage Your Bathroom Like a Spa

A gorgeous bathroom sells homes, so set yours up to look like a relaxing spa. Roll towels instead of folding them and place a few neatly on the vanity counter.

Add some beautiful guests soaps and hang a luxurious robe to create the illusion of a spa-like space. Remove excess toiletries and keep them hidden out of sight.

If you have a shower curtain, change your old one out and replace it with a gorgeous fabric curtain in a soft solid color. Finish the look with a matching rug set in a coordinating color for a simple, clean bathroom that will help get your home sold.

12. Focus on Window Treatments

You might not think much of those dirty or crooked mini blinds, but it could be the first thing buyers notice. Take a close look at your windows and update all window coverings if you need to.

Hang sheer curtains in rooms to create a soft, welcoming space. Make sure the curtains are installed from the ceiling to the floor if you want rooms to look bigger.

You don't have to spend a ton of money on new window treatments, but do make sure that they look clean and match the other colors in the room. This simple step will help any room photograph beautifully.

Get Ready for Picture Day

Try some or all of these tips to ensure that you take the best real estate pictures possible. Stage your home so that it looks welcoming and roomy without being overwhelming.

Don't forget to put some focus on your curb appeal and outdoor living space. With a few simple updates, your home should photograph beautifully and help you seal the deal.

Whether you're buying or selling your home, be sure to visit our website and check out our wide range of services to help you with all your real estate needs.